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Smallie Dups

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“ Heartbreak, Heartbreak, Heartbreak why me always? Why am I having so much heartbreaks? I am 27 years yet I am not in serious relationship, all the men are players, they are all the same, I hate men “ Annabel says weeping. “ But enough is enough now I do not need any man I just want to remain single and have fun no more relationship” Annbel says and she she wipe her tears. Annabel always have a heatbreaks from men and she vow to remain single for the rest for her life, she never thought she could fall in love again until one day she and her friends went for fun to watch a basketball where she met Rotimi a popular basketball player. Rotimi confess his love for Annabel but she never believe because she believes all men are the same.

In love with my my maid
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In love with my maid tells the story of a CEO named Timi who fell in love with his maid named Clara, Clara was brought to the city to work as a maid,her cousin Bella wants the CEO all by herself and Sharon the CEO’s fiancé is not ready to share her man with anybody. Clara who is use to be a nervous and weak girl in “ and her In love with my maid book 1 “ has now become a strong girl and ready to take back her right from Bella who is her cousin. Timi who is a CEO join wants his properties back from Bella and Ben wants justice for his mother death from Bella his cousin.


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