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Mafia Dangerous Addiction

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Leila, the offspring of a mother whose passion for gambling exceeded her love for her daughter, found herself entangled in a web of danger after an unplanned one-night tryst with a stranger. Unbeknownst to her, the gentleman in question was the Don of one of Europe's most infamous criminal organizations. As soon as he had a taste of the dark-haired beauty, Stefano, the crime lord, was immediately smitten. In his mind, Leila was the sweetest woman he had ever tasted, and he vowed to make her his own, no matter what the cost. Stefano's opportunity to acquire Leila arose when her mother's gambling debts became unmanageable. He presented her with a proposal: he would pay off the debts in exchange for Leila's mother agreeing to relinquish her daughter as his mistress. To Leila's dismay, her mother agreed and signed the contract, effectively betraying her daughter and selling her off to a criminal mastermind. Leila, however refused to submit herself to him, despising him and her mother for the treacherous act. Despite her rejection, Stefano remained steadfast in his determination to win her heart and prove that he was worthy of her love. But can Leila tame the devilish side of Stefano or will she perish in her quest to do so?



I stepped out of the Madrigal Hugo company with a flank of my men surrounding me.With a sunshade settled between the bridges of my nose protecting me from the harsh rays of the hot California sun, I ambled towards my parked jet-black limousine. As expected, like hungry and waiting hyenas, the paparazzi came rushing towards me like flood waters of the heavens. My men formed a protective hedge around my figure as they tried to keep me away from the torrents of paparazzi's who kept on flashing their camera's my way, almost blinding my vision. Questions flew in the air, more than I could answer or keep count off."Mr Stefano, information reached us that you would be signing a multimillion-dollar deal with Hugo. Are you aware of the various rumours around his personality as a businessman?""What are your plans for the company when the deal has been finalized?""Are you hoping to partner with him later in the future again?""How do you plan on developing the city with your masterpiece?" Questions like these resounded within the walls of my ears as I tried manoeuvring my way through the paparazzi. My men protected me from the influx of the nosy paparazzi as they all tried to get a reaction from me by throwing me multiple questions. On getting to my limousine, I shambled onto the seat, closing the door behind me.It felt like such a relief finally escaping the torrents of the paparazzi."Get this limousine on the f*ck*ng road. Must I remind you of your job?" I reminded the driver in such a harsh demeanour. In a flash, the driver rambled an apology and ignited the engine.It was always a ritual to remind him though he already knew he had to ignite the entire. I love being assertive and controlling towards other people. I wanted people to quiver just by the mere mention of my name on their lips.F*ck, I was Stefano Morelli, the capo dei capi of the most powerful Italian American mafia. People were supposed to cower by my feet. I love the fear and power that came with my appearance. The limousine drove on the busy California road with my capos closely tailgating at me. I didn't need to look back to notice that they were behind me. It was a custom. Today's business partnership went so well. I finally sealed the deal and purchased about eight hundred hectares of land in Columbia for the building of one of my drug factories.A wide smile appeared on my face as I took in the day's event. The only reason for my arrival in California was for strictly business proposals and nothing else. And now I had achieved what I came for. I truly deserve a treat. An Idea struck my mind. Why don't I head down to the beach? It was a pretty cool way to cool off steam. I made up my mind after a few thoughts to go to the beach.Probably I could get a wh*r* to play around with.* * * * * * *The banging of the waves hitting the rocks could be heard. The roaring waves continued forming white foams upon hitting the rocks. The bright, hot noon sun made the sea waters sparkle and glimmer under its rays.Birds soared in the air, flying with the wind. The salty air kissed my cheeks, gliding through my hair and pushing it towards my face. The beach felt very lively. Women accosted me on all sides. How wouldn't they? They were all money thirsty. The women formed a flank around me, chattering and rubbing their hands all over me while a brunette sat directly on top of my crotch, slowly grinding her lower half onto me trying to get a reaction from me. The thought of how these ladies were playing around almost got me chuckling.Suddenly my orbs spotted a milk-skinned, red-haired lady who was playing the usual 'hit the target' game some few metres away from me. Her hair perfectly dangled down her shoulders and her hazel orbs seemed to almost sparkle as she spoke. I didn't know her from anywhere. But hearing her soft laughter which seemed like it was feeling the entire atmosphere got my attention. She looked so beautiful like a precious doe. I stared and gawked at her. She also had a good body too. With an hourglass figure that was making me go restless, milk skin that was calling on my tongue to be placed on it and red sensual lips that I just couldn't resist looking at. This woman was eating up my entire attention. "Stefano darling.." the high-pitched voice of one of the ladies cut into my mundane thoughts. I narrowed my attention at her with a smile. "What can I do for you baby?"She leaned down and whispered into my ear, "Take me to your bed let's have fun" I let out a suppressed chuckle as I watched her hands slowly drawing imaginary circles on my skin."That will be later sweetie" I declined the offer. A frown washed upon her face but she dare not complain. The only woman I wanted in my bed was the red-haired one I saw just now.My gaze travelled from the woman to where I spotted the red haired but she was no longer there. Immediately I pushed off the brunette lady from on top of me and stood up in a flash."Stefano" she cried out whilst the other women had confusion morphed into their features. "You all get out!" I barked. In an instant, they all scampered away from my sight and I briskly walked over to the little game kiosk. The sand felt cold as it squished in between my feet which were eager to meet up with my red-haired obsession.But she was nowhere to be seen. I felt this sudden pang of confusion and pain brew up within my chest. Angrily, I headed towards my parked sedan and plunged myself into the back seat, banging the door behind me.The driver quickly ignited the engine and pulled the car onto the road."Take me back to the f*ck*ng hotel" I ordered."Y-yes sir" he complied with a bit of stuttering. The mysterious red-haired lady clouded my thoughts. How could she disappear into thin air? Where did she go?How could I let her slip out of my grasp? Annoyance was an understatement for what I was going through. Her image was a reappearing scene in my head that wouldn't go away.I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice we had arrived back at the hotel."Sir we are here" my driver's words brought me out of my reverie. I sauntered outside and headed towards my room, totally ignoring everyone else who tried to talk to me.* * * * * * The hotel bar was animated and lively in the evening. Neon lights and dim wisteria lights graced my appearance as I ambled my way into the bar.The ambience was set with foggy smokes everywhere. The music from the bar reverberated through the walls of the hotel. I wasn't thinking of coming here but I had to because of Shera. She offered me to hang out with her for a drink in the bar. Beautiful and s*xy as hell with a shape that could make anyone run mad, Shera was my very close friend and also a family friend. Her father was my father's subordinate and she practically grew up together with me. "Here's a glass of tequila dearie" Shera offered me, fluttering her long lashes wistfully at me. I took it with a smile."Stefano you know I'll be leaving very soon. Why don't we go hang out in your room you know? Watch some Netflix and just chill?" She began. Hell, I knew what she was trying to do. She wanted us to get intimate. Well, I wasn't in the mood right now."Maybe some other time" I abruptly stated."But Stefano.."She whined and pouted her lips at me."Ok darling. I'll think of it" I accepted with a sigh. Her eyes shone like a deer caught on headlights. She was about to say something when the call of her name by her pick-up artist got her pivoting immediately."I'll be right back baby" she planted a soft kiss on my cheek and left.I watched her hips as she walked away and stared at her for some minutes as she chatted happily, slowly beginning to feel drowsy and tired. I dropped the drink and retired back to my room.I kept the lights turned off, enjoying the darkness and peace that came with it. Laying on the bed and taking off my shirt, a strange heat rapidly began taking control of my body, spreading like wildfire. I thought of the brunette lady's s*x offer and it fueled my desire more to f*ck. Without wasting no time, I dialled her number but it was pulled into a voice mail. "Come to Pecan Hotel right now. My room is the executive lounge. 516" I spoke before cutting the call. I flopped my head back on the bed, expecting her arrival any minute. In some minutes' time, my doors were pushed open by a woman. I didn't see her face in the dark but I knew she was a brunette.Alcohol lingered around her body. She must have been drinking but I didn't care. Seeing her here got me more inflamed with arousal. I didn't wait for her to fully lie on the bed before plummeting my lips onto hers.My tongue greedily explored her mouth, tasting every corner with such a lustful vigour. The kiss took her breath away as she whimpered airily underneath my huge frame.


STEFANO Her lips felt so fucking soft, feeling my senses. I was sucking on her lips, diving in and out of her lips with our tongues intertwining as I took the air away from her lungs and replaced it with mine. Her petite arms wrapped around my broad shoulder, tangling with his messy dark hair. She ran her hands through it and yanked a fistful of it."So fucking soft" I whispered on her lips once I pulled out. I could see the lust she had for me in her eyes too.My carouse hands trailed from her cheeks down to her neck, trailing down to her engorged breasts. I felt her toes curling up in delight. Her hands instantly left my hair to my pants, undoing it whilst I did the same to her.We both yanked our clothes away, carelessly flinging them and not caring where they landed. I dragged my fingers down to her abdomen, studying her inch by inch.An airily moan left her lips feeling my fingers sen

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