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I Believe In Arranged Marriage

I Believe In Arranged Marriage

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She has nothing neither her family loves her nor people like her, people always curse her for no reasons but still she always tries to be happy and make happy to others but always got failed. She never asks for anything from God because she always respects what God gives her, but the first time she asks something to God and he gives her the opposite thing instead of her wish. And her wish breaks her belief in arranged marriage. This story belongs to Aisha who always tries to be happy but is soon snatched by someone. Who? Let's find out.

Chapter 1

In the main entrance, a beautiful newly wedded couple were standing and were welcoming.

A lady came ahead who was in her mid fifties holding Puja thaal ( Puja plate)  .

She was smiling like, today she get everything whatever she wanted.

Jigyasa Malhotra, comes forward and stands in front of the couples.

She starts performing aarti but till then a cold voice stops her in the middle, " Stop".

Jigyasa stops and the next moment, she was shocked when she found Varun Malhotra, Malhotra family's eldest son, who stopped her.

Jigyasa was more shocked when she found her, in fact Jigyasa's newly bride also got shocked.

" Varun, what's all this? What is this girl doing here?" Bhushan Malhotra, Malhotra family's head and Varun's grandpa ask him angrily.

" Exactly, What this girl is doing here?" Jigyasa also question him with same tone.

" You guys can't talk to her like this, she is my wife and you guys daughter-in-law, remember, eldest daughter-in-law of Malhotra family, so never miss behave with her or else no one will be worse than me." Varun rudely answers them and turns to his bride , Mrs. Aisha Varun Malhotra.

Aisha comes forward and stands beside him where Varun looks to his mother, Monisha and signals her to welcome his bride first.

Monisha called Shambhu , Malhotra family's servant and told him to bring Puja thali with rice kalash and kumkum thaal.

Few moments later, Shambhu came back with Puja thali and kumkum thali with Kalash .

He hands thaal to Monisha and keeps other things aside.

Monisha came forward to welcome her bride , where Jigyasa , she just kept looking at Monisha.

Monisha starts performing arti and puts a red dot on Aisha and Varun's forehead.

After performing arti, Monisha placed the rice kalash in front of Aisha and told her in a little arrogant tone, " Come and drop the kalash down. "

Aisha came forward to drop the kalash where Ayushi, a new bride, kept staring Aisha with her furiously.

Aisha drops the kalash and after that Monisha instructs Aisha ahead.

Monisha place the kumkum thaal in front of Aisha and told her, " Now dip your feets in this kumkum thaal and come inside the house"

Aisha dips her feets and walks inside the house where Ayushi , Jigyasa's bride and herself kept staring at Aisha.

Aisha tried to touch her elders's feets but they all turned their heads, even Monisha too.

Bhushan told Jigyasa to welcome Ayushi , so they all got busy to welcome their new bride.

Varun wasn't interested in the rituals so he started leaving from there. He glares at Aisha, and signals her to follow him behind.


Aisha was standing in the middle of the bedroom, tears were rolling continuously.

" God, why did you do this to me? Why do you always punish me ? Why does nobody love me? I (sob) thought (sob) that my husband will love me, but ......" Àisha couldn't complete her words and broke into tears.

Aisha falls down on her knees and starts sobbing while placing her palms on the floor.

Aisha was so busy that she didn't realize, her mother-in-law, Monisha, is standing on the door holding a night dress for her but after looking at Aisha's condition, she decides to leave her in space.

Monisha walks in the study room where she found all the family members were already present there and was only waiting for her.

Varun was also sitting on the with calm expression when Monisha starts questioning to varun.

" Why did you marry her? " Monisha asked him her first question which she didn't get her answer.

" I'm asking you something." Monisha raised her voice against him but got quiet when he glared at his mother.

" There is no reason why I should marry her. But now, she is your daughter-in-law, so you have to behave with her nicely." Varun answers to Monisha and starts leaving but till than his grandpa stops him.

" Hey you young boy, Did i tell you to go? Did I? " Bhushan arrogantly asked Varun but still Varun didn't listen to his grandpa and left the study room.

" Did you saw, how he behaved with you, Dad?" Jigyasa asks him with her angered tone but shit her mouth when Bhushan glares at him.

" Dad, we can't change the truth, that Aisha is also our daughter-in-law from now on, so we guys have to...." Before Monisha could complete her words, Bhushan showed her his palm and said , " That girl has to pass a tough exam, and also she has to prove her innocence otherwise I'll evict your son also from the Malhotra family and will make Vidyut, my heir. You got it. Now go and tell your daughter-in-law that she has to clear exams, so be ready for every situation." Stating this, Bhushan left the hall and now only Monisha and Jigyasa left in the study room.

" Monisha didi ( sister) , I think you should go and prepare your daughter-in-law for the exam otherwise, Dad will..... " Jigyasa couldn't even complete her sentence when Monisha answered back, " I think you should handle your daughter-in-law. And the rest of my daughter-in-law, so I know how to handle her. "

Monisha also left the study room and started walking to her bedroom when she found her daughter, Vrinda who was kept peeping inside of Varun's room.

Monisha tapped her shoulder but Vrinda got so afraid that she screamed so loud.

Varun also came out where heard vrinda's scream and asked her with his soft tone, " What happened to cutie pie, why did you scream".

" Bro, I was ..." Vrinda rolls her eyes down but then Monisha complete her sentence.

" She was peeping inside of your room. Don't know what she was trying." Monisha and Varun look at vrinda who was fidgeting her fingers while looking down on the floor.

" Vrinda What were you doing here?" Still Varun ask her with his soft tone but Vrinda ran from there without answering.

" What happened to her? " Monisha also ran behind her and Varun went back to his room where his wife was waiting for him.

Aisha got up from the couch and waited for her husband's order.

Varun walks to her and stands in front of her while folding his hands beneath his chest.

" Sit". He ordered her and sat beside her.

" So now we are married, so we have to discuss some rules." Varun said with his deep voice.

" You are my wife, so you have some responsibilities towards me. Remember one thing, never interrupt me in the middle when I'm talking, ok". This time his tone was a little bit stern.

Aisha only nodded her head and said with her low voice, " ok".

" Rule No. 1 - you will never answer back to anyone and will always respect my sister and my mother.

" Rule No. 2 - you won't go out without my permission. You will ask my permission wherever you want to go.

" Rule No. 3 - You will wake up before me and serve me my coffee, remember, only two sugar cubes are used in my coffee.

" Rule No. 4 - You will make my food 3 times , and will bring my lunch to the office daily.

" Rule No. 5 - You will come daily and will leave me till the main entrance.

" Rule No. 6 - You will select my dress code for the office and will help me to set my dress code."

That's it for now, I'll add more, when I remember.

Stating all the rules, Varun turned but he once again turned around to her and said rudely, " And yes, never ever peep into my room and try to touch my wardrobe. Never touch my phone and laptop".

After clearing her, Varun leaves the room and enters the bathroom to change.


"So this is my destiny from now. It's ok, I'll try my best to win my husband's heart". Aisha whispered and sat on the stool, she started removing her jwelleries but her maang tika ( jewelry) stuck on her hairs.

" Ahh", she screams a little and starts to try to remove gently but fails , but till then she senses someone's hand above her head.

When she looked in the mirror, she found her husband, who was helping her to remove her maang tika.

When Aisha feels his touch, her breath gets stuck somewhere, and starts feeling something different which she never felt before.

Finally Varun succeeded to remove her maang tika ( jewelry) and reach for her earrings.

All the time, Aisha was only looking at him with one eye even though she didn't blink her lashes a bit.

After removing her jwelleries, Aisha got up when Varun handed her night wear and she held it.


Aisha steps out after changing and stands in her place.

She starts looking for him, but he is nowhere to be found.

Aisha walked towards the couch and sat on it.

She starts waiting for him but he doesn't come.

Whole night passed like this, Aisha also slept on the couch waiting for him.


Next Morning , when Aisha wakes up she found herself on the bed and that too covered with a quilt.

She turned her head to look at the time and found 8 o' clock.

" Oh shit, I... I... Got late... He will scold me. No... No... He will punish me. " Aisha whispered in fear and got more scared when she heard the door opening sound.

Varun steps out of the bathroom wearing only a towel till his waist.

When Aisha found him in this state, her cheeks turned crimson red. Her eyes were only stuck on him but rolled her eyes when he cleared his throat to grab her attention.

Aisha tucked her sieves behind her ear and started climbing down.

Aisha stands in her place and starts thinking, what to do ahead.

" You are late ." Varun coldly told her but she was quiet.

" I'm sorry, I... I... Don't know how... I mean... Actually..." Aisha was not able to complete her sentence and got quiet once again.

" Go and get ready." This time his tone was a little bit soft.

Aisha nods her head and starts stepping towards the bathroom but stops in the middle to ask him something.

She turns to him and at the same time, he also looks towards her.

He gave her a questioning look but she was a little scared.

She was finding a way to ask him when Varun answered her question, which she was thinking in her brain.

" Your clothes are placed in your closet. " Varun told her where she got shocked hearing his question.

Aisha again tried to ask him one thing, and once again he answered her before she could question him.

" Your closet is on the left side. " He told her and started wiping his wet hair.

Few moments later, Aisha steps out wearing a red net saree.

She stands in front of the mirror and starts drying her wet hair.

Whole time Varun was looking at her and was mesmerizing her beauty but only one question was roaming in his brain but he already made up his mind that he will find out the truth very soon.

After drying her hair, Aisha starts combing them and applies her kumkum, and wears a nuptial chain.

After getting done with her job, Aisha turns to him and he signals her to go down with him.


Aisha and Varun reach in the dining hall where all the family members were present even her sister, Ayushi, was also present there who was wearing sleeveless pink color suit.

Jigyasa and Mahima start taunting Aisha but indirectly make taunts to Monisha by saying, " By the way, Monisha didi (sister) , don't you think, your bride is late and that too on her first day. "

When Bhavani glares at both of them, they both keep their mouths shut but somewhere Jigyasa and Mahima, both were abusing Aisha for making her entry in Malhotra Mansion and that too being the eldest daughter-in-law of the house.

" You are late. Don't you know, you are married now or you are habitual of these habits. " Bhavani asks Aisha coldly but Aisha can't do anything except by saying one thing only, " I'm sorry Grandma".

When Aisha calls her Grandma, Bhavani starts yelling at her and says, " Don't you dare to call me Grandma. I'm not your Grandma nor your daughter-in-law of this house, got it."

Bhavani harshly spit all the venom words at her but still Varun was quiet.

He sat on his chair and told Aisha to sit beside him but still she was waiting for her elder's permission.

When nobody permitted her to join them, she kept standing beside him whereas Ayushi was sitting beside her husband Vidyut Malhotra.

" Nothing changed in my life. Only my place has been changed. Before marriage, I don't know what I was for my family but now after marriage, my position has changed, I'm married now. That's it. Otherwise nothing changed, I used to face this type of behavior before the wedding, so there is no big issue." Aisha speaks her mind and waits for everyone to finish their breakfast.

They finish their breakfast and start leaving the hall when Bhushan stops Ayushi and calls her.

Ayushi walks and stands in front of him.

Bhushan and Bhavani take out a precious diamond necklace box and tell her to take it.

Ayushi badly wanted to take it but somehow she managed her greed and pretended that she was not fond of these things.

" No Grandpa, Grandma, I don't need all these things, I only need your guys blessings, that's it." Ayushi said sugar coated words to them and they both shared a warm smile.

" No child, you have to take it. And rest of the talk about blessings, so this is also our blessing to you, now take it." Bhavani sweetly makes Ayushi understand and hands her jewelry box.

Whereas Monisha felt bad for Aisha but she was also helpless.

Chapter 2

Varun left for the office and Aisha went back to their bedroom because nobody was interested to talk with her.

Everybody was only interested in talking with Ayushi, so they were only ignoring her.

Aisha was sitting on the bed when suddenly last night incident flash on her mind.

" I was sleeping on the couch, then I came to bed". Aisha speaks to herself with a sweet voice she hears.

" Surely bro must have taken you to the bed " Aisha turned her head to see and found a cute girl who was around 10 years old.

Aisha smiles at her and climbs down off the bed.

" And , how do you know?" Aisha asks her while folding her hands beneath her chest.

" Maybe. I'm just saying." Vrinda answer her with her very sweet voice and bring a big smile on Aisha's lips.

Aisha bent to vrinda's level and asked sweetly, " And, who are you? "

" He is my big bro and I'm his cutie


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