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They were never meant to be. She's married, still he doesn't care. She loves her husband. "To hell with that", he said. It started with a card, an invitation card sent to the Salvador's household. Cassie's life changed the moment she boarded the ship with her husband, Domingo Salvador and encountered Raphael De Vincente, a rich billionaire who would stop at nothing to have her regardless of whether she's married or not. It started as a casual fling to Raphael, but in time, he couldn't deny his feelings, to him, Domingo doesn't deserve her and he is willing to prove it to her that she is HIS, whether she like it or not. Will Cassie be able to withstand his advance and stick to her love for her husband or will she fall prey to his advances. Follow their love triangle in the story and figure out what happens next in this thrilling and exciting story.

Chapter 1

The sun shone brightly into the room in the lovely Mansion of the salvador’s household into the cute couple cuddling on the bed. Domingo gazed lovingly at his wife who laid beside him with her hair around him, reminder of the night they had both spent. Cassandra moaned as she rolled on the bed raising her long silky legs.

“Rise and shine sleeping beauty the sun is up a new day is beginning”, Domingo Salvador said husband to the pretty Cassandra reis.

“Another minute love I want to enjoy this moment”, she said pulling her husband down for a kiss.

“Mm, I can't think of a better way to spend the morning”, Domingo said kissing his wife with passion. Search where the lifestyle in the Salvador's household. The Salvador’s were so much in love with each other, the mornings for a vibrant affair the night well... You know.

 People were both jealous and amazed by the Love and attention showcased by the loving couple who could never seem to fall out of love with each other, nothing could ever come in between them, or so they thought....


“How is the preparation going”, Raphael de Vicente heir and sole owner of de Vicente holdings said to his right-hand man and best friend who was also his half-brother.

“All good”, Javier said helping his brother dress up “everything has been set up for the cruise and it's going smoothly, invitations have been sent to everyone who mattered”.

Raphael smiled it was indeed time to flaunt his success over the past decades, as one of the richest in the country it was time to cause some serious ripples in the society.

“Is everything set for the cruise on the ship”.

“Yes, sir all that is left is for the guests to start arriving”,

“Let the games begin”, Raphael said.


Domingo sat in his office as his attendant entered with a note in his hand.

“Sir this came in today “, the attendant said handing him the letter.

“What is it”,

“A note with the Vincente seal on it”. Domingo raises his eyebrows.

“De Vicente you say”, he said.

“Yes sir”, he collected the note noticed the card in it and smiled, Cassie will be excited.

“Sir they demanded a reply as soon as possible”.

“I will get back to them as soon as I can”, Domingo said, not wanting to seem so eager when he was already planning what to do next. The Vicentes were the most popular figure you can think of in the circle of rich men who mattered, he has been trying to close an investment deal with Raphael de Vicente who was rarely seem to the extent he was a legend in the society. He could practically feel excitement.


“A trip on a cruise ship”, Cassie said excitedly as she received the invitation card from her husband “better still from the Vincente family”, Cassie gushed with excitement.

“The only the one and only”, Domingo said proudly it wasn't easy getting the card it's required pulling a lot of strings, but he was glad if not only for his business, then definitely for his wife pleasure.

 “I'm so excited just imagine the number of friends and acquaintance we will make in the social circle”, she said.

“What about investment and business growth”, Domingo said sharing in his wife excitement.

“ There are a lot of preparations to be made, clothes to buy , shoes, jewelries, I can hardly wait”, Cassie said.

“ I can see that, I’ll leave you to the preparation I’m sure I can count on you to take care of everything”, Cassie smiled” of course I can it will be my pleasure”.

“Know of another thing that can be your pleasure”, he said suggestively.

“Oh, you bad boy”, Cassie laughed as she was being lifted upstairs.


Javier walked up to his boss and half-brother reclining on the sofa in view of the sea.

“Sir”, he called. Raphael turned and looked at him.

“Is there anything wrong”.

“The guest has started arriving and soon the last of them will be here”.

“I see then I guess it's almost time to play host “, he said.

“Which I'm sure you will enjoy very well”, Javier said smiling.

“Oh, I will you can be sure of that I’m going to enjoy every inch of this cruise after all I deserved it”,

“You’ve come a long way de Vicente”.

“I have haven't a Raphael said and turned to his brother “I've told you to stop calling me sir Javier”.

“You are my boss it is my duty”, Javier objected.

“I am also your brother”, he countered.

“Half-brother to be precise", Javier pointed out.

“You know very well you are family to me”.

“I know I do but the society doesn’t know that”.

“Enough of this talk please see to it that our guests are well taken care of”, Raphael said.

“Yes sir”, he left and attended to the last of the guest arriving…


“Please be gentle with they are valuables in their”. Cassandra said as she ordered the boys who are in charge of their luggage “be careful with that”, she fired at another who was careless.

“My would you look at that “. Domingo said as he came to her side admiring the ship in which they are to embark on a cruise on.

“It is huge", Cassie conceded.

“I am sure he built it to flaunt his wealth", Domingo said appreciatively.

“Well, he is doing a good job and he has the right”.

“I believe you are the Salvador’s”. A voice said behind them.

“Yes, we are”, they said as they turned.

“We have been expecting you right this way”, the man said leading them into the ship and instructed the men carrying the luggage.

”This is the newest ship you can find and the most expensive too”, he said with pride.

“Oh my God”, Cassie said transfixed as she stared all around her shocked at the amount of wealth screaming from every angle.

 “You've got to be kidding me”, Domingo said intimidated by the amount of extravagances around. Everything was made in expensive jewels, gold, silver, diamonds they were gold chandeliers, silver railings expensive paintings antique artifacts that were really scarce.

“I know that the Vincente’s are rich, but I had no idea that they were this rich", Cassie said stupefied.

“Surely he must have had help from his family”, Domingo said.

“Unfortunately, he didn't although his family would have helped him but everything he had; he had gotten them by himself”.

“He must be filthy Rich”, Cassie said.

“What a show-off”, Domingo said under his breath.

“Now if you kindly follow me, I will show you to your room”, the man said leading them around the ship to the area reserved for them “and this is your room”.

 Cassie gasped as she surveyed room” oh my this is splendid”, she said.

“I will give you a chance to get acquainted with the environment if you ever need me, I'll be right there to attend to you", he said and winked at Cassie.

“Did he just wink at you”, Domingo said.

“Oh, come on don't be a spoilsport”, Cassie said dragging him inside.


Cassie lifted the hem of her dress as she explored the room, it has a jacuzzi and was very spacious.

“This is wonderful”, she said to no one in particular Domingo had gone down earlier to meet some of the business acquaintances he saw a while earlier “why does he have to go out and I get to stay indoors”, she grumbled and brushed her hair and adding a little lip gloss.

“It's time to meet some acquaintances of my own”, she said and left.

The hallway was embroidered with jewels and painting, “They must be really expensive imagine all this wealth owned by one person”. The hall ended just around the corner, and she had to go back to the other end and collided with a massive brick wall. Except. . . . Brick walls. . . Don’t move, do they.

Cassie gasped but a steel like arm held her before she could fall.

“A beautiful lady like you should always watch where they are going”, a deep masculine voice said.

“I'm sorry”, Cassie breathed out and raised her head to meet startling grey eyes and nearly collapsed again.

“No need . . . Beautiful women like you can run into me anytime”, grey said.

“ I really wasn't looking please don't take offence”,

“Lady, it's been a long time since a beautiful lady like you barreled into me”.

“Sir”, Someone said.

“Guess I have to go now beautiful grey eyes it’s a pleasure meeting you mi Corazón, till we meet again", he said kissing her hand and leaving her stupefied. Cassie stood there for 30 seconds trying to recover her bearings.

“Cassie are you alright”, Domingo said loudly, and she turned.


“What happened I thought I said not to come out yet”, he said and looked at her face” are you all right”, he asked worriedly.

“I just saw an angel”, she said and swooned. 💘

Chapter 2

“Who in the heck is she”, Raphael said as they reached his room.

“Who do you mean sire”, Javier said.

“That sexy brunette with eyes as blue as the ocean and lips as red as Ruby, those legs. . . Damn”, Raphael said trying to get hold of himself.

“Ok…. ok …. I get it you mean the lady we met a while ago”, Javier said amused.

“Of course, who else will I be talking about you dimwit, except her”.

“She’s taken already”, Javier said.

“Taken, you mean she has a lover”.

“No…. she’s married”,

“Of all the……”, Raphael said angrily,” who’s she married to”, he asked.

“Domingo Salvador”.

“The name sounds familiar”.

“He’s one of the richest men in these parts”.

“I see she’s married to a rich fellow”.

“But she’s taken", he stated.

“And that's the worst part why do beautiful damsels have to be taken", Raphael said reliving the blue eyes with hair full and long.

“Off-limits Raphael, Off-limits"


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