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In love with my my maid

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In love with my maid tells the story of a CEO named Timi who fell in love with his maid named Clara, Clara was brought to the city to work as a maid,her cousin Bella wants the CEO all by herself and Sharon the CEO’s fiancé is not ready to share her man with anybody. Clara who is use to be a nervous and weak girl in “ and her In love with my maid book 1 “ has now become a strong girl and ready to take back her right from Bella who is her cousin. Timi who is a CEO join wants his properties back from Bella and Ben wants justice for his mother death from Bella his cousin.

Chapter 1

“ Get me water Ben be fast pleased, “ Clara says and her mum continues to cough heavily “ you will be fine Mum, “ Clara says then Ben brought the water for her and she gave her mum water to drink, she went to check her mum’s drugs but it is finished no money to buy another one.

Clara is a girl born into a family of two she just has one sibling which is her only brother Ben, she drop out of school when she was still in high school cause her mum couldn’t afford her school fees she has been helping her mum to sell in the shop for years.

Ben is a young boy he is still a teenager he is the only brother of Clara who also drop out of high school cause they parents couldn’t afford his school fees.

Clara’s dad pass away when she was a little girl.

Clara’s Mum has been the one financing the family since Clara’s dad passed away but she has been battling with sickness for years now she couldn’t finance the family anymore Clara is the one going to the shop.

Clara is a girl who always cares about her mum and brother.

” You don’t have drugs again Mum what are we going to do the money I made from the shop yesterday I use to settle some debt, “She says as she started crying

” What are we going to do “ Ben ask.

”Let me go to the chemist man and collect some drugs on credit, if I sell at the shop today I will pay him, “ Clara says.

” Are you sure he is going to give you? You know we are still owing some money for the drugs you took from him the last time “ Ben says.”I know but we don’t have any choice right now but to try and convince him I can’t let anything happen to mum she is the only person we have nobody is ready to help, “Clara says.

” I just pray he gives you the drug, “ Ben says.

”I pray too just look after mum let me go now, “ Clara says as she leaves the house. She got to the chemist's place and she said “ good morning “.

” Good morning “ the chemist man answered “I hope you have come to pay for the drugs you took on credit last week, “ the chemist man says.

” Not yet but I promise I will pay you, “ Clara says.

” What do you mean by that? I told you before I don’t want stories if you haven’t come to pay then what have you come here to do “ the chemist man ask

“ I’m sorry is just that I want to collect another drug on credit but I promise this evening when I’m back from the shop I will pay, “ Clara says.

The chemist man laughed out loud “ you want to collect another drug when you haven’t paid the ones you collected the last time you must be crazy I think I overheard you paid some debt yesterday so I’m not partial to the people you are owing you think it’s for free “ the chemist man says.” I promise I will pay you yes I paid some debt yesterday but it’s the ones we have been owing for a very long time I have sorted it out but I promise this evening I will pay you everything, “ Clara says.

” Leave my shop please I can’t give you any drugs on credit again unless you pay for the ones you collected the last time, “ the chemist man says.

Clara goes on her knees to beg the chemist “ please I don’t want my mum to die these are the only drugs that suppress her right now since I don’t have money to take her to the hospital no one is ready to help even my mum family or my late dad family please I promise I will pay you this evening. Clara says as she cries.

The chemist looks at her and felt pity for her then he gave her the drugs “you promise me this evening I don’t want stories I want my money complete this evening “ the chemist man says.

Clara collected the drugs and “ thank you I promise it won’t pass this evening” she left and rush back home. She got back home and gave her mum the drugs some hours later her mum is as asleep then she is preparing to go to the shop “ Ben look after mum well I have to go to the shop and make some money so I can pay the chemist man “ Clara says and she went out. She got to the shop and open then she clean up the shop, she started selling and she was able to raise the chemist man's money. It’s already evening she parks and ready to go home she got to her street then branch to the chemist place and pay up her debt “Thank you if you haven’t given me the drugs I don’t know what will have happened to my mum “ she says.

” It’s fine you are welcome, “ the chemist man says.

Clara headed back home she got home but she couldn’t find her brother Ben “ where is Ben “ she said and she went to the room to look at mum and she saw she was still sleeping then she went to look for Ben and she found him where he was playing ball with his friends she shouted his name “Ben” then Ben come to her “ I thought I told you to stay with mum before I went shopping “ she says.

“ Yes you did but I was just feeling bored at home and decided to go out with my friends and play, “ Ben says.

“I know but there is nothing we can do for now we have to look after her the only one we have since the family ate it ready to help, “Clara says as she cries.

” I’m sorry I left mum alone, “ Ben says.

Clara hugs her brother Ben said, “everything will be fine”.

Chapter 2

they both went back home and met their mum was already awake “How are you feeling mum “ Clara ask .

” I’m fine I hope you sold well at the shop today “ Clara’s Mum asks.

” Well it was fine I sold a little “ Clara answered.

” What have you ate today, “ Clara’s Mum asks.

” Nothing but I’m fine, “Clara says.

“ I thought you said you sold a little why couldn’t you buy food and eat you are the one fending for the family now you have to be eating, “ Clara’s Mum says.

” I have used to the money to settle the drugs that I collected for the last time and today I don’t have any money right now but I bought bread for you and Ben to eat for dinner, “ Clara says.

” What about you must eat Clara, we will all share the bread and eat together, “ Clara’s mum says.

“ I’m not hungry Mum I bought the bread for you and Ben the bread can’t be ok for three of his beside you need to eat well so the drugs you use can work well in your body and you know that, “


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