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Maid to be his Wife

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There is nothing more embarrassing than approaching a man with a marriage proposal while you're still intoxicated! Chelsea Leigh Garcia is a young woman who got wasted in a well-known club and ended up as the bride/personal maid of a well-known CEO of a huge company, but he is also a pervert who is continuously teasing her. Will the course of his life change forever in the hands of Red Chandler Buenavista? But what if there are a lot of challenges they need to overcome to prove their undying love for each other? Make sure to fasten your seatbelts because we are about to witness the rollercoaster life of Chelsea Leigh Garcia and Red Chandler Buenavista.

Chapter 1 PROLOGUE


Handsome, wealthy, intelligent, and noble, with six-pack abs, and single. That is how the majority of people characterize me. That's right, you read it correctly. I am the epitome of wealth and perfection. But I'm a young master who isn't easily seduced by any woman. Especially if she is the sort of woman who enjoys drinking and going to bars, and especially a woman who wants to use me as a bargaining chip. I won’t be easily seduced by those hot cheeks with hot thighs, but I can't deny that sometimes there are women who catch my attention. However, when I learn more about their lifestyle, they immediately turn into a huge red flag in my eyes.

I was about to get out of this chaotic bar when suddenly a woman grabbed my arm. She held onto me while walking like a freaking zombie! Who is this woman? What in the world is she up to?

I have been in a similar situation like this before, where someone pretended to be drunk and then accidentally bumped into me.


I'm not going to be susceptible to this kind of scam. Woman, you'd better find someone else.

I was stunned by what I was thinking as I smelled the glistening aroma of wine emanating from her mouth. "You are the most handsome man I have seen tonight… How about marrying me, Mr. Handsome?" she murmured, her face lit up with the sweetest grin.

She had a slim, twine-thin sculpted figure. She had a burnished complexion and a tapered waist. Arched brows peered down at long, flowing eyelashes. Her button nose was framed by beautiful ears. Bright cheeks. She had saccharine sweet lips. They softly opened up and grew slightly apart. She breathed softly on her carmine-red fingernails and flashed a set of sparkling, angel-white teeth. Her long, moon shadow-black hair was lovely to look at. Her puffy, heart-shaped lips were covered by her seductive, constellation-brown eyes as she looked at me. Her beauty is not your typical beauty. I was just staring at her when that thought came to me.

Who is this woman?

I couldn't help but shake my head at what I was thinking. Anyways, why should I care? She is, without a doubt, like any other woman in financial distress who is looking for someone to help her.

"Let go!" I shouted at her, and shoved her away from me.

Who did she think she is? Even asking me to marry her in the midst of a large crowd. She wasn't even close to being my type.... Well… Although she is attractive, I will not lower my standards only to suit this type of woman.

I noticed her being escorted by two men who appeared to be wasted. "Miss, what if we got married? ha-ha-ha," they joke as they brush their hands across the woman's shoulder. "Stop struggling, come with us… I promise we will be gentle," said the guy who looks like a rugby user.

I quickly approached them and took the rugby looking users hand away from that woman's shoulder. "Ouch!" he moaned. I just stared at him with a blank expression. A serious face as possible.

"Get lost!" I said with a serious face, the two rugby-looking users were immediately stunned and quickly ran away.

Anyway, how was it possible for this woman to continue drinking? Given how wasted she is, it would be rude of me to leave her on the floor. Do I need to assist her? No, why would I even help her. I have no idea who she is or where she lives. Just a pain in the neck, that's all she'll be.

I look at her and seeing her laying on the ground makes me feel pity for her. You should be grateful that you ran into someone as nice as me, lady. Fine, I'll match your performance. I carried her to my car and drove her home.


"Warmly welcome her in; she'll be staying for the night," I informed the maids. She struggled to stand up straight, and despite staggering, she pushed herself to bow.

"Hello!" she said with the sweetest smile on her face. Her actions earned a smile from the servants. This woman appears to be really wasted. Her system was overpowered by the effects of alcohol.

"Take her to the guest room." I ordered them and went straight to my room to take a shower.


After I showered, I went to the guest room to check if that woman was still breathing.

"Are you awake?" I asked when I saw her peeking out the window.

"Ah!! Pervert!!" she shouted as she took a pillow to throw at me. "Who are you?! What did you do to me?!" she said while tears are continually dropping from her eyes.

I approached her and whispered. "Would you believe me if I told you we did everything I wanted?" I whispered in the side of her ear. "You seem to be satisfied with what we did earlier," I said, teasing her. She just stood there looking at me in shock at what I said. She instantly developed rosy cheeks. Did she just flush after hearing what I said?

After a few minutes, she seemed to have recovered from her daydreaming, "Your face is too thick to speak such words. Me? Satisfied?! I am Chelsea Leigh Garcia and I'm not that low class of a lady if that's what you're thinking!" she yelled in my face. She slapped a 1,000 peso cash in my face and said, "A thousand for this one night, think what you want to think but I don't want to see your face again, goodbye!" She then stormed out of the guest room and slammed the door as she left.

Wait a minute— Is this how she'll repay me for everything I've done for her? She is the one who insisted that I marry her earlier and she is the one who just made a scene a while ago? And why did she throw one thousand peso cash? D*mn, I'm only worth one thousand peso?!

"Hmm… Chelsea Leigh Garcia… She is kinda interesting…" I grin as I recall her name. I think I like her. This type of woman should be by my side at all times!



I exclaimed in a drunken beer-sipping voice, "F*ck you, Mark! You are such a shitface! I shouldn't have trusted you." I broke up with my shitface boyfriend, and now I'm here at the bar. I caught him kissing my sister, Maxine. Shameless! Their actions are inhuman. They shouldn't have been called humans!

They are perfect for each other. They are both motherf*ckers!

I screamed as my tears started to pour, "You think if I leave you, I won't be able to find someone else and I'll end up as an old lady?!"

Although I am aware that people are staring at me, I don't care what they think of me at the moment. I banged the glass against the table, and it generated a great deal of noise. I don't care. I need to let out all of the rage I'm having right now.

"Mark, you stupid! Watch me instantly find a guy who I can exchange for you." I said to myself in a low voice.

In search of a man


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