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Love after Divorce

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My parents forced me to marry Him for their business. I never wanted to do it. Three years later, I can finally be free! The time has come for me to seek my happiness, do what I always wanted, and not think about my parents or have them hovering over me. Once I manage to sign the divorce papers, I will leave this country and never return... My name is Mason, and I'm currently 34 years old. Three years ago, I got married because my parents forced me to. I have always loved the same woman, the one who isn't and never was my wife. Today, I am finally free, and I can be happy with the love of my life. I have everything planned; everything is going to be perfect... Or so I thought. What happens when you realize you no longer love the person you thought was the love of your life? Is it possible to get back with an ex-partner? Is it possible to start having feelings for my ex-wife?


Funmilayo Tomoye

Review after the novel completion

Very interesting stories.Reall love Mason had to endure to gain his wife back.. Emily is a wonderful mother and grandmother.Lucas is such a wonderful, understanding & caring Man.Thanks to Marcus,he is a wonderful husband & he is a very good and loyal friend to Manson.If not for Marcus,Mason will be living in the dark which he will have regret for been foolish.Have never seen a mother like peygon who will abandon her child,d child she supposed to cherish....She is such a greedy fellow and a disgrace

May 6, 2024

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