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Lonely Bride

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As we say, love has no boundaries, nor it has any limitations. A selfless love always finds its ways. A lonely who has no one she calls a family. She had to get married to a billionaire, unwillingly. Though they have age gape, she held no rights to go against this arrangement. Husband’s absence always bothered her somewhere. One tragic incidence pushes her to leave everything and start her own life as per her choices. But what happened when the person and the life she had left long back behind, come and stand in front of her? Asking her to be back in the old life. Will she ever be able to go back? Will she ever be able to get the love of her life? Roller coaster ride of selfless love & sacrifices.



Review after half of the novel

So far so good…though the bride forgave her husband so quickly..though the twist came too early in the story but in a lovely way though was not expected…Even the way Nathan and Sam friendship is good for the bride kept her happy…still waiting for the rest of the story to find out what happened till the end of it..hopefully it will end well and sean will also reveal the real truth about why he be

May 12, 2024

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