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Love of lies

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Tara is a simple caring lady, being a simple lady no one dares to mess with her and get over it. Tara lacks nothing with a single phone call she can get make a nation bow down to her, and hiding her true identity is something she has been doing since high school. Tara has been through a lot, money is never a problem for her but love is always, all she wants is a loyal loving man who will stand by her. Andrew is a loving but arrogant man that cares about no one but himself. He is no less than a ruthless criminal, hundreds of souls have been slaughtered by him. After Tara is broke up with her boyfriend, she swears to never ride on the dating train again but when an argument arises, Tara lies that Andrew is her boyfriend, and Andrew with the thought of using Tara as a shield to prevent him from being busted by the cops, he agreed to that but unknown to him is that Tara isn’t who she really is.

Chapter 1

I was laid down on the bed, him on top of me, he hovered over me, gazing down "I love you." He whispered huskily as I pulled him down to me, shushing him with a passionate long kiss, I knew what I was doing, I love Kyle, I love his touches, I love the sound of his breath especially when he is breathing next to my neck, it tickles me to that extent I feel myself getting wet. I knew he wanted me just as much as I wanted him, as he pressed his body into mine, he broke away and peppered kisses down my jaw and neck. "You’re right, I feel relieved." He huskily whispered to my skin. That tickle made me wanna run mad, he is all I ever wanted, his voice alone sent chills to spike throughout my body. "Tell me to stop Tara." He whispered, pressing a kiss to my lips. I knew he was trying his best to contain himself, like I said he is all I ever wanted. "Never, never will I never tell you to stop." My voice was barely audible, but from his stillness, I knew that he heard what I said.

He looked down at me, his eyes were lost in my affection, I knew he had already forgotten about the bad day he had. He huskily smiled and down he goes, pressing a soft kiss on me. My hands fumble with his body packs, did I mention that he has the best manly body shape I’ve ever seen.

"I love you, baby." He whispered audibly enough for me to hear as he looked into my eyes with a heated gaze. He leaned in again and kissed me, he softly squeezed my hip before reaching down again. As he whispered something, a thrilling sensational chill went through my body. He hooked up his hand behind my knee, I instantly knew what he wanted to do "Go slow." My voice was incredibly low. I was breathless, he always got me there.

The moonlight spilled into the room and was our only way of seeing anything. The dim light was comforting and made every unexpected touch intensify. I loved the feeling of him being close to me. His words rather whispers made me feel things I never felt before. Everything about him is unique and special, I love him and I will always do.

Spending time with him is all I want, I pulled him closer to me, and as he pressed my naked body, I smiled and kissed him, he opened his mouth to make the kiss, even more, deeper, as his tongue played with mine, I moaned with satisfaction.

The night quickly went through, another wonderful night with my dear Kyle, spending time with him sure makes me feel lucky. Call me obsessed or other words but everything about him makes me feel lucky. I laid on my back while Kyle was basically wrapped around me. His arms slung across my stomach as his head was just over me, as he faced toward me. Our legs were tangled together mixed in with the thin grey top sheet. I smiled at myself as I looked over to see Kyle sleeping peacefully, soft snoring. I lifted my hand to move some hair that had fallen onto his face. It was properly slightly weird watching him sleep but that isn’t the first time. For a moment I forgot about why I woke up late at night. I moved his hand and slowly stood up from bed not wanting to wake him up. I put on a baggy shirt that slightly covered my body. I am extremely starving right now, I don’t usually wake up at night to eat but I have no choice as I didn’t eat anything for dinner, actually, I was about to eat when Kyle distracted me.

I walked out of the room, glancing at the clock it is just two o’clock. I entered the kitchen and looked at my small dining table which has a plate of chicken fried steak on it. I ordered it for dinner but couldn’t eat it before you know, Kyle. I took a piece of the chicken and ate a bite out of it. It’s not that bad. I sat on a bar stool as I grabbed the plate and continued the work. I hummed in satisfaction. This is exactly what I need. As I took another bite, I heard a beep, again another beep, I looked around the room before I realized the beep was coming from Kyle’s phone. I ignored it and continued eating. Once I was done, I grabbed bottled water and gulped it. I stretched my arms before I turned back I looked at Kyle’s phone which had just beeped again.

"I think I should check the message, maybe it’s important," I muttered as I grabbed the phone. I typed his password which is obviously my name "Tara" I typed and it instantly unlocked. As much as I respect Kyle's privacy I had no choice but the read his message. I don’t want him to miss an important message because of me. I opened the message.

"Hey babe, my bed feels lonely without you. Where are you?" I read out

My facial reaction instantly changed, what the hell is this? Who the f*ck is she? Is Kyle cheating on me?

I tapped into their chat but as expected, he has a password. I typed my name but it showed incorrectly. "Oh sh*t!" I groaned

What the hell is his password, I typed his name, and luckily for me, it opened.

"I can’t believe this, Kyle is cheating on me," I muttered almost dropping the phone on the ground. But why? Why will he do that, after all, we’ve been through together?

"I can’t believe this," I muttered

I read the messages once again, still in disbelief at what I’m seeing. Why will he do this?

I kept the phone on the table, I need answers and he has no choice but to give me those answers.

"Kyle!" I yelled immediately as I walked into the room "Kyle! Yet your f*ck*ng *ss off my bed." I yelled while walking closer to him

He half opened his eyelid as he smirked at me "Come here, baby." He said in a drowsy tone

I rolled my eyes "Get your f*ck*ng *ss off my bed now!" I demanded

"Oh baby, I’m a bit tired for some kind of different s*x method." He turned around "Why don’t we try it in the morning." He husky said

I grabbed his arm making him fully awake, his eyes on me, asking for so questions "What happened, babe?" He asked

"What happened? What happened? Are you f*ck*ng kidding me?" I yelled

He raised an eyebrow before he stood up, I instantly averted my eyes elsewhere, despite I am angry, I couldn’t help but flare. Kyle was standing naked

"Put some on now!" I walked out of the room slamming the door shut.

If Kyle wants to play nasty, I will show him nasty. I’m Tara Kelvin, no one dares to cheat on me.

Once Kyle walked out of the room, I glared at him in disgust.

"Hey baby what’s wrong?" He said while walking closer to me

"Don’t, just don’t touch me!"

He looked at me as he raised an eyebrow,

"Tara, what happened? Why are you so mad? Did Maria do something?"

"Oh, I don’t know why don’t you f*ck*ng ask her," I yelled

"What! What are you talking about? Look baby I’m quite tired can we please talk about this in the morning." He insisted as he held my hand.

"Get your f*ck*ng hands off me, Kyle," I exclaimed

"Tara! What’s wrong, why are you yelling? Did I do something wrong?" He said; his voice and expression were void of emotion not even a slight look of anger on his immaculate features.

Wow! Kyle is such a fake, he should be an award-winning actor "Who is she?" I asked.

I had no idea why I asked him that question, does it even matter?

"Who is who?" He said; now looking extremely confused

"It’s over Kyle," I said turning around, my eyes filled with tears but I knew crying in front of him will make him think otherwise. Yes, I love him but not anymore.

"Tara, I’m a bit confused, what are you talking about?" He walked closer to me as he touched my shoulder

"Go away Kyle, just go, it’s over!" I exclaimed as I silently whimpered and wiped the single drop of tear that rolled down my cheek.

"Go away! Tara comes on, can you tell me what happened?" He said; his voice full of emotions

I can’t believe his still putting on an act. I let out a breath turning around I looked at him, still in disbelief "Kyle" I let out a breath, thinking of what to say, and just that moment his phone beeped, he reached for it but I instantly grabbed it and read the message out loud

"Baby I need your_" I paused, with the look on his face I can tell he already knew what the message is about.

"I think it’s time you leave." I calmly said.

I don’t want to waste my voice on someone that cares less about me. I looked into his eyes, he was speechless. But I knew he was just looking for a lie to cover his mistake.

"Leave Kyle," I said before his phone beeped again. It looks like whoever his girlfriend is, she is very impatient. Once I looked at the message, he instantly grabbed his phone.

"You have no right to read my messages, Tara." He said

"I know," I screeched

"Don’t give me that look, Tara, this is all your fault. If you weren’t so secretive about your life I won’t have cheated on you." He yelled

How on earth does that affect our relationship? "Seriously Kyle! Is that what you’re going with?"

"Yes Tara, I loved you but to be honest Maria was right about you, you are so possessive about your work, life and the worse part of it is that you never share things with me, I’m always barking after you,"

"Barking after me!" I confided

"Yes, you are f*ck*ng exhausting, the other day I called you, and asked you where you were, you said you were at work but it turned out to be a bloody lie! Sometimes I feel like you’re cheating on me as well."

I listen to every word he said but the only word that cut my attention was ‘Maria’

"You did this because of Maria? You cheated on me with Maria, right?"

"Don’t be surprised, Tara, you know Maria is twice better than you, at least she doesn’t hide things from me" He ignorantly said

I can’t believe I fell for a man that cares less about me. The days and nights we spent together, everything didn’t make any significance to him. I glared at him with nothing but disgust and bitterness. Cheating on me is one thing but cheating on me with Maria is another. I can’t believe this he is the Kyle I loved.

"Get out of my house." I faintly said, I can’t even scream at him, he isn’t worthy of my yells.

"Oh come on Tara_"

"Get the f*ck out!" I cut him off

"Get the f*ck out!" He walked closer to me as he clutched my arm. Did I mention that Kyle is extremely strong "After everything, you did, you still think you are the victim in this case?" He said looking into my eyes, as much as I hate to admit it but his eyes made me crave for him

"You cheated on me I didn’t, you used me I didn’t, you played with my emotions, I didn’t!" I let out a breath "You are sick mother fucker_" I was cut off by another beep from his phone "Why don’t you go f*ck up with Maria!" I yelled

"You’re sick, you are f*ck*ng sick!" He yelled as he walked toward the door

"Kyle." I softly said after he opened the door "I don’t think I’m the victim, in this case, you fell for Maria and I think there isn’t anything worse than that."

"F*ck off!" He yelled as he slammed the door shut.

Chapter 2

I buried my face into the pillow as I let out a scream, I can’t believe Kyle cheated on me with no one but my greatest enemy Maria. Maria had been a pain in my neck since college, her voice alone piss me off talk less of seeing her with my boyfriend, I mean my ex-boyfriend. I know she planned this, she is behind all this, that fucked up mother fucker has always tried to get Kyle away from me, she’s such a bitch. But thinking about it, Kyle isn’t a child to fall into her trap, he sure is an asshole. I’m sure Maria is so happy right now.

Maria and I attend the same high school and college and to my surprise, she got employed in the same company as me although her branch is different from mine. I don’t know how and why we keep ending up concurrently, not exactly but Maria is my neighbor, yes I know it’s odd, but I can’t help but think of Maria as my stalker, she is literally all in my business. When we were in college, Maria did the same as she did with Kyle, she made my boyfrie


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