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Married with the Brokenhearted CEO

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"Honey, it's time to make a baby~" "You're crazy, Adira. Get away from me!" Two CEOs got in an arranged marriage for convenience. One is a strong-willed woman who doesn’t believe in love. The other is a cold-hearted man who was rejected by his unrequited love. Adira Hale and Chadwick McElroy appear to be perfect in front of many. They are rich, influential, leaders and good-looking. People said that they are the best couple, a match-made by heaven. But the truth is far from the imaginary perfect romance that one could think of. Adira only married Chadwick in order to get pregnant. All she desires is his body and not his affection. Meanwhile, Chadwick despises the idea of sharing the bed with his wife just because he’s still in love with another woman. Is there a chance for love to bloom between temptation and betrayals?

Chapter 1

It’s been three days since Adira married Chadwick McElroy. After three nights of spending her time in the Japan for their honeymoon, Adira went back home to her new house as Mrs. McElroy.

“Ahhhh. My body feels so tired,” she moaned, sitting on the edge of the bed. And when she lay down, her long and curly red hair scattered.

Wearing her s*xy undergarments underneath the red robe, Adira’s olive eyes glued at the ceiling. There is nothing much to see there. She’s just trying to ease the fatigue of long hours travelling back to the country.

“I still couldn’t believe that I am a married woman now,” she murmured, blinking her eyes, and her long lashes fluttered like butterfly wings.

It’s not been that long since Adira agreed on marrying the CEO of Wine&Vibe company. And now, she’s inside the room and thinking how fun life can be. She can still remember drinking alone in her condo unit while singing a pop song entitled: “I don’t need a man.” But here she is, trying to familiarize herself with her new name by practicing.

“Adira McElroy. Adira McElroy. Mc…Elroy.”

A deafening silence swept the space.

Promptly, Adira burst into thunderous laugh.

“What’s the point of marrying that man? I didn’t even see his face during our honeymoon.”

It is in the plan that Chadwick and Adira will spend their honeymoon in Japan after the wedding. However, only Adira arrived there. She only heard a bit too late that Chadwick meetings follow her in their honeymoon because he has an important meeting at work.

A guy who will prioritize his work over a once in a lifetime honeymoon?

Adira isn’t dumb not to notice that Chadwick is avoiding her on purpose. Because if not, then there’s no need for them to sleep in a separate room.

Irritated, Adira sat up on her bed. Her initial reason why she agreed to this marriage was to become pregnant. She planned to have a s*x with her husband on their first night together. But Chadwick stood her up and prepared a separate room in their new house without consulting Adira.

“What’s wrong with my dear husband? Is he even a man?” Adira breathed.

When she tilted her head, she saw her reflection from the mirror on the make-up table.

Her red hair scattered down smoothly, and it suits her tiny face. She has been graced with a look that could be that royalty. Her emerald eyes are sharp, but inside has the reflection on the waters of a pond. Her tight, rose-colored lips are pursed in what appears to be a mid-kiss. And her body? They won’t call it ‘Coca-cola’ body without any reason. Anyone who would see her sitting on the bed with a robe, red hair, revealed cleavage and legs which are as white as ivory, would find her d*mn attractive.

“I am so pretty,” Adira told herself. She tilted her head and added, “And I am s*xy too.”

She only said facts. But still, she’s confused. How did Chadwick decline to take the chance of taking her v*rginity during their honeymoon?

Adira took a deep breath as she brushed her red hair upwards, making her look coquettish, and then she recalled what happened during their wedding day:

Wearing her wearing dress, Adira looked at the groom who’s waiting for her at the end of the march. It is her soon-to-be husband, Chadwick.

Chadwick did not bother staring back at his gorgeous bride. He just stared at the air in space, as if he was so bored, he might dig a hole in the ground soon. Anyway, Adira does not care about her groom’s apathetic expression. All she wanted is to finish this wedding as soon as possible, and so she picked up her pace.

When Adira stood beside Chadwick, there was a moment of breathless silence. Chadwick offered his arm without even looking at Adira’s face. She clung her hand around his arms. Then, both turned their backs to the guest and faced the judge.

The judge looked at the two couples who are both in grimace, as if they are in the middle of mourning instead of their wedding. Something was off. The judge can easily tell.

Disregarding the odd situation, the judge forged a cough. He wiped the sweat on his bald head and fixed his eyeglasses before starting the ceremony.

As the judge talked, Adira looked at her husband’s side profile.

‘At least, he’s handsome,’ she thought before she noticed that he’s gawking intensely at a certain direction.

Narrowing her eyes, Adira tended to the direction where Chadwick is looking at. From afar, she saw a woman who’s smiling sweetly at Chadwick while waving her hand.

After remembering the woman, she saw during their wedding, Adira confirmed the reason why Chadwick keeps away from her.

“It is because of that woman,” she whispered.

Before their wedding, Adira investigated her groom to be. She heard that Chadwick did not date anyone but he had a friend whom he has feelings for.

“I don’t care if he likes someone else,” Adira said. “However, do we really have to sleep in different rooms?”

If Chadwick continues avoiding her, Adira thinks that she needs to use another way to achieve her goal. And that is to seduce her husband.

Grinning widely, Adira moved up from her bed. She jolted out of her bedroom and stood next to her husband’s room, there is the East side of the house.

Adira is someone who believes that being straightforward is the best way to solve the problem.

‘So, I will directly ask him to sleep with me,’ Adira thought. She’s confident of her beauty and her s*x appeal.

With head held high, she touched the doorknob. She was about to open the door but stopped when she heard her husband’s voice inside the room.

[“Nothing happened between Adira and I. Don’t conclude weird things, Isa.”]

Adira flinched when she heard the name ‘Isa.’

‘Isa Daley,’ Adira murmured inwardly.

There’s no way she won’t recognize the woman whom she saw in their wedding. The woman who his husband loves more than anyone else, that is Isa.

Chapter 2

Isa Daley. She has been Chadwick’s female friend since high school.

According to what Adira heard, Isa and Chadwick did not date each other. However, students in their batch said that Chadwick had been in love with Isa for a long time.

‘In short, he’s a pathetic loser,’ Adira concluded while nodding her head.

With crossed arms, she stood outside her husband’s room and listened to Chadwick’s conversation with his first love.

[“My wife is pretty? W-Well. I admit that she is indeed pretty.”]

A satisfied beam appeared on her luscious lips. She knew that fact very well, but it still felt good to hear it from someone else.

[“But in my eyes, she’s not attractive in my eyes,”] added Chadwick.

At Chadwick’s remark, the smile on her lips turned crooked. Adira looked at the closed door and snorted.


She praised her husband’s fearlessness to escape during their honeymoon, suggesting that they must sleep in separate rooms and to say tha


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