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Mr. Billionaire Bound By My Baby Bump

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Rebecca touched the door's handle to open it but before she could push the door, the man grabbed her waist from behind and came closer to her ears, and said in a husky tone " Times Up! You are too late!!" Hearing him, her heart skipped a bit because his touch didn't make her feel disgusted but it just felt like a romantic touch. She becomes rigid for a moment in her place and does not understand what happened all of a sudden. And before she could understand anything. The man took her in his arms and shortly pressed her lips with his lips. He kissed her wildly until she felt suffocated. Her head becomes dizzier. She was forced by a stranger to spend a romantic night with him. But when she wakes up the next morning, she is alone in bed and only left with his diamond ring which he left for her as compensation. Seeing herself in this horrible situation, She's broken mentally and physically. And when she hardly tries to forget the incident as a nightmare, she learns she is about to become a mother. On hearing that, her whole world becomes in turmoil. What will she do now? Will she give birth to this child or will she kill her/him in her womb? Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Excuse Me, Sir," Rebecca said hesitantly, stopping the waiter.

She comes to the Bar for a job interview which her stepmother had found for her.

Her interview was at eight o'clock at night which was new to her hearing.

She is wearing black faded jeans which she wore a hundred times already and a black off-shoulder top. Her shoes are white with black straps which are worn out in many places. She had no new clothes because her stepmother didn't give her any money.

She reaches there 15 minutes before the time.

Many people stand outside the bar wearing heavily branded clothes and most of them are seen drunkenly flirting with women and women are also trying to attract them.

She feels a little bit uncomfortable looking at them but she just chooses to avoid them.

As she enters the bar, she sees people all around her dancing to loud music and everyone is drunk. There are also some dancers who are trying to woo everyone by dancing on the stage and some couples are doing intimate stuff. She felt so awkward seeing some couples lip-locking without any shyness or even after knowing many people staring at them.

She started taking slow steps and nervously looking at her surroundings which were new to her or you can say it is a new world for her. She heard about the bar from her best friend but she never went to a bar because she had no money and didn't like to beg anyone.

There are many eyes on her who are looking at her with evil eyes and lust. She can feel their eyes on her body which makes her a little nervous and she decides to go back. She turned her body to leave this cheap place but suddenly she stopped midway when she remembered her stepmother's threat and stepped back.

She had no choice. Thinking this she took some courage and tried to stop a random waiter.

"Excuse me!"

"Yes!" The waiter turned to her with a gentle smile but became stunned to see breathtaking beauty standing in front of him. Especially her green jade color eyes.

"I am here for a job interview." She says in a low voice, tucking her hair gently behind her ears.

Seeing her action and hearing her sweet voice, his face turned red with flushed and he hesitatingly said " Y...You need to take the elevator and go to the 3rd floor, room number 32. "

He pointed to the elevator.

"Thank you" she smiled and went to the elevator.

But he was still staring at her back.

"Hey! What happened to you?" The second waiter, who was also present there, asked him, placing his hand on his shoulder.

"You saw the face of the girl who was standing here a while back! " he asked, still concentrating on the elevator.

"No! Why? "

"I have been working in this bar for 3 years and in these 3 years, I've seen all kinds of beautiful faces. But the beauty of what I saw today was a different example! Her face is so pure that I was lost in words in front of her, " he answered.

"Dude! Now I feel bad that I miss the chance to see that beauty!" He sighed.

"I think you can see her because she is here for an interview" he explained and hearing him, his friend exclaimed.

"Wow!! Now we can woo her!!!"

Hearing his friend, he chuckled and said,

"Now, let's focus on the work!"


When she reached the 3rd floor, the atmosphere there was nothing like what she had imagined. There were all private rooms and a big corridor! Some waiters were carrying trays of empty plates from different rooms while some were carrying wine bottles and glasses.

While passing through, she finally reached in front of the door of the room.

Reaching the door, she takes a long breath and with trembling hands knocks on the door.

She did not like the vibes here at all and if she is selected today, she will have to work here which will be her worst nightmare.

"Come in " A voice comes from inside the room as she knocks on the door.

Upon receiving the signal from inside, she opens the door and goes inside.


"It's a big bar where you have to go to the interview today for the position of waitress," said Rebecca's stepmother, throwing the address card in her face.

Rebecca was busy cleaning the floor. Suddenly seeing the card in front of her fall on the wet floor, she bends down to pick it up with her weak hands. Although she was 20 years old, her body was very weak due to a lack of food. Sometimes when she quarreled with her stepmother, she was not given food as a punishment.

As soon as she read the name written on the card, she refused.

"Mother, I don't want to work in such a place," She said in a low voice.

"You B*st*rd!"

"Do you think you have any other option?" Hearing her refusal, she shouted at her angrily.

"Remember one thing! If you want to live in this house then you have to obey me and you have to go here for an interview today!!!!" She declared in a shouted voice, throwing the dirty bucket of water at her feet.

"Mother, I will find another job immediately." She tried to convince her stepmom.

"You b*tch!! Don't talk like that, you are the White lotus! What do you think? I don't know why you were fired from your previous job. "

Hearing this she raised her eyes to see her stepmom.

"You b*tch! Stop glaring at me! You tried to seduce your owner's son with your filthy face and when he caught you with his son you told him that his son was misbehaving with you..! What a seamless girl! " she chuckled, wrapping her arms around her chest.

"This is not true! " Rebecca stared at her and said in cold tones.

"Do you still have the guts to tell lies?" She sarcastically smiled.

Rebecca clutches her fist in frustration.

Chapter 2

The real truth is that her owner's son always used to harass her whenever he saw her alone and every time she saved herself. But one night her owner's son started forcing her, and to save herself, she started screaming. Suddenly, the boy's father comes there at the right time but his son puts all the blame on Rebecca, that she was the one who had seduced him first. And on hearing this, the boy's father, not listening to her side, fired her from the job.

"Mom! She wants to humiliate you, so she is talking about leaving your job and finding another job. Otherwise, she does not refuse to go to the interview. " Her half-sister Chole did not like Rebecca just like her mother. Coming between the two of them, she said.

Chole has been jealous of Rebecca since childhood because of her beauty. Wherever they go together, everyone tries to be a friend of Rebecca. She would always get all the limelight. Because of this chole was annoyed. Rebecca is ve


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