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Insatiable Desires

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When billionaire bachelor Alexander Steele hires an escort as a date for his sister's wedding, he knows he's taking a risk. But he won't be taking the escort's clothes off. He just wants a date--not a girlfriend. Not a relationship. No strings. No ties. No games. No s*x. Kayla Milford became a high-end escort to help her critically ill mother. Alexander Steele is the client of her dreams--he's offering to pay her more money than she's ever made before. But Alexander is...difficult. He's gorgeous, cold and distant. But so very human. Determined to complete her assignment and collect the money, but when she ends up in his bed. she quickly learns that his true sexual activities will push both the boundaries of pleasure and pain.

Chapter 1

Alexander's Pov

"Together with their families Sebastian and Ariana cordially invite you to their wedding ceremony taking place in Florence this August 24th at 4 pm".

Alexander looked down at the wedding invitation on his desk with a look contempt on his face. It wasn't that he wasn't happy for his sister, he really was Sebastian was a good guy and he and Ariana have been in love since middle school.

Alexander sighed as he leaned back in his chair, he looked at the New York skyline deep in thought. As much as he loved his sister he knew he couldn't attend, he hated attending social events. He wasn't looking forward to socializing with the city elite and members of the press that were going to be there.

He wasn't looking forward to having his overbearing and controlling mother parading him around as her very successful and business genius son whose companies have made him the richest and most eligible bachelor in the country to her friend's daughters.

But most of all he wasn't ready to see her again.

Just as he was about to call for his assistant his phone began vibrating in his pocket, He took it out, and after glancing at who was calling he answered.

" Hey sis," he said. " Hey bro I just calling to see if you've received your invitation? since the wedding is in a couple of months where flying over to the family villa tomorrow " he heard her say.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, hearing how excited she sounded he was finding it incredibly difficult to tell her that he wouldn't be coming. " Alexander are you still there?" she asked.

" Yes Ari I'm here" she heard him say using her nickname. " Oh good for a second there I thought you fell asleep," she said. He grunts not appreciating her joke. " Listen Ari I'm not sure I'll be able to make it," he said.

" W...what do you mean you won't be able to make it? you promised you would" she said. " We were seven Ari," he said in a cold and emotionless tone of voice, There was a pause, and then he heared her sniffling on the verge of tears over the phone knowing that he had no doubt hurt her feeling he sighed once again and apologized to her.

" Look Ari I'm sorry but I'll be in Paris on a business trip for a month so I won't be able to make it I'll send you and Sebastian something".

" It's ok I understand you don't need to apologize to me I get it my wedding isn't important enough for you," she said. He felt a slight tugging in his heart as he heard the sadness in her voice.

Ari and he were close growing up, but since he stormed out that day, he swore to himself that he wouldn't return to the family estate there'd been too much pain and anger that had occurred in that house.

Alexander worked as a waiter to pay for his college tuition and once he graduated he started the Nexus group of companies, a group of companies that quickly expanded worldwide making him his first 3 billion by the time he was 23 he was now nearing his 30's.

It'd been 11 young years since he last stepped foot in his childhood home." You know why I can't Ari" he said softly." It's been eleven years, no one remembers what happened that day" she said.

He pinched the bridge of his nose already feeling a migraine coming on. " Ok fine you've convinced me I'll be there" he said. " Y...You will?" he heard her say in disbelief. " I said I'll be there didn't I and I'm bringing someone with me is that ok with you?" he asked already looking through the escort hiring website he had just looked up.

" It depends who are you bringing?" she asked. " My girlfriend Kayla," he said looking at her profile picture on his screen his eyes transfixed by her picture. Ari's squeals of delight could be heard loudly over the phone. " Really? oh wow," she said sounding excited.

" Mom will be surprised when she finds out, I didn't know you were seeing anyone," she said. " I'm a man that enjoys my privacy there are parts of my life that the tabloids aren't allowed to report," Alexander said leaning back in his chair still looking at her profile picture.

" We wouldn't need to get all our news from the tabloids if you called more often" she retorts back. " Sis I have a meeting with some investors soon, I'll see you soon," Alexander said.

" Ok but will we see guys at the rehearsal dinner this weekend?" she asked. " Yes we'll be there see you soon," he said and hung up the phone. He stood up from around his desk and walked towards his china hutch and pulled out a bottle of whiskey.

Not even bothering to grab any ice he poured himself a glass and drank it down in one gulp, enjoying the sensation of the whiskey going down his throat, pouring himself another glass he walked towards the window of his office and looked out at the city.

Taking out his phone and dialing the number of Mia's Novella's escort services, the front desk secretary answered after the first ring. " Thank you for calling Mia's Novella's Dating services this is Celine how may I help you," she said in a low seductive tone of voice.

" Hello I would like to speak to the owner of the establishment," he said in a crisp and businesslike tone of voice still looking out at the New York City skyline.

" I'm sorry sir but the Madam Isn't here now can I take a message ill to be sure she gets it" she purred. " Yes tell her Alexander Steele called," he said taking a sip of his whiskey. " Will do Mr. Steele" she said hanging up.

Not a minute later his phone began ringing again. He gave a rare smile, he knew dropping his full name would get the Madame to call him back quicker.

" Hello"

" Good evening Mr. Steele, it's good to hear from you again how may I help you today?" she said. " I would like to rent one of your girls for a month, as of right now I'll need her for a month, but it could be longer could this be arranged?' he asked.

" Hmmm, and do you have a girl in mind, Mr. Steele?" she asked. " Yes I would like Kayla," he said. " Are you sure Kayla is one of our newer girls, she's not as experienced as one of our platinum escorts I wouldn't want you to disappoint your investment" she said.

"That explains the innocent look in her eyes," he thought to himself." I'm not looking for someone experienced this is nothing but a business transaction, not a personal one, I'm willing to pay $ 200,000 a week for her, and all the other expenses such as clothing and traveling will be covered by me Is this acceptable?".

" Of course Mr. Steele I'll inform her right away," she said. " Good I'll have my lawyers draft up an NDA have your lawyers read it through then have her sign it I'll be there this thursday," he said ending the call.

Alexander continued staring out at the city until he heard someone knocking on his office door. " Come in," he said still not turning to look it was. " Sir your vehicle has arrived" he heard his assistant say.

He turned around and gave her a curt nod before he finished his whiskey after placing down the glass he grabbed his suit jacket from behind his chair and left.

Chapter 2

Kayla's Pov

" God someone save me, hit me with a car, run me over I don't care I just need out," she thought to herself as her client for the night walked beside her towards the limo that would be taking her home.

She's been working as a high-end escort for seven months now, she knew that clients grow fond of their escorts and will flirt with them and ask them out, it's because it's happened to her before.

She's always turned them down and they all respected her wishes well most of the time and tonight was one of those nights. " I can fly us over to Macau...or Marrakech or if gambling isn't your scene maybe Hawaii," he said.

She rolled her eyes internally then looked at him. " This always happens, they always think I'll spend extra time with them after the job is done, " she thought to herself.

He was easy on the eyes but he's also known in the


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