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In love with my boss

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What happens when you fall in love with the Bad person, what are you able to support for that love ??? It is the story of a girl who fall in love with her boss who loses his wife few month ago and with her all his faith in love, on his way to find a mom for his little daughter who is seatching for a New Mum he will propose her a mariage and she will accepté, she were think that all what she sée in her Dreams will become true, when think that, that man she loves with all her soul will be thé perfect spouse like she is thinking but what she don't know is that mariage will not go on like what she think, that man is not able to love another woman who is not his wife, he loves that woman and hé is not able to let another woman enter his Heart, how Can she do to make her husband fall in love that will be her mission, a difficult mission beacause of her husband How Can she live in that kinde of mariage, Can she support all what her husband will do, will hé fall in love with his New wife?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Author :

Alexander SMITH

My wife Eleanor has been suffering for a year now from this disease which is devouring her every day that passes, she takes my wife from me day by day, this woman without whom I am nothing, this woman without whom I can achieve anything, this woman without whom I am disarmed

This disease is an unspeakable atrocity, and seeing her lying there without being able to do anything for her is also killing me little by little,

Me in a tone of sweetness: hey my heart are you awake?

Eleanor in a barely audible voice: yes my love

Me a little existed: I have good news for you

Eleanor pulling the blanket to her chest: Yes I'm listening, I hope that's not what I think

Me smiling: I just ran into a specialist on cervical cancer, he's on an experimental treatment that's very promising, I've read all of his research and results and I trust him he can find it a solution for us and soon you will be better

Eleanor in a calm tone: Sweetheart I know you wish that this disease never existed, that this sh*t didn't develop in my body but it did, it's here and I'm already in the phase terminal, despite all the aggressive treatment that I have undergone it has progressed at a speed, and now it is spreading all over my body, I would have liked so much that he had a miracle cure for me, so that I could still to have a few years with you, to enjoy a little more of my family, but I have realized that it is not possible, there is no miracle cure, I am leaving, and above all I have I don't want to end my days in a hospital, I no longer want to feel this pain that goes through my body with each injection, please let me spend my last day with you, my family and in our home

Me helpless: my heart stop saying that, you will live a long time with us, I refuse to let you die without doing anything, I refuse

Eleanor taking my hand: promise me you won't do anything, promise me you'll let me go in peace

Me angry: I can't make this promise to you, it's beyond me

Eleanor always in a calm tone: if you love me let me go, promise me you will find a good mother for Julia

Me with tears in my eyes: please don't ask me that

Eleanor: if you really love me like you say it's time you show it to me

Me kneeling next to her: Of course I love you, I love you more than my own life I'd be willing to take this disease for myself if it were possible, if only

Eleanor wiping the tears from my face: I know my heart and I know that's why you will respect my wishes, wipe those tears from your face, and help me brush my hair please, Julia must be ready for school she will show up here any minute i want to look good for you

Me sitting next to her on the bed with a brush in my hand: you know very well that you are the most beautiful woman in the world, and that no one comes close to you

Eleanor smiling with a very weak voice: it's because you love me that you say that

We were there to chat to talk to remember the good times we spent together when Julia opens the door, I'm so sad inside me, I don't know where she draws this strength from her despite this heavy ordeal that she's going through, I can't hide this sadness inside me anymore, this ordeal is transforming me and I'm starting to feel it, I don't want to lose my wife at all , she doesn't deserve what's happening to her right now, she's such a good person, she's an angel she should have had a long and happy time which I failed to do, I can't to save her from this evil

Julia lighting up the room with her smile: mom

Eleanor: Girl are you ready for school yet?

Julia: yes mum but i would like to stay with you today

Eleanor; no my daughter you have to go to school, but in the evening when you come back I will wait for you there and we can discuss and spend the evening between girls

Julia: Understood mom, I love you have a nice day

She comes to give her mother a kiss before heading for the door

Eleanor: Have a nice day too sweetheart, I love you even more

Julia turning to me at the doorstep: take good care of mum, I love you

Me giving her a smile: I love you too girl

With that she closes the door and leaves us there, she has so much energy this little one, when our eyes meet we start laughing Eleanor and me, this little one is a real case

Eleanor in a barely audible voice: I'm thirsty

Me running to the square of water to serve it but she says no

Eleanor: I want a glass of warm milk please, will you?

Me standing up: at your command, with a little cinnamon, right?

She nods her head and gives me one of her smiles which has the gift of making me happy, I go down myself to make her her drink as she asked me to, arrive at the kitchen the housekeeper offers to do but I decline his offer I prefer to do it myself, when I finish I put it in a tray with a handkerchief next to it, and take the stairs I show 4 by 4, when I arrive at the doorstep I open slowly so as not to make any noise, I see that she fell asleep with a smile on her face

I put the tray on the bedside table and I sit next to her, I run my hand through her hair so that she can wake up and drink her milk before resuming her nap but no she does not move, my first reflex is above all to lower my hand under his chin and check if everything is fine but no sign, I take his wrist but nothing, I feel like my heart is tearing inside me, God is in so its not what i think i beg of you

Me screaming my pain: NO!!!!!!!!!

The housekeeper running into the room: what's wrong sir

Me: call an ambulance

I hug my wife I feel her body go cold in my hands but I keep talking to her hoping she wakes up I don't want her to go I can't let her go she can't not leave, I refuse

A few minutes later the paramedics enter the room, and ask me to leave her for examination but I am unable to leave her, they approach us and take her louse, they see each other and declare: time of death 08:27

Me screaming, no it's impossible and ain't dead, she's sleeping she can't die, kick out a bunch of incompetent

A paramedic approaching us: sir we have to get him

Me screaming: you have no right, get out of here, get out I tell ya

My mother entering the bedroom: My son please calm down, let them do their job I beg you

Me: why do they want to bring her she has nothing she is sleeping, look I made her her milk she asked me to, she will wake up and take it

My mother in a sweet tone: leave it please

Me: I can't mother, I can't

She comes up to me and takes me in her arms, I feel like my heart is tearing in Lambot, how is it possible how, she wasn't supposed to leave, I came from her talking, we just laughed together, how could she leave like that without saying goodbye to me, how? why did she take me away from her? why ?????

What do you think of the beginning of the story I await your opinions in the comments

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Author :

Alexander SMITH

It's been a few days since I buried my wife, the woman of my life, and I had to explain to my daughter that she will no longer see her mother, a little one to whom I promised to take care of her mother. when she left for school in the morning, telling her that I failed and I couldn't keep my promise neither to her nor to her mother, it's really hard very hard for me and words are too weak to express what you can feel right now, i'm so ashamed that i don't dare watch my daughter do it or spend time with her, i'm definitely the most useless man on earth

My mother opening the door in a rush: Alex you're going to make me happy to get out of bed, enough is enough

Me covering my face: what are these ways of getting into people's rooms without knocking?

My Screaming Mom: Do you think you're the only person who lost someone in this story? you think about your other daughter wh


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