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I am just Her Replacement

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Don't think you can replace her. You should remember, it was you who took Layla's place." Leonard growled, shoving the poor little girl to the cold ground. Tonight was their wedding night, but all he did was throw his newlywed wife out of the bedroom. Natasha hugged her wounded body, curled up on the cold floor. Not only in Leonard's eyes but even to everyone else, she was just the perfect substitute for her perfect sister. Poor Natasha can only be a puppet, living under her sister's burn. She is a substitute for Layla.

Chapter 1: The Unperfected Wedding

“Hey! Have you heard anything?”

"What's up?"

“The son of the George family married the daughter of the Felix family.”

“What is there to say about that? Haven't these two been in love for more than four years? Isn't it normal to get married?"

“If it's the younger sister, what's there to say? But the one who married the son of the George family is the older sister of the Felix family.”

"What? So that means…?”

“I heard that the older sister forced the younger sister to cede this position to her. And I also heard the information that the younger sister was so sad and scared that she fled abroad."

Noisy sounds echoed throughout the streets of the magnificent city. The affairs of the upper class are always a hot topic of discussion. It's just a wedding, but they can already discuss thousands of hidden stories behind this wedding.

The church bell rang, and white doves freely flew in the sky. A romantic scene. But no one knows how many lies there are in that scene.

Natasha sat looking at herself in the mirror, feeling ugly. She suspected that if she could wear a wedding dress, at the very least, she would be gorgeous. Turns out, the aura was not for her, making her look like a joke to everyone present.

Lady Felix pushed the door open and went inside. It's almost time for the ceremony, yet her stupid daughter is still stuck in the makeup room. Does that b*tch really want to make her helpless in front of the invited guests?

“How long do you want to sit in here? What a stupid girl! Quickly stand up and get out for me."

She looked at Natasha's face reflected in the mirror and said bitterly. If it weren't for that, the person sitting here would be Layla - the daughter she is always proud of, not an ignorant person like this.

Natasha looked at her mother for a moment, then stood up. She carried her heavy skirt and walked outside. The ceremony hall was beautifully decorated, and the guests all turned their eyes towards Natasha. But she knows these things were never for her. They were originally intended for her younger sister, Layla Felix.

Eyes followed Natasha's every step since she appeared at the big door. Not a single applause rang out, only whispers along with disdain and sarcasm from the guests sitting here. Does an older sister force her younger sister to flee abroad, like Natasha Felix, still deserve happiness? A happiness that she forcibly took from others.

The priest also could not bear to listen to the gossip below. He cleared his throat, signaling everyone to be quiet to begin the ceremony. Natasha stands next to Leonard - the man she will marry today and also her sister's lover.

“Natasha Felix, do you agree to marry Leonard George? Are you ready to be by Leonard's side in happy times and in sick and difficult times?"

“I…. I agree."

Natasha closed her eyes tightly. Her chest ached, feeling like there was a rock pressing down on her chest. Her throat felt as if someone was squeezing it, I couldn't speak.

“Leonard George, do you agree to marry Natasha Felix? Are you ready to be by Natasha's side in happy times and in sick and difficult times?"

No response. The atmosphere was so quiet that Natasha could hear her heart beating in her chest. Fear made her look up, and then freeze. Leonard looked at her, his eyes filled with terrifying contempt as if he were looking at a vile and dirty woman.


But in the end, he still completed his final oath. Leonard stopped looking at Natasha. Perhaps, he hated seeing her face at this time.

As soon as the priest announced the completion of the sacred ceremony, Leonard let go of Natasha's hand and walked straight out of the church. This is the first time a groom has left his bride alone at such a solemn ceremony. However, there is not a single person who sympathizes with Natasha. Stealing her sister's fiance, she suffered like this, all because she brought it on herself.

Lady Felix covered her carefully made-up face, looking at her helpless daughter standing in front of the oath-taking platform, and felt very satisfied. A useless girl who only deserves gossip like this. A person who has lived in darkness should never step out into the light.

Time passed so quickly, but it was already evening. Natasha looked at the huge villa before her eyes, hesitant to go inside. Now she turns around and runs away, is there still time? But before she could think, the heavy iron gate opened. The villa's butler – Graham - appeared before Natasha. He bent down and spoke gently.

“Miss Natasha,” Graham smiled softly, looking at the girl standing in front of him, “please come inside. Mr. Leonard just told me he will be home late today.”

Coming home late on the wedding night? Natasha laughed to herself. Leonard cannot refuse to marry her, but he can have a cold war with her, right? Leaving his wife alone on the first night of marriage like this, it seems like he really didn't give her any chance at all. Ah, that's not right, she is not considered his wife!

The old butler led Natasha to her room. The bridal room was beautifully decorated with roses and scented candles. She looked at the cozy little room and felt a little happiness in her heart.

She thought that Leonard would not pay attention to this wedding, but it turned out that he had also prepared a wedding room for her and him. Natasha doesn't ask for anything, this is more than enough for her.

"Miss Natasha can rest a bit. I'll tell the chef to prepare some dishes for you."

Graham closed the door.

Natasha heard the footsteps leaving more and more faintly, carefully chose a comfortable set of pajamas, and went to take a shower. After the wedding ended, she did not attend the dinner party but returned to this villa immediately, so she did not eat anything. Actually, Natasha didn't feel hungry either. Just thinking about the eyes of the guests made her nauseous.

Chapter 2: You can't be her

It wasn't until midnight that Leonard arrived home. He angrily walked inside, causing all the servants in the villa to move aside. Who knows, if their master gets crazy, how he will scold them?

Only Graham carefully walked next to him and helped him change his clothes. The strong smell of alcohol made him frown slightly. Today is the wedding night, and even if the young master is in the mood to get drunk, he shouldn't have gotten to this point. Furthermore, leaving his newlywed wife alone until late at night, if outsiders knew, what would they think about the marriage between him and Miss Natasha?

“Master…” Graham signaled the kitchen staff to prepare a bowl of hangover soup, “Miss Natasha has been waiting for you in the room all night. Do you want to…”

The words were on the tip of the tongue but there was no way to say them out loud. Graham, as well as other servants in the mansion, knew that Leonard and Natasha were getting married just for the sake of


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