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Marriage Before Love: The Devil CEO's Favor

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He was the CEO of the corporate empire, a forbidding titan in the business world, presiding over vast fortunes without indulging in petty laughter. He was a man of austere reserve, to whom no one could stir a hint of tenderness. She was the adopted daughter of the Edwards family, a pawn used in their ambitious game to ascend to the powerful Pierce family. A scheme, a marriage certificate, positioned her as Mrs. Pierce. Lucas Pierce, with his usual disdain, scoffed at this plot. "All women are the same, they only seek to share my bed." "Mr. Pierce, you are mistaken." Sophia cast a playful glance at the man, "I'm different, the kitchen, the couch, the balcony, they're all options!" "..."



Review after the novel completion

This book is extremely good and well written for the readers contentment. I enjoy the characters and am immersed in the novel’s storyline. I have been relaxed and focused on this story for over a week and I still believe the better is yet to come. It is a very addictive read and I haven’t thought much about anything else other than what will happen in the chapters to come. Thank you so much writer for sharing this novel and all the best to your future work.

January 14, 2024

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