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Lucia Fernández is a singer and a dancer she is mostly know for her singing her angelic voice. She is the most nicest girl out if 50% of people in the social media you will ever meet in the media with her pretty silky smooth black hair and greenish eyes with a hourglass body, and her beautiful tan skin every girl want on social media and her body everybody want to be her. Alexander Rossi the most famous singer and actress of the world every girl goes crazy over him he is everyone idol. He has dark brown hair, curly hair that people go crazy about. And his muscles he looks like a goddess.but what they don’t know is he…

Chapter 1


~Lucia Fernádez~

”Lucia wake up you have to get ready.” Mrs.rat said which is my manger.

“ okay okay I’m going let me just change my clothes and I will meet you down there.” lucia said. I go to the bathroom and take a quick shower and burshed my teeth.

“Okay fine but you better hurry up if not then I’m going to going to hit you with the chancla” Mrs.Ratsaid

oh my no when Mrs.Rat tells me that I get scared of her so fast you never wanna get hit with a chancla. it’s the worst I’m telling you. “ IM GOING IM GOING DONT HIT ME WITH THE CHANCLA PLEASE .” I yelled out to her I quickly changed into a dark green sweater and sweatpants With my black converse . which apparently took so long for Mrs.Rats..I just let my curly hair airdry on the way to where we are going which I dont even know because today I don’t have any constarts not that I know of.

“Are you ready to go Lucia“ Mrs.Rat asked me.

”Yep already let gooo.” we walked out of the building ”where are we even going too.” I asked

“Omg don’t tell me you forgot “ Mrs.Rat told me while slapping her forehead . I respond ”umm- what did I forget.”

“Omg Lucia today is the day where you are going to your first movie that you are starting in with the most popular actress Alexander Rossi.” Mrs.Rat told me

“I’m sorry Mrs.Rat I forgot about that and second who is Alexander Ross.” I told Mrs.Rat

“first off his last name is Rossi not ”Ross” and you should have remembered that you where going go act today I hope you read the script.”

“Oh yeah I did it’s about umm- ” before I can finish Mrs.Rat stopped me and said

“Lucia stop lying there was no Script at all yet they haven’t even gave them out yet.” I juts started laughing because now I know she caught me.

I went on my phone and got on instagram and took a picture of me and Mrs.Rat to post on my story.


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