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Kidnapped by a billionaire mafia

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Prologue Yanking my hairs back he asked "now where were we" before forcing his lips on mine, I bit his lips making him more annoyed. Within a twink of eye he tossed me angrily on the bed, throwing his towel away, he quickly reached for my clothes ripping them off leaving me stranded only on my panties. I tried fighting him off but got slapped so many times, still I didn't give up until he pinned me down making me powerless."no!" I screamed out still struggling with him "you can't let him win" my conscience kept screaming at me. Joe stayed still enjoying the view of her struggling, groaned out in pleasure "d*mn your so s*xy" he cussed out before devouring her. She screamed, cried and begged him to stop but it he ignored her pounding her like a wild animal till she passed out, waking up later on she found herself still naked and alone in the cold room, that was when she swore to get her revenge at all cost.

The stolen diamonds

Chapter 1

Gun shots were heard. "find her immediately" boss shouted in anger. The guards were seen running around combing everywhere in search for Camila.

"Boss" Klaus called.

"Did you get her" he asked. No response.

"So you mean to tell me that none of you guys could catch a little girl in her twenties?" he screamed frustrated. They all kept quiet sencing their boss angry mood..

One of the guards identified as Klaus spoke up "we couldn't catch her but one of our men caught a glimpse of her face". He (their boss) turned towards Ken "bring him here instantly, she must never escape with my diamonds" he screamed.


Camilla ran as fast as her legs could take her towards the waiting van, immediately she entered they zoomed off on full speed not minding the speed limit.

Camila sat down trying to catch her breath, she almost got caught. Her heart beating so loud, can't seem to make it beat normal. James was still on full speed not minding the road limits.

"James slow down or you gonna get us killed" she screamed out in fear.

It took him few minutes to get calm in order to ensure they weren't being followed. Suddenly he started sobbing "I thought you wouldn't had made it out alive considering the tensions going on there". Instantly her heart melted at his words, at least someone do care about my life she muttered.

Although she's still in pain from the Injuries she obtained while trying to escape. <Barely made it out alive sighs. Nursing her injuries with her bare hands, she was delighted to see the diamonds still intact with her otherwise she would never ever see the sun up in the sky the next day. She could still hear James jamming along peo new hits as he rode the car.


The sound of a phone ringing was heard, she watched in silence as he checked who the caller was after talking on the phone for few minutes, he handed the phone over to me.

"Joe wants to talk to you" he whispered. Nodding her head in understanding she quickly took the phone.

"Joe" I called in pain. "Did you get the diamonds?" he asked in a hushed tone.

"yeah, I did" I said wearyly.

"common babe, I really need you now" I almost grasped out loud at the voice I heard in the background followed by sounds of smooches. Could he be with another sl*t? Again? I wondered.

Bringing me out of my thoughts he shouted "good, bring it home immediately"

Line dead...

"seriously" she almost screamed out in anger tossing the phone back to its owner, she sank back on her chair downing in her thoughts. What type of a man is he exactly? Didn't even ask if she got hurt in the processs just because he wants to please some sl*t? Nor if it was hard to pass the securities?. Sighing. It's almost breakfast time, the roads were filled with cars, trucks and busses from different brands. The streets filled with people on suits, casual dresses walking around, others displaying their products to attract customers. They were being held in traffic for 10 minutes, looking out through the other window she saw a little girl clinging onto her mother. Smiling at the cutest thing ever "I wish I had a joyful memories from my childhood" she muttered watching the car move. Sighing again "I just can't wait for my mission's to be over, really need to live an easy life of no killing, no stealing, just shopping and dating".


"Camela!, table 3 needs a glass of water" Andrew screamed with frustration written all over his face. A girl with the tag camela, sighed.

"Coming!". She hurriedly took the jug to their table bowing at them before rushing back. Granny always told her that everything happens for a reason whether good or bad but always remember be your self. Fridays and Saturdays happens to be the most busiest days for us the workers. She was jolted out of my thoughts thanks to table 4.

She sighed then smiled talking their orders, looks like they got more friends over, all teenagers probably still in high school. Well her high school wasn't a joyfull one to remember, when being bullied always. Few more minutes remaining before break hours comés she just can't wait, yawning am so totally, totally exhausted from working.

Few minutes later..

The signboard outside said "Break hour". She watched in awe as they all ran towards the door leading to the back yard laughing with Bella her crazy bestie, who sighted her sitting on a chair alone she quickly dragged her up pulling her to join them. Well what can you expect from a crazy bestie who gets interested in other people's problems for personal gains only.

"Come on" bella screamed while still dragging camil along with them towards the door, they all passed by small boxes, more boxes after boxes making Camila wonder why and what all these were still kept for. Her crazy friend kept dragging her "can't you please slow down" Camila cried out.

"No-" bella screamed then continued "we can't miss this news and mustn't since we both happen to know who it's about silly".

"But I don't care" Camila pouted.

"You should, no, we all should, so we can and might use it against her in the future no one knows tomorrow" Bella cooed making a silly face.

"Whatever" Camila muttered under her breath rolling her eyes.

And finally she was free from bella grip, Camila walked slowly behind Bella watching her walk faster towards their hideout, looking around then suddenly Camila eyes caught the sight of a group of men on black staring hard at her.


Two men entered the van while some stayed outside watching me. My feet got stuck to the ground, I couldn't move an inch. I saw two guys whispering to each other while still staring at me my direction. The other making a phone call, all looked huge with scary eyes. I almost pied on my self at the thought of them after me,i quickly looked away after sighting one who winked at me.

The stolen diamonds 2

Chapter 2


Two men entered the van while some stayed outside watching me. My feet got stuck to the ground, I couldn't move an inch. I saw two guys whispering to each other while still staring at me my direction. The other making a phone call, all looked huge with scary eyes. I almost pied on my self at the thought of them after me,i quickly looked away after sighting one who winked at me.

"Camela, hurry up or we gonna miss the show" Bella scolded me. I quickly put on a smiling face watching her movements, appearing at my front.

"silly you" she scolded playfully pulling my cheeks before dragging me along.

We met them talking, quickly took our seats. My mind didn't seem to be at rest, I was so scared or are they waiting for me? I kept asking myself different questions. Then took one glance at Bella who happen to be so glued at their conversations, while I didn't feel like contributing to anything to their discuss


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