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I Secretly Married My Fiance's Uncle

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Brianna is the smartest and most beautiful girl in college, earning her hate from the college queen who she dethroned in her first year. This leads to Brianna being set up in a hotel as a thief. Brianna can't get past the stain on her awesome reputation, she gets drunk and has a one night stand with an unknown man. A month later, the man finds her and presents her with a marriage contract she signed in her drunken state, and Brianna can't refute. Not just because the evidence is before her, but because the man is Nicholas Farrell, the richest and most successful bachelor in LA. What's more? He turns out to be her fiance's uncle. How can Brianna navigate through the family secrets and still find love without having to hurt anybody?

Chapter 1

Brianna's POV - 1

We stared at each other, fiercely. Although my gaze was more of a mocking one, but I didn't blink. And I could tell that if Melissa could shoot lasers from her eyes, I would be a gooey mess by now. Thankfully, she could not.

"And you're still claiming to be right?" She shrieked and I wondered what was wrong with her.

"Why all this drama?" I asked her coolly, but this only seemed to worsen the matter.

"Are you serious right now? Me, drama? Are you calling me dramatic?" She continued and I mentally facepalmed.

People were already gathering around and I didn't like it one bit. Yes, I was famous for my intellect, the teachers seemed to always brag about me. And it pained Melissa that I had topped the entire school in the exams.

This alone, caused this confrontation. She had been looking for me everywhere, and I had been avoiding her, but this time, I couldn't escape in time. Not like I was afraid of her, pfft. She is just like a fly, you swat and it's dead.

"I wonder who you think you are," I said with a tired sigh. I knew that more than my words, my attitude was killing her. Yet she could do nothing, because everyone believed my parents were wealthy.

She started ranting and yelling at the top of her voice. I couldn't grasp what she said because at first, her grammar was poor. Secondly, her sentences were misconstructed. Thirdly, her voice was too loud and piercing.

Fourthly, and most importantly, I didn't want to subject my brain to such a degrading moment of trying to understand her.

Melissa was clearly a beautiful girl, probably 5 '6, with very long blonde hair, which she very much prided in. Her hair was always wavy and let down. Mine, however, was auburn, and the waterfall curls were natural.

"Will you stop already?" I said, irked. "If you have a problem with my intellect, maybe you should try reading your books. Don't come at me, I didn't make you dumb!" With that, I turned to walk away, but she grabbed my arm and shrieked in my face again.

"You caused all this." She accused me and I almost flared up but the idea of trending in school just in my first year in school was negative publicity for me and I didn't want any of that. I needed to end all of these before it escalated.

"I won't blame a lame *ss douchebag like you who obviously pays the school admin to give her good grades , and probably sleeps with the teachers just so they speak well about you," Melissa ranted on again, and...

"Apparently, you are talking from experience because you didn't mince any words describing yourself. I wish you didn't have to do it in public. At least, be courteous enough to wash your dirty linen in private, not in public," I snapped.

Melissa and I had become enemies from then. Graduation ceremony was forthcoming and the teachers wanted me to be well prepared for the many awards I would receive.

During the graduation ceremony, I stood with my two friends; May, who was of mixed descent, and Lora. May was Chinese-American, and you could tell from her looks. She was the very playful one of us, while Lora was her opposite. I was just in the middle, the right amount of fun and seriousness.

I noticed a black car park and Tady Greys, my fiance, stepped out in a blue shirt and gray pants. He looked so smart and handsome, and I was already blushing before he waved at me when our eyes met.

"He is so cute," May blushed, clapping in a child-like manner.

As he walked to us, my mind traveled back to how he had proposed to me. The memory was still fresh in my head and I cherished that he wanted to make my dreams of getting married early, a reality.

"Hey babe," he called me out of my reverie of thought. He opened his arms and I walked in for a hug. "Congratulations on topping the college, I'm super proud of you," he whispered into my ears.

I grinned widely, and as we broke the hug, we shared a kiss. I could hear the whispers of jealousy and awe coming from the crowd of students around us.

Tady and I always stole the show wherever we went. We were known as the power couple. People envied us, girls wished to be me, and guys wished to be him.


After graduation, we all returned to school the next week to pack up for the holiday. Just as I entered the dorm, I heard someone call my name very loudly.

To my surprise, it was Melissa. Oh, what did she want again? "Melissa, I'm surprised to see that you still know my name."

"You can stop now, I just want to apologize. Look, I won't want to leave college without making peace with you," she stated. "Yesterday was my graduation from college, and I just want to say I'm sorry."

"It's alright, Mel, I do not hold it against you." I said.

She smiled. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, we're cool," I nodded.

She grinned widely. "If you're really sure, then how about going on a one week cruise with my friends and I in LA? There's this big hotel and they're giving off 50% of the regular price to any group of 6. We're three, you could come with your friends too..."

"LA? Woah, I don't think I wanna go. My home is back in LA and I wonder what my father would do if he found me in such a place..."

"Don't be such a baby, it's going to be fun! We won't be leaving the hotel, everything we need is there..."

She sounded so convincing. "Oh well, let me find out from my girls, I'll text you."

"Okay, and it better be a yes!"

I smiled. Melissa seemed so cool, but how come she was so happy with me now? I need to talk to May and Lora first. I went straight into my room and met May and Lora packing my stuff for me.

"Guys, how many times do I tell you not to do stuff for me?"

"You don't have to keep telling us, we'd always do that," May answered.

Lora shrugged. "What were you and the dethroned queen discussing?"

"Guys, I don't know, Melissa invited me to cruise with her for a week," I said.

"You?" May asked in disbelief.

"Well, us," I shrugged. "But, it sounds off, like... It's Melissa!"

"Where?" Lora asked.

"LA," I replied.

"OMG, tell me you didn't say no," May pleaded.

I stared at her in disbelief. Would they readily accept Melissa's offer? Was I the only one thinking too much about it?

"Brianna Celine Simon!" May yelled. "What did you say?"

"Well I told her I'd ask you both first, and I'll text her-" before I finished speaking, May snatched my phone and began to text Melissa.

Chapter 2

Brianna's POV - 2

The news of Melissa apologizing to me had spread all over college, and everyone felt more jealous of me. I wondered how they would love to be in my shoes without knowing if it hurts or not. Anyway, since we were all packed up, we decided to just go with our trunks and go home from the hotel in LA.

On our arrival, Melissa and her friends; Gwen and Hailey, started treating us too nicely. Gwen sat with me and asked me a lot of questions, we talked about brands and malls.

Hailey talked mostly about makeup and celebrities. Melissa had everything to talk about. We chatted, strolled, ate, swam, danced, drank, everything seemed too good to be true.

The week happened too quickly, and before we knew it, it was Friday already. We agreed to party all night on Friday, and sleep till Saturday noon, then we'd take pictures together before we left.

It was Friday night, and while we prepared for the party, I noticed Hailey sitting quietly in


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