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In love with a runaway bride

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“I’m no teacher..” she dragged him by the collar, closer to herself… “but trust me, I’ll teach you to love” she told him and he smirked. “Let’s see you try. If you knew anything about love, you wouldn’t leave your wedding but then I challenge you, in the following six months, if you can make me fall for anyone woman…. I’ll do what you want “ he told her with that cold gaze of his. When a runaway bride meets the cold Josh Wilson, she vows to make him realize the true meaning of love and in the process, he falls in love with her and admits to her but she refuses. Over time, she realizes that she also loves him but just as she is about to profess to him, she finds out he is the most wanted mafia don. How will this affect her feelings? Especially when this is what she has tried getting away from her whole life?

Chapter 1

“ Do you, Olivia Crawford accept James Martinez as your lawfully wedded husband, for better for worse, in sickness and in health till death do you part?” The priest asked her and she gulped.

She stared at a man in the front row congregation who was clad in a suit. He gave her a death glare and she recalled what her told her. She remembered what he’d threatened to do to her if she decided to back out of the wedding and she knew they weren’t just threats, she knew what she suffered in the past weeks before she decided to marry James. Her own father had given her the one colour punishment by locking her in a white room and dressing her in white, feeding her white food in white plates and it was torture for her, she couldn’t live with it so she had to give in and not to mention the fact that he’d locked her in the freezer to get an answer from her.

“ Do you accept this wedding Olivia?” The priest asked, seeing as she hadn’t given an answer.

She inhaled deeply, “ I don’t “ she said and before anyone could make out what she’d just said, she raised her gown and started running out of the church.

Mr Crawford, her father signaled his goons and they went after her but knowing the kind of father she had, she’d made a full proof plan, a cab was already waiting for her and immediately she got out, she rushed into the cab and it drove off. His thugs ran after her but it was too late, the cab had already zoomed off.

Mr Martinez, James’ father walked to Mr Crawford with disappointment written all over him. “ You have insulted us Mr Crawford. We never expected that you would do this. Shame on you” he told Mr Crawford.

“ I swear I will make it up to you, she….”

“ Spare me this Mr Crawford. For the past two years, I have had to listen to c*ck and bull stories but I’m done with it now. You can keep your stories to yourself, I’m done with it” he said before going to apologize to his guests and leaving with his family, especially his depressed son.

Mr Crawford clenched his fists in anger, his daughter had disappointed him and he was going to make sure she paid for it. He was never a good father to her but he expected her to be a good daughter and she crashed his expectations which was something people never did for they were scared of him but his daughter, he was going to make sure she paid for it and by that, only a death sentence would serve her right. He walked over to his wife and cast her a glare that only indicated that he felt she was responsible for whatever insult he’d received.

He didn’t really care about the insults but thinking about what Mr Martinez would do to him for this betrayal, he couldn’t help but shiver in fear, his death was close.


Olivia raised her gown and took out some money to pay the cab driver before he drove off. She’d successfully made away from ruining her life but then it became clear to her that it wasn’t just about running away, it was about making plans. She’d successfully made away but where was she going? Where would she spend the night as it was extremely cold?

She started walking around the city, hoping she could find a place to crash that was within her budget but she couldn’t. She walked so far and lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize that she’d gotten to an abandoned road, it was which wasn’t safe for anyone, especially a woman in a wedding dress who wouldn’t be able to escape. She sighed and decided to keep walking, perhaps she’d find a place to spend the night considering the fact that it was already so late. She was so engrossed in thinking about how fate had cheated her by cursing her with such a terrible father that she didn’t see two men approaching her with the aim to steal from her.

Her necklace, ring, earrings and purse were so flashy that it could attract anyone that was passing by and it did, it attracted those thieves and they were now determined to steal from her. They kept on walking closer to her so sneakily and she could now feel that someone was following her so she turned and immediately she did, she saw them, one with a knife and the other a broken piece of glass. She gasped before raising her gown and taking to her heels.

“ What are you waiting for, go after her already “ one of the thieves yelled at his colleague as they went after the runaway bride.

She took off her heels as it was slowing her down and ran faster than ever. To her, they weren’t coming to steal from her, they were coming to kill her and she thought they’d come from her father. She knew the kind of man who’d brought her into the earth and hence, what he could do to her if he ever found out where she was. Luckily, she got to the roadside and she saw many people there.

“ Please help, they are after me” she begged a man but no one took her serious, considering the fact that she was in a wedding dress. They just assumed that she had run mad and was hence, playing pranks on them.

She continued to run, calling and asking for help from any person she passed by. Even the thieves were getting tired, how could a woman run so fast? Especially when she was clad in a wedding apparel? Wasn’t it supposed to slow her down?

The man who had the knife in his hands stopped for some time, “ Hey James listen to me” he told the man who had a broken glass in his hands

“ What is it? She’s getting away you know” he said as he continued to stare at Olivia who was running as fast as she could.

“ When we eventually get her jewelry, finish her off.” He said and the other man nodded.

“ You’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been boss. You know how much I love to spill blood “ he said and the other man smiled.

“ I know you love spilling blood” he said and before he knew it, the speed of the other man increased like a gas pedal had been floored and he was gaining on Olivia.

She turned and seeing him getting closer to her, she didn’t think twice before running into the road and before she knew it, a car coming in her direction sent her flying into the air. “Aaaaaah” she screamed as she came crashing to the ground, unconscious and in her own pool of blood.

The man moved back, “ I have to get away from here” he said and started running back to his colleague.

Chapter 2

Olivia slowly opened her eyes to see that she was not in a hospital bed but in a luxurious room.

“Ah!” She slowly winced in pain as she got up and looked around. “Where am I?” She asked herself as she got off the bed, she was feeling so weak and dizzy. She staggered to the door and held on to the knob, trying to gain stamina and while she was trying to regain stamina, the knob was twisted and someone walked into the room, causing her to almost fall.

Luckily, the person who’d walked into the room was swift enough to break her fall and he caught her right on time in his arms, in the form of a dip. Even though she was not feeling well, she could still tell that the man had a strong body and his smell, it was a die for. She opened her eyes to look at his face and she couldn’t believe it, did men like this still exist? He looked like one who’d been sent from another dimension and if he’d been described to her, she’d just say he was photoshopped but he wasn’t, he was so charmi


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