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I'm the billionaire's fiancée

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Esther Joan is a promising ballet dancer, she is also a lady of a noble family. However, her life was unhappy when her family members hated and rejected her. When Esther got drunk, she had a one-night stand with the most powerful and scary man - Dominic Arnold. Esther doesn't know that she is Dominic's fiancée and they have been engaged since childhood. Esther's troubles at Malibu Academic grow worse, and even Esther's ex-boyfriend cheats on her. The whole Joan family is targeting Esther and wants to usurp the inheritance that Joan's great-grandfather left to Esther. Suddenly, Dominic Arnold made another proposal to Esther: By day, you will be my fiancée, and by night you will be my slutty mistress. What does Esther have to do to get rid of these dilemmas? The mysterious identity of Dominic Arnold and the secret death of Joan's great-grandfather are related? How will the love story between Dominic and Esther continue?

Chapter 1: Break up with my boyfriend

Early in the morning, Malibu Academy was noisier than usual. Because, today is admission day for new students.

Malibu Academy is known as the most famous and prestigious talent training academy. All students of Malibu Academy come from noble families.

Among the faculties of Malibu Academy, the ballet faculty is always the one that people admire the most. That's why, at the entrance of the ballet faculty, there were a lot of people standing around.

"Is it that girl?"

"Yeah, it's her, I heard she's the one who got a special offer from the principal to the ballet faculty."

"The special one? Then her talent must be remarkable."

There were whispers of gossip. They are talking about me. I heard it all, but kept a poker face and stared at the dance teacher. Because I'm actually quite nervous.

"Esther Joan."

"Yes. I'm here."

The attendance teacher shouted my name, and in response, I stood up. Everyone looked at me with a weird look, like I'd just done something stupid.

I blushed and sat down, trying to keep myself calm. I look back on what I just did and see nothing odd. Maybe people are surprised that my voice is so loud? I guess so.

A girl next to me seemed to notice my shyness, she turned and spoke to me in a low voice.

"Hey, don't worry. You must be new to Malibu Academy right? There are a lot of rules here that we have to memorize. One of them is not to speak loudly or stand up suddenly during class."

Her voice is pure. I froze for a moment, then smiled and said thank you to her. Exactly what I was worried about, Malibu Academy is far different from other schools that I have attended. Malibu Academy is a talent training school for aristocrats, so all my gestures and behaviors need to be polite and tactful.

"I'm Layla Meadow, the third daughter of the Meadow family."

"Esther Joan. Nice to meet you." I greet her amicably. It feels very secure when I make a very cute new friend here.

"I know you. You're really famous. No one at Malibu Academy doesn't know your name."

"Oh, this isn't necessarily lucky for me, is it?" I smiled wryly.

I know very well why many of the Malibu practitioners know my name.

That's because I was specially selected by the principal, Mr. Peter. I was in a street performance, and Sir Peter happened to be there as well. After he learned that I was a ballet dancer, and that I was only 21 years old, he graciously invited me to study again at the Malibu Academy.

This is a wonderful privilege, I sincerely thank him for giving me this opportunity.

I am a member of the Joan family, one of the most powerful and wealthy families. However, few people know that. When they heard me introduce myself and Esther Joan, they just assumed that I was a commoner from an ordinary background, bearing the common name Joan, not a noble lady.

This is understandable, because I have never appeared with any relatives of the Joan family, nor have I lived in the luxurious mansion of the Joan family like my cousins. The reason is that my mother is not a woman of noble lineage. My father married my mother because she was beautiful and was a great ballerina. Unfortunately, my father's love for my mother was too cheap. He abandoned my mother, even though he knew she was pregnant.

The Joan family almost hid all information about me and my mother and they also did not allow us to appear at any meetings between the upper-class families. The only thing that comforts me is that my great-grandfather Joan still cares for me, a forgotten child.

It has been my lifelong dream to study at Malibu Academy, so I will definitely cherish this opportunity.

"Why are you so dumbfounded, Esther?"

"Ah, nothing. Where are you going?"

"Teacher said the meeting is over, we need to go to the office to get our costumes and ballet shoes."

Layla and I quickly went to the office, but halfway through, I suddenly discovered that I had left my phone in the meeting room. So I had to go back. After finding my phone left on the chair, I hurried to leave.

In a corner of the hallway, I heard a familiar voice.

"Aren't you afraid your girlfriend will find out?"

"What did she do when she found out?"

"Angry? I guess."

"I don't care, she's always weak and dependent on me. She can't live without me, so you don't have to listen to her."

The man standing with his back to me, he hugged a pretty girl and kissed her passionately.

The man's voice was sarcastic and arrogant, he didn't seem to take his girlfriend seriously. Perhaps he didn't expect those words to be overheard by his girlfriend.

I stood dumbfounded. For a moment, I didn't know how to react. Should I get angry and slap him in the face? Or will I cry and ask why he cheated on me? Or, should I pretend I didn't hear anything, and quietly leave?

I see myself as an idiot. I fell in love with a bad guy, and he really let me down.

I suppressed a sigh and called him on the phone, even though I was standing not far from him.

"Hello, Baldric? Where are you?"

"Again. Every day, you call and ask where I am. You're not my mother. But you want to control me?" Baldric raised his voice, wanting to prove to the girl he just met that he could handle me.

I laughed sarcastically, both hurt and angry. I clutched the phone and tried to stay calm to speak.

"You're right. I'm stupid to bother with what you do. From now on I'll never do that stupid thing again. Let's break up, you b*st*rd."

My voice sounded a little loud, so Baldric noticed I was right behind him. His face looked a little panicked. He was about to walk up to me and explain something. But the pretty girl held him back, which made him hesitate. In the end, he chose to ignore me and coax the little girl he had just met.

How ridiculous!

I hung up the phone and left angrily. My boyfriend, the man I've been in love with for over two years, values ​​a new girl more than I do. My thoughts were in chaos, and I forgot that I had to go to the office to get my dress and ballet shoes.

I quickly left Malibu Academy in the worst mood ever.

Chapter 2: Unexpected accident

I walk on the street, remembering the sweet days with Baldric. Baldric Herrington is the perfect boyfriend I can imagine, at least he used to be.

Baldric Herrington is the only son of the Herrington family, one of the large and noble families that owns many media companies.

Not only does he have a great family background, but he also has an extremely attractive appearance. Baldric is tall and bright, though, he has a rather bad guy vibe.

However, all of the above reasons do not make me love Baldric. What really made me determined to be with him for over 2 years was the way he treated me. He is attentive, gentle, and often takes care of me. It was his meticulousness and sweetness that made me fall in love with him. He was my first love, and I thought he would be the last.

However, when I fell in love, I gradually felt that something was not right.

Baldric gradually grew cold towards me. He no longer cares and asks me as often as before.

At first, I


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