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Mistaken Identity

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Gabrielle "Gabby" Crisostomo will not allow some wealthy guy to take advantage of her sister, and she couldn't let any man just leave her sister after they got tired of her, so she decided to kidnap the b*st*rd who ruined her sister's life, and made him pay for what he did to her sister. However, she made such a huge mistake of kidnapping the wrong person, a wrong person who happened to be the billionaire Jayden Andrada, and Jayden Andrada will not hesitate to get back to the woman that caused him to lose a very important business deal, just because of a stupid mistaken identity.

CHAPTER 1: A Night of Seduction

-=Gabby's Point of View=-

"Hi there, gorgeous. Would you mind if I joined you?" I heard someone ask from my left.

"I apologize, but I'm waiting for someone," I answered with a smile, and I noticed how my smile affected him.

Since I walked into this bar, I've declined so many offers that I've stopped counting them.

Thanks to my connections, I was able to gain entry into one of the country's most exclusive and difficult-to-access bars.

So, the vast majority of people who go to this place are either wealthy or have a high social status, or maybe both.

Actually, I wasn't lying when I said that I was waiting for someone earlier when I was approached by those guys who were trying to hit on me.

I was really waiting for someone, but it seems that I'm just waiting in vain.

I've been in this bar for almost two hours now, and I've already drunk three glasses of orange juice since I don't really drink liquor.

After thirty minutes had passed, my hopes of finally meeting that person had begun to fade, but I had faith in the information provided by my source that he would be here.

My information comes from a person who worked for the same company as my source. As a result, he is in a position to know where his boss spends most of his time, and he claims that this is his boss's preferred place.

I told myself, with a sense of disappointment, "Maybe he's not really coming," and I was about to ask for my bill when my gaze moved to the entrance of the bar. I became ecstatic when I finally saw the person I'd been waiting for since the moment I walked into the bar.

When I turned my attention to the newcomer, it felt as though the entire world had come to a stop.

Because he is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, it should come as no surprise that almost all of the women in this bar are looking at him with such longing in their eyes, while the men are looking at him irritably, feeling envious of his attractiveness and the fact that their dates are looking at the newcomer.

At the age of twenty-seven, he already had a solid reputation.

At the age of twenty-seven, he had already established his empire, and he is already one of those few billionaire Filipinos making a fortune with his diverse range of businesses, which include mobile networks, some of the most famous resorts both in and outside the Philippines, five-star hotels, and restaurants all over the world.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that almost everyone is interested in learning more about him and, even more so, in getting closer to him. However, I am not one of those people.

I'll admit that I was keeping an eye out for him, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I wanted to get something good from him by making a connection with him.

"Finally," I thought to myself, with a satisfied smile on my lips.

My eyes never wandered as they meticulously tracked every step he took. Because of how confident he was, it looked like he owned this place.

It's possible, though, that he was actually the owner of this bar, which shouldn't come as a surprise given how wealthy he was.

I tried to ignore the anxiety in my heart that still lingers in my chest. I prepared myself for this day, and there was no turning back now that I'm looking at my target, Jayden Andrada.

He looks like he just got out of a fashion magazine. Life isn't really fair because Jayden has the looks, the body, the power, and the money.

All these traits are sure to get him any woman he wants, especially gullible ladies who would fall for his trap.

"But it doesn't give him the right to use and abuse someone else's innocence," I thought, and because of that thought, the anxiety miraculously disappeared, like it was never there in the first place.

Getting into this bar is hard, but getting his attention is even harder, considering that all the women in this bar are swooning over him, trying to get his attention.

Not just ordinary women, but women who are well-known in the country. Models, actresses, and socialites are all vying for the attention of one of the most eligible bachelors, so how can a mere mortal like me get Jayden's attention?

"You waited for this day, Gabby; there's no turning back," I told myself.

I decided not to approach him yet, but instead to watch him as he settled into the VIP section.

I noticed that there were already a handful of girls who tried to get close to him, and by the way, their bodies moved, I'm guessing they wanted more than just to introduce themselves, but as soon as they were two feet away from his spot, his bodyguard would immediately stop them.

I can't blame them, since Jayden Andrada is really oozing with s*x appeal, and if you're not careful, you might be consumed by it.

"Waiter!" I finally called the waiter who'd been assisting me, and when he saw me calling, he immediately walked toward me.

I had to lean closer for him to hear me, and when he finally caught my instruction, he looked at me with disbelief on his face, as if I was crazy.

I didn't waste any time and handed him two thousand pesos, which is equivalent to almost forty dollars.

I couldn't stop feeling regretful since those two thousand were worth my two days' work, but I knew that for my plan to work, I needed to spend a lot.

I've actually already spent a lot of money ever since I started planning for this, from the money I paid for the information about Jayden's whereabouts, to this expensive dress and shoes I'm wearing, to my hair and makeup.

I even bribed the bouncer at the door just to get in, but I knew it would all be worth it once I was done with my plan.

When I finally saw the waiter I bribed walking toward Jayden's table, I couldn't help but smile. I also noticed the expensive wine he was carrying.

Another expense that I needed for my plan to work, but it doesn't mean I'm OK with wasting my money.

I tried my best to mutter a seductive smile when I noticed he was looking in my direction while the waiter explained to him that I bought the liquor for him.

I felt a little queasy, particularly in my stomach, when our eyes finally met. The way he looked at me was as if he was trying to discern everything about me, and I was worried that he would probably see through my plan, but I felt relieved when I noticed him smiling, and at the same time, I was shocked to see his seductive smile.

It was fortunate that the distance between us is wide, or else he might have noticed me being dumbfounded.

That kind of smile should be banned for causing so much ruckus inside me, particularly in the pit of my stomach. It was as if there were butterflies in my stomach.

I tried to stop the urge to run away when I noticed he was standing up and walking in my direction.

His eyes never left me as he made his way to my table, and I tried so hard to compose myself, in fear that he realized that I was already freaking out.

I have to keep up the pretense that I'm a confident, well-educated, rich girl who likes to flirt with him.

I secretly took a deep breath before he finally reached my table, and the good thing was that it helped me to calm down.

"Hi, gorgeous," he said in his husky voice, while a s*xy grin was on his lips.

"You're not too bad yourself," I teased, and invited him to join me.

I tried to conceal my surprise when he suddenly sat on the chair next to me.

I wasn't expecting him to sit so close to me, and I could already smell the s*xy combination of his cologne and manly musk.

"By the way, thank you for this," he said while raising the glass of liquor I ordered for him, which the waiter I bribed served.

"You're welcome, and I hope you had it to your liking," I answered seductively while batting my eyelashes at him.

"Anything from you, love, it will be," he said with his baritone voice, taking a sip from his glass.

"You're spoiling me," I said, while gently hitting his masculine arm, and goodness, his biceps are ripped.

"You're worth spoiling, babe. By the way, I'm..." he tried to introduce himself, but I decided to beat him to it.

"I already know who you are," I interrupted, and when I noticed his brows furrowed, I decided to continue speaking.

"You're Jayden Andrada. I mean, who wouldn't know the most handsome businessman in the country?" I said, noticing his face lit up and the crease on his forehead disappeared.

"You're making me blush," he answered while chuckling.

I highly doubt that he is capable of blushing, especially since I was pretty sure that he's used to hearing compliments.

I introduced myself as Andrea, which, of course, is a bogus name. I can't let him know who I really am, or it would jeopardize my plan.

This guy is really a charmer. No wonder my sister and the other women could easily be manipulated by someone like him. Almost all women might fall for his charisma, but not me.

He chose to share a table with me as he began his magic flirting with me, and just as I had planned, I pretended to be interested and so into him, even though deep within me I wanted to slap him for what he did.

As time goes by, the time is getting late, and as I conversed with this man, I learned a great deal about him.

He really has a great sense of humor, and I really enjoyed talking to him.

If I didn't know him for who he truly was, then I might actually like him.

I couldn't deny the effect that his presence was having on me. I could feel my hormones reacting, and I needed to remind myself that he was just a good-looking jerk who tends to break any woman's heart if given a chance.

I was surprised when I looked into his eyes, and I could already see the ember of desire in his eyes, making me aware that I was not the only one being affected by the touch.

A few more minutes had passed when he suddenly brought his face closer to mine.

I was expecting him to kiss me, and honestly, I don't know how to react to that, but before I knew it, I found his lips close to my left ear, and I tried to ignore the feeling of loss when he didn't kiss me.

"Don't you feel that this place is getting too crowded?" He asked in a hoarse voice, making it clear that he was already feeling lustful.

"My thoughts exactly! Do you have any place in mind?" I asked.

I seductively moved my lips near his right ear, and to make him more aroused, I gently bit his ear, awarding me with a gentle moan from him.

"In heaven," he answered, with so much desire.

I was already expecting it, but it doesn't prepare me for the intensity I would feel hearing him say that.

I felt a shiver down my spine, when I saw his intention in his eyes, but to be honest, not in a scary way.

He immediately called for the waiter, and when he was about to pay our bill, I beat him to it and paid the tab myself.

"This is my treat," I answered, maintaining the seductive smile on my red lips.

"You actually have my two firsts," he said, chuckling, while I paid for our bill.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

At first, I thought that he was probably talking about having s*x because I'm well aware that he's no virgin.

"It was a first for me to receive a drink from a lovely lady like yourself, and the second would be to allow a lady to pay for my tab. You're not just like any other girl I met," he said with so much interest.

A satisfied grin appeared on my lips. when I heard his compliment.

"Of course! Because, I have to be different from your average woman," I thought to myself.

I acted nonchalantly while paying our bills, but deep down it hurt me to use my credit card. I seldom use it, but because I wanted to get even, I was forced to swipe my card.

After paying our bills, Jayden and I decided to leave, Jayden didn't hesitate to pull me closer to him, which is why I could feel his hard body, probably from working out in the gym religiously.

Even without looking at my surroundings, I could feel the gazes of the people inside the bar, and just because I was with Jayden Andrada.

On the way out of the bar, he continued to give me gentle kisses on my neck, which was making it hard for me to concentrate on walking and concentrating on my plan.

"Should we use my car?" I asked.

"Nah... let's just use my car," he answered, which was good since I was just lying.

I don't have a car, and I came here by riding a taxi.

I pretended to dial a number, which was supposed to be my driver. I instructed him to pick up my car.

I knew that for Jayden to be interested in me, just looking good wasn't enough; I also needed to act like I was one of them, meaning that I also came from a wealthy family.

I'm not a socialite or an heiress to a huge company, I'm just a mere bank teller, working for an above-minimum salary.

We continued walking while his hand was still on my waist until we reached his car.

"So, where are we..." But before I could finish what I was about to say, I was immediately cut off when he suddenly captured my lips, kissing me with so much desire, and oh man... he really is an excellent kisser.

I was already feeling delirious because of how amazing his kisses were, and if I didn't remind myself, I would probably forget everything and allow this man to take advantage of me.

It was a good thing that my reason and self-control were still intact, so I managed to free myself from him.

"Woah! Hold your horses' loverboy, we have a lot of time for that," I said with an unsteady voice, which gladly went unnoticed.

I need to keep reminding myself what kind of man Jayden Andrada is and what he did to my sister.

"What can I do? You are so irresistible that I couldn't stop myself. If truth be told, I want to take you here right now," he said with a mischievous smile on his face, and I could tell that he was seriously considering it, making me both scared and excited at the same time.

"You're such a joker. You know, we can't do that. There are many people who could see us," I said.

He said, "That can be worked out," and before he could really think about it, I decided to go ahead with my plan.

"I'm a bit thirsty. Do you have water?" I asked, faking thirst.

"Sorry, I don't have any," he answered, clearly confused by my sudden change of topic.

"Just wait here, I will just buy water," I immediately said, and without waiting for his response, I immediately left.

"Don't leave!" I heard him say, but it only fell on deaf ears as I made my way to the bar. Instead of going inside, I just walked to the side of the bar, and retrieved the bottle of water I prepared earlier.

I went back right away and gave Jayden one of the water bottles I was holding.

"Sorry about that. Drink this first so it will calm your libido," I said playfully.

"That would never happen, Andrea, especially since you're with me," he said, while leaving gentle traces on my exposed leg.

I nervously glanced his way as he started to remove the cap from the bottle, and it felt like ages when he finally drank the water inside.

He finished drinking the whole bottle, and then he handed me the empty bottle, looking at me with the same desire on his face.

"Shall we go?" He asked.

"Sure, loverboy, bring me to heaven," I playfully answered.

CHAPTER 2: Abduction

-=Gabby's Point of View=-

My face broke into a triumphant smile while I was riding in Jayden's car, and when I checked on him, I saw that he was still deeply asleep.

I mean, how is it possible for someone to function normally after consuming bottled water that has drugs in it?

Who would have guessed that it would be this simple for Jayden to fall into my trap and that all it would take to fool him is a pretty face?

I could still remember what happened earlier. After a few minutes, when he drank the water I handed him.

"Are you alright?" I asked, trying to sound worried when I saw how drowsy he looked.

I could tell that he was making an effort to fight off the sleepiness that he was experiencing, but I also knew that he was already losing the battle.

He responded, "Yeah, I'm fine; I'm just a little dizzy," while he was still attempting to keep himself awak


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