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More Than A Maid

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Life has been so difficult for Bella and her mom especially when her Dad, the breadwinner left to rest in the bossom of the lord. It started right from here. When her world turned upside down, Bella had no choice than to accept the offer to work as a house maid for The Benson's family but literally just for Peter, Mr and Mrs Benson's only son. They needed someone to take good care of their son (NOT BABYSIT) whenever they are away for business trips as usual but as time goes on, Bella became more than a maid to Peter.

Chapter 1

Isabella's POV

Life has been so difficult for my mom and I especially when Dad left us to rest in the bossom of the lord.

It happened so suddenly and unexpectedly. He had an accident on his way back home, from work..

My Dad was an hardworking man, he struggled very hard to get us our daily bread, he wanted to make sure I graduated from high school, went to college and become someone great in future just like he was.

He wanted to build or rather buy a mall or a grocery store for my Mom because she was very interested in business and very hard working too.

He wanted to make sure our family was a fulfilled and happy one but all his plans crashed. Even after he left, it couldn't come to fulfillment.

His accident was so brutal and painful that he died right on the spot, before he was even rushed to a nearby hospital.

He was hit by a speeding vehicle, his car was seriously damaged and couldn't even be sorted out to repair.

Dad has always been our bread winner but after this whole grief situation..

Afterhe left us; Mom and I has been striving and struggling. It got to a point that I had to quit high school and focus on delivering newspapers because it fetched me little money which we were managing.

The one who was supposed to be our benefactor, after Dad left was Flora.. My Dad's elder sister but she's not even aware of the predicament that has fallen upon us because we lost contact with her and contact with the people that could help us contact her.

Flora works overseas, Dad had got her a lucrative job over there. It's so unfortunate that we're really suffering because this isn't how we were; Dad was so wealthy and prosperous..everything just changed, everything fell apart in a twinkle of an eye.

I still can't believe an eighteen years old teenager like me is already going through this slice of life.


I got home so stressed and weak too.

I packed my broken but manageable bicycle at the corner of the house and stretched my hands and feet tiredly before walking into the house.

"I'm done delivering newspaper for today" I announced and heaved briefly.

"Oh bella, you're back already" My mom beckoned onto me.

"Yes mom, Back and tired, Tired and hungry as usual" I complained.

"Oh my dear, we would get over all this quickly, I believe" She said as she gave me a warm hug.

"Your food is already on the table, I served it because I knew you would be back very soon and hungry too because you didn't eat anything before you left home" She said.

"Thank you so much Mom" I said and disengaged from her quickly because hunger has seriously been battling with me and at the sight of the dish, my stomach rumbled and I began to salivate immediately.

"Bella, I have a good news and it's somewhat bad too" My mom announced.

"What?" I blurted.

"What news is good and at the same time bad?" I asked her.

She smiled and came over to patt my head gently.

"Eat first and we would talk about it later" She said and I nodded then went to have my seat right in front of the appetizing meal mom has prepared for me.

I wasted no time to take out a spoon and I began to consume hungrily.



"So I found you an awesome Job" My mom announced when I stood up to take the dirty plates to the kitchen.

"What?" I exclaimed and she sighed heavily.

"Go ahead..." She gestured me to go into the kitchen to drop the plates.

Then I returned to listen to the full gist in a jiffy. 

"You said you found a Job for me? Have you been seeking for job secretly since all this while?" I asked her.

"Kind of, I mean Yes" She admitted nervously.

"But mom, the agreement and aim we both wanted was for me to return to school immediately after I have earned enough from distributing newspapers"

"Of course, we're still heading towards that Aim.... Trust me" She tried to explain.


"Calm down Bella" She cut in coldly.

"You know I always want the best for you right?"

"Sure. You would never lead me astray"

"Good. So I heard about this family that needs a house maid..."

"Housemaid?! really?" I almost screamed.

" And they are also gonna further your education in return. Is that not amazing?" She said, putting on a cheerful smile.

"Mom, Human trafficking is real. You know that right?"

"What Bella? You know that I can never lead you astray! Isn't that what you just said? Or don't you trust me anymore?"

"What if..? I mean..this family you're talking about may not keep to their promise or something. We don't even know them. Or do you?"

"Bella, the deal was for you to work there as their maid and you would get paid too. Yeah I know them already, I have been in contact with the woman for some times now... I told her about furthering your education and she agreed immediately.."

"Wait! What Woman are you talking about?"

"The woman that needs an housemaid for her family"

"Really you've met her already and I didn't even know!"

"Not exactly, I got her number from the fliers, I dialed it and spoke with her. Trust me, She seems pleasant"

"Tell me mom, for how long have you been planning all this?" I asked and my eyes were getting teary.

"Uh...well" She said slowly.

"Since the day, your bicycle broke down on an expressway and your leg got dislocated too; while trying to deliver newspaper as usual" She paused and came closer to wipe my tears which were already sliding down my cheeks.

"It reminded me of your father and that it was an accident that took his life too. I've not been comfortable with you riding a broken bicycle, it's.. it is very risky and you know.."

"So I wanted you to quit but foremost, I wanted a work for a replacement then I found this" She said and I felt pitiful while she spoke. She's indeed a good mother.

I was already emotional that I  had to hold her hand and hug her passionately.

"Thank you so much mommy, I love you" I said regretting why I was being so rude in the first instance.

"I love you more Isabella"

I wiped my face with my both hands then smiled, she smiled too.

"So where is the venue?, the place rather" I tried to act funny.. to make her laugh.

"It's Errm, abit far from here. It's at CenWay" She said.

"CenWay! That's very far from here, I probably won't be able to return home everyday or even if I can, I will get here late.."

"Uhm bella, that's the sad part of it. You would be staying there" She said and my eyes widen and I was dumbfounded for a moment.


"You.. you mean I would live with strangers?"

"No Bella but yes, you don't have to worry..You would get to know them very well and avoid to get on their bad side" she said but I was speechless again.

"I already told the woman, Mrs Benson. Oh I haven't told you that their family name is Benson.

So the Benson family would be expecting your arrival at their place, Tomorrow morning" She furthered and I interrupted.

"Tomorrow morning?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, she said she would send a driver over here to take you over there" My mom said.

"But why are you just telling me all this, I'm not even prepared, I'm not saying I don't wanna go there but I still need some time to think about it. You know I won't be seeing you for a very long time"

" But she promised me, she would permit you to visit me whenever you want to and I'm also free to come see you whenever I want to"

"Okay. That aside, I haven't even packed my luggages or just few things.."

"You don't really have to do so but if you insist you need to take somethings from here, fine but she's also getting you new clothes if you don't mind. I actually do not mind, The Benson's family are actually granting us a very huge rare favour" My mom said and I kept quiet for a while.

"Please don't let this huge favour slide away just like that. Think about the good side of it, you would further your education, earn some income and I might even buy a mall and we will grow from there on"

"Have you made up your mind now?" She asked me.

Unexpectedly tears began to dropped from my eyes, I've never departed from my mom for a very long time, this would be the first time and it's gonna be really hard for me to adapt.

"I would miss you Mommy" I muttered.

"I would miss you too baby" She said wiping off my tears again.

"Take your cell phone along"

"But it's spoilt, I told you about it" I reminded her.

"Oh I already fixed it, so that we would be able to get in touch with each other" She said holding back her tears and forcing out a smile instead.

But she couldn't hold it for too long, she freely let her eyes burst into tears and I wept too and embraced her.

We remained this way for minutes but time isn't on our side, so we just had to let go and get it together already.

I have to go prepare for tomorrow.

* * *

To Be Continued



Chapter 2

Bella's POV

The Benson's driver arrived very early the next day, sincerely I wasn't ready yet but one thing i know that no matter how I tried to get prepared, I can never be ready. I had no option than to leave.

Mom and I shedded more tears before we eventually departed.

The driver barely said a word to me in the car while he drove, we passed by the expressway where I usually deliver newspaper then it go to a point that I didn't know the main road. I just had to stay close to the window and watch where we headed.

Soon we arrived at a mansion with a huge close gate right in front of the building, on getting to the exact front of the gate,

the gate opened by itself and he drove in.

"We're here" The driver announced.

Soon he pulled the car brake at the garage, I guess.

I came out of the car and glared around the strange beautiful environment.

"You can go in" He told me, pointing at an ent


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