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Max's Revelation
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Max's Revelation

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Max has never admitted to anyone that he dreams about his past, snippets of information about people he’s sure are his parents… reading him a book, raising him up in the air, calling him another name he can’t remember… They seemed happy. So why did he find himself growing up at an orphanage? Celine is always haunted by the event that changed her life forever, her sister getting taken. When her sister disappeared, she wished it had been her instead. They said she was dead, but she knew deep in her heart that her sister was still alive. Haunted by her past, she navigates her day-to-day tasks like a sleeping robot, waiting to be awakened by the right operator. Two individuals, thrown together by fate whose secrets might destroy the fabric of their existence. Will they find the love lurking in the shadows or will it remain elusive? --=-- This is the second book in the Orphan Trilogy, and because Celine and Clara's stories are intertwined there may be parts that you are familiar with if you read the first book. But don't worry these are all from Max's and Celine's perspectives so you will definitely see new material.

Max's Revelation: 1 - Max

Max Johnson is the proverbial playboy. Women around his workplace in San Jose know about him and his reputation, yet, they mill about like honeybees to honey whenever he comes out to play. And play, he did. He frequents nightclubs, bars, and billiard halls, all so he could satiate his sexual hunger. A bottomless pit, it seemed that will never get filled.

Every woman that knows him knows never to get involved, but it does not stop them from throwing themselves at his feet, wishing and hoping they would be the one he would stick with, and make him change his ways.

But Max would not budge because he has this chip on his shoulder, you see. It’s the one that says “he would never be good enough.” To be anyone’s partner or to bring home and introduce to the family. To him, he will always be “orphan Max,” who had been abandoned and left behind in the orphanage when he was young. His parents did not want him, so why would these women do? What do these women want from him, anyway? He had nothing to give, is what he’s ingrained in himself, believing the lies people tell him.

Sure, he was well-off now, thanks to his genius of a sister Clara and her persistence to make him go to school, to strive to achieve more than people expected them to amount to. If it wasn’t for her, they would not have what they have now, SST, Security, and Software Technology. One of the most promising security companies in the country, and they were growing by the day.

Who would think he would have amounted to something? All the adults around him always thought he would resort to drugs and crime. But he proved everyone wrong. He was the head of marketing and budgeting. Though he studied computer science, they learned he had the knack for convincing people to buy whatever he was selling. Knowing their system from the ground up helps sell it too. So even though he missed programming and tinkering with computer parts and systems, he would rather be out in the world talking to and charming people.


Tonight he was alone, for the time being.

The anticipation of what was about to happen made certain parts of his anatomy swell and his skin tingle. That note, “Safeword: Syrup,” was open to interpretation, and only the people who sent it to him knew what was about to happen. Max Johnson has never been here before or in any establishment such as the one he was in now. But he's heard about them through the internet and whispers from his friends. Some people view them as posh getaways where their deepest sexual fantasies get fulfilled. He was never brave enough to venture or seek out these places. So he either impressed somebody, and this was a gift, or somebody wanted to get him back and humiliate him.

He was in a mansion high up in the mountains. Very elegant, unobtrusive, and unassuming. It looked like all the other houses around it. This was a house you would never suspect to serve whatever purpose it would serve tonight. It was located well enough away from its neighbors that any activity performed indoors or outdoors would not be heard by anybody. This fact made it kind of scary if you think about it.

Thoughts were running through his head. ‘What does it have to do with syrup? Does it have anything to do with food?’ He heard about using food to stimulate one's senses and excite sexual pleasure out of the participants. If this was what he thought it was, then he was in for a treat. He was a foodie who loved eating and gorging on buffets. What he was unsure about was how would food tie in with him being sexually fulfilled.

‘Well, there’s no use thinking about that now. We’ll just deal with it as it comes. Let’s do this,’ He thought as he stood up and rotated his arms around like a windmill. Having to sit there and wait was getting to him, and he was feeling tense. So he diverted his thoughts to how he got here tonight.

An invitation came in the mail. Sleek and black, without a return address. It should have been suspicious, on the get-go. But his interest had been piqued enough that he opened it. All it carried was the address to this mansion, the time, and the safe word, so of course, he needed to investigate. In hindsight, he should probably have informed his siblings where he was just in case something happened to him, but he knew that they would stop him, so in his shame, he slinked his way out here without informing anybody. All he said was that he had a date.

Max suddenly felt nervous, what if this experience ruins food and sex for him forever? ‘Maybe I should leave,’ he thought.

And just when he thought he would have to wait longer, two enormous doors opened. Women in strappy vinyl leather bodysuits and teddies that left little to the imagination came wheeling in trolleys of food. The aroma of the food assaulted his sense of smell. Grilled meats of every kind, stews, curries, herbs, and spices, made him salivate, and his stomach growl.

Embarrassed that they might have heard the sound his stomach made, Max looked around. A woman carrying oysters offered him a tray. She had the most beautiful, bluest eyes he’s ever seen, very exotic, and it mesmerized him. Her face was none compared to anyone he’s bedded before. With her chest peeking out, and her privates barely covered, he would probably do anything she asked of him just so he could have a taste. She smiled, enticing him to eat what people considered an aphrodisiac, to start him off with his adventure.

The food kept coming. There were appetizers, raw fruits and vegetables, main courses, desserts, hot and cold food, and syrups of every kind. They paraded all of it in front of him, so he could see what he was in for.

He was open to anything, but now he was not sure. They made him bathe as he walked in the main doors, even though he showered before he came. ‘Oh boy,’ he thought. ‘After this, I might not look at food the same way again.’ Naked and wrapped in a silk robe, there was nowhere else to turn.

But he need not worry, because the whole time he was there, they placed a blindfold on him, tortured to guess what food they were using on him and how they would use it. To say he came out of that experience sated would be an understatement. They fed him well enough to satisfy his hunger for food and sex, at the same time. He had come more times than he expected, being tortured and stimulated in ways he did not think he would enjoy. Like a fatted pig, he could probably sleep for the next 2 days. But one thing was for sure, he was never going back to that place because he did not know if what he did, satisfied or shamed him.

Author’s Note:

Hmm… I wonder what happened there? Aren’t we off to a great start?

Max's Revelation: 2 - Navio

This was not the way he wanted to spend his Friday. They flew the first flight from San Jose that morning to administer this installation. He did not want to be here. A hot date waited for him later that evening, and he was going to play hookey all day. But Clara needed him and Jeremy to go with her to San Diego because somebody double-booked their technicians. And since he and his siblings are trained enough to do the camera and systems installations, they were always on call for backup whenever needed.

Plus, they could not re-schedule the job for this specific company, Navio, the biggest shipping company in the western hemisphere, because this was their ticket to get into the big leagues. If they get this under their belt it could open all the doors to other bigger industries. And that would be good for their company, SST, Security, and Software Technologies. Clara, his sister, has worked hard to bring it up to the standard it’s on right now, almost up there with the big com


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