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Lustful Desire

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Amelia is shattered, meeting with an ex from six years ago, at an event. She, however, returns to the same apartment after some time for a job, since funds are needed to secure the life of her mother. Things turn out well between Eddie and Amelia, one last time and an uncertain relationship begins, indirectly. Eddie is happy to be with her once again, not until the arrival of his ex-wife, Jenna. Amelia, sensing she cannot cope with a rude woman as Jenna, quits her job and heads back to her home. Eddie becomes unhappy once more. Fate happens and it is discovered that Chloe, a daughter Jenna claimed to have for him, is not his. He is now determined to go for Amelia again, but Amelia on the other hand, may not be willing to return with him. Find out in the enthralling novel what fate holds for these individuals.

Chapter 1

Amelia’s pov

I stared at the screen of my computer in disbelief, unable to comprehend what I was seeing.

The words… You have been selected as the head of chefs…The annual conference… Slated for the coming week… New York City.

I ran my eyes over the email again and finally let out a small yelp of excitement. I swirled around happily on my chair in my office after reading the news on my computer.

I have always hoped to be the head chef for an event but I don’t always get the recommendation from the judges. My senior colleagues were the ones who got the opportunities and whenever I went to them for help, all they did was to advise me to work harder. 

I had worked hard for several years, hoping for what would constitute as my big break and it was finally here. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received the mail. The New York event was one of the most important events that my agency handled. It was the kind of event that could make or break a caterer's career and I could hardly believe that my agency was giving me the job.

Too excited to remain seated, I got up from my chair, walked around my desk and pumped my hands in the air silently. My excitement was short-lived when my desk phone rang. I picked it up and my boss told me to come to his office immediately.

What? Is there another surprise in store for me?

I dashed out to his office to meet him. Before entering, I knocked on the door. I smiled as I approached him, and he smiled back. His expression indicated that he was extremely proud of me. I noticed a man sitting across from him and, after bowing to greet my boss, I turned to greet the man as well, but the figure staring at me stunned me.

“Eddie?” I screamed out.

“Amelia Johnson,” the man also called out my name calmly.

I remained rooted to the ground, lost in thought, staring at the man sitting in front of me. When I remembered how he had broken up with me six years before, I lost my balance.

Eddie had called me that night and asked me to meet him at our usual location, a restaurant near my school dormitory. I hurriedly dressed up, excited to meet him that evening. When I arrived, he was already seated at our usual spot, looking dashing as ever. I smiled as I approached him.

“Hey, babe,” I greeted him, with a peck and then took my seat across from him. Instead of him replying to me, he took a sip of his drink, and that was when I noticed his expression. He was worried, looking as if he had something to tell me.

“What’s wrong, Eddie?” I asked him.

He didn’t hear me as he was lost in thought, staring at me.

“Eddie!” I yelled out his name which made him jolted back to the present.

“Do you have something to tell me? Are you okay?” I asked again, worriedly.

He sipped his drink again, still silent and that was when I knew something was definitely wrong with him.

We both stared at each other silently and after some minutes, he decided to say something. It was just four hurtful words.

“Let’s break up, Amelia,” 

To the present….

“Amelia! Amelia!” My boss called out my name.

I was jolted back to the present when I heard my name and then I saw my standing beside me, asking me what was wrong.

I regained my senses and then asked my boss what he was saying.

“Are you okay?” He asked me, looking worried.

“I’m… I’m fine,” I said to him, stammering.

“Did you know Mr Eddie Thompson?” He asked again. 

I looked at him and then my eyes wandered between him and Eddie, unable to reply to him as I was still in shock.

Just then, Eddie stood up from his seat, buttoning up his suit, he then replied to my boss that he and I knew each other.

“I will leave with Amelia to have a discussion about the necessary things needed for the event,” Eddie added, walking towards me.

“Oh my gosh! Amelia, Why don’t you tell me that you know Mr Thompson?” My boss asked me, looking utterly surprised when he heard that I know one of the richest men in the whole New York City.

I smiled at him awkwardly without saying anything. 

“You can go with Amelia, Mr Thompson. Thanks so much for trusting our agency,” my boss said, stretching out his hand to Eddie for a handshake.

Eddie accepted his handshake and I watched as he walked majestically out of my boss’s office. I was still standing, unable to decide on whether to go with him or not.

“Are you now going with him?” My boss asked me.

“I will,” I replied to him curtly and then reluctantly left his office. I met Eddie standing by the door, probably waiting for me. 

“Can we go now?” He asked.

I stared at him for a while and then told him that I needed to grab my bag in my office. 

“Okay, lead the way,” he said.

“What?” I blurted out in surprise.

“I don’t think we are close enough for you to follow me to my office. Let’s be professional, please,” I added.

He fell silent, and once I was certain he wasn't following me, I dashed to my office to get my bag. I was out after a few minutes, and he led me to his car, opening the backseat door for me, but I ignored him and used the other door. He chuckled at my expression before getting into the car. He directed his driver to take us to a nearby restaurant, and we arrived there after a few minutes.

We got out of the car, and his next words shocked me once more.

"Why are you hostile towards me?" He inquired.


"Do you still love me?" He asked again.

Chapter 2

Eddie’s POV

I was also surprised when I saw Amelia’s in her boss’s office but I maintained a perfect face. I had to talk to her privately since it’s been six years since I saw her. I knew she wouldn’t want to talk to me if I asked her but with the job I was giving to her agency, I used the job as an excuse to meet her privately and fortunately for me, her boss consented to the meeting.

She kept her distance from me the entire way to the restaurant, and I knew I deserved such cold treatment from her. The romantic feelings I had for her overwhelmed me, but I wasn't sure if they were genuine or if I just felt that way because I hadn't seen her in a long time. When we arrived at the restaurant, we both got out of the car. As we walked, I tried to hold her hand, but she moved away from me. 

I looked at her and noticed her angry expression, which made me laugh. When we were dating, she was always frowning or pouting whenever I did someth


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