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Love of his life

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Lori woke up not knowing any single detail about herself. She worked as a waitress for her madame who claimed she saved her and lived a few years of her life there. Jordan Knight, a widower and a father of two lost his wife due to childbirth. A woman he loved more than anything else. The pain he felt was great like a dagger plunged into his heart a million times. But for the sake of his newly born kids, he had to step up. He had to be there for them. Only to discover that four years later, a woman he mourned and buried was alive and he found her. What the hell happened to her became the bigger question.



Review after half of the novel

Very Very Very Very interesting book the suspense, the climax is thrilling I love the fact that Jordans wife is recovering her memory and the fact she got to be with her kids and all but the fact that her brother is plotting again her is sooo sad and am really curious as who the person causing all the troubles is and I think they would find out the suspense Is thrilling and it's a nice novel all together.

April 1, 2024

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