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Maried in spite of myself

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Uncle Razak: what I'm trying to tell you is that today you're grown up, you have your diploma too, so it's time for you to get married Me: no but is it a joke or what? it is out of the question that I get married, I am still very young, and I have not yet enjoyed my youth I will not lock myself into a marriage Uncle Razak: you will go and enjoy this youth with your husband Me angry: who do you think you are to decide when I'm going to get married or not? Uncle Razak: I take myself for the one who took you in, brought you up and fed you when your mom was walking from man to man, when she threw you out and you were walking in the street, I take myself for the one who took you in and gave you a home Me: How does the fact that I'm married or not bother you? If you want me to live here anymore, just tell me and I'll leave right away. it's the story of a young girl who finds herself forced to marry a stranger because of the greed of her uncle, her husband, a handsome, fickle businessman whose last concern was to marry, opposes categorically to this union but alas he can't do anything... how could these two people who were complete strangers live this marriage??? what happens when you find yourself deprived of the right to choose your husband???

Chapter 1

Married in spite of me




We have just finished the school year, I can finally say that I am now a graduate in business management, I can finally now sleep and wake up when I want, I was on a scholarship so I must have had very good grades but it the long nights of work are over and in a few weeks I will have to return home, I will not really say that I miss my country or that I will miss this city since nothing keeps me in these two places, I am like the wind , I can fly where I want

I am currently lying in my room following a series when Esther enters

Esther: what are you still lying here doing? we're done it's time to have fun

Me: yes that's it, you can have fun as you want but it will be without me

Esther: loosen up a little, you're young, beautiful, you have everything going for you, get out a little loosen up, and go fishing

Me: I don't want to fish like you say so leave me alone

Esther: ok, we play rock, paper, scissors, if you win, I'll go with you to a museum, but if I win, you'll come with me to have a little fun in a nightclub tonight.

A few moments later I find myself getting ready to go clubbing with this little crazy girl since I lost at the game

Esther entering the room: what are you doing to me? get changed quickly, we're not going to church

Me: don't make me laugh I can't be better dressed than I am now

Esther: you are very well dressed to go to work, to pray, but not to go out and have a good time.

She comes back a few moments later with a very short black dress with a very plunging take-off and a bare back up to the birth of my hip, basically a dress that didn't really leave much to the imagination, it shows everything

Me: you don't think I'm going to go out dressed like that

Esther: well yes, put it on and make yourself beautiful, we are already late

I finally resign myself to putting on the dress she hands me in spite of myself, I put on a necklace whose chain goes down to the back and I put on barefoot heels then a clutch of the same color, since I have to be s*xy I'm going go all out, I put my hair in a ponytail to show the back of the dress better, I put on light makeup and finally I put on a blood red lipstick

When we arrive at the entrance of the club we are asked for our identity cards before letting us in, but Esther charms him and he lets us pass

When we come home she falls in love with a guy and leaves me alone at the bar, really this girl if it's to come and abandon me here I don't see why she brought me with her, me who wanted to spend an evening quiet…

Unknown behind me: since when do we let children like this come to this kind of place?

Me the retailer of the look before turning my attention to my glass: …

Unknown: a woman who drinks so much, what a shame? who serves alcohol to this child?

Me: already the old man will take care of your children and forget me

He stays there and doesn't take anything out of his mouth then takes his way and leaves, it's better like that, leave me alone, he's not here for me

Khalil Ben ATAL

Kids now are so disrespectful these days, I don't know what kind of parent lets their kid go out drinking and dressed like that, anyway that's not what brings me here, I'm going home tomorrow I have a flight to catch, I will be able to go home after a long week of work

When I arrive at the car park, I hear noises coming from a little further, I have the impression that it is the voice of a woman in distress, I move forward a little to see what is wrong. okay, when I arrive I feel like I recognize this young girl, eeehhh yes it's the one who called me old a little earlier

Me: what's going on here?

One of the guys turning to me: …

They start running, drop her on the ground, I help her up and we go to my car

The insolent little one: eeehhh you are my saviour…have you ever been told that you are very handsome?

I prefer not to answer him, already a woman who gets drunk I find her already not s*xy and there is nothing in the world that annoys me more than that, I really hate seeing these kinds of scenes

I put her in the car and I get behind the wheel towards my apartment, I don't know where she lives and I can't leave her alone here it's the best choice available to me

This little one vomited in my car twice, there's vomit all over the car and on her, how could I put myself in such a situation, I take her up to the apartment and help her change, I put her in the shower and I put her clothes in the washing machine, things that I don't even do for myself I find myself doing for a cheeky little girl that I don't even know...

I wake up this morning by our little stranger, but I pretend to be asleep, I can swear it takes superhuman effort not to laugh when I see her reaction when she wakes up and realizes that she is naked under the sheets, it makes me really want to laugh, well I had no other choice than to undress her completely since she must have vomited everywhere I was not going to let her get into my bed like that, I will never take advantage of a drunk girl moreover, I never needed to woo women since they throw themselves into my arms without me having to lift my little fingers, I am Khalil Ben ATAL I am a 29 year old businessman, I run my own company in the oil field and without any pretension I am not bad, not bad at all I know that I appeal to women and I do not hold back to do them good so don't worry I didn't touch the little one

She was so shocked to find herself naked under the sheets that she tries to check to see if I was too but no I still had my pants on, she looks for her clothes and when she finds them she wears them and runs away from the apartment like a little thief which makes me burst out laughing, it must be really fun to hang out with these little girls huh…

Chapter 2



Chapter 2


Today I'm visiting a longtime friend so we can talk business, we've had a case on hold for a while now and I think it's time now for us to reopen the case

Me entering the office: hello dear!

Razak: hello, what do I owe the honor of your visit, it's been a while since I heard from you, what brings you?

Me smiling: I've learned that business isn't doing much lately

Razak: I'm sure the great Aziz isn't here just because he's worried about my finances

Me: I'm afraid you're right

Razak: I'm listening to you then

Me: we have a case pending for more than three years, I'm coming back to the charge, I think it's time

Razak: I don't understand what you're saying, what are you talking about?

Me: your niece

Razak: don't tell me you haven't forgotten that, it's been 3


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