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Hot Mrs Billionaire Wifey

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Lara was born into poor family background and determined to succeed in life, she left her family of three and she flew with her best friend to the city, but her best friend rather took her for prostitution. Ending up in the house of a hot charming man, he refused to let her go and rather proposed marriage to her. Read to find out .

Brought to the city

At the gate entrance of Madam Alora Brothel,

Janet said, "Come Lara, let's go inside."

Lara responded, "No, Janet, you didn't tell me we were going to a hotel."

Janet frowned as she stood at the gate entrance to her madam's brothel home. She had previously traveled down to her village to bring Lara all because she wanted to help Lara move out of poverty.

Janet replied, "Lara, I can't keep standing out here with you. Fine, if you don't want to go inside, you can continue to stand out here alone. I have a lot of work to do inside, and my madam has been calling me since morning."

Lara frowned as she was a light-skinned beauty. Very attractive, she wasn't foolish not to know where Janet had taken her.

She knew that Janet's parents were poor and also in the village. But with the kind of lifestyle and beautiful dresses that Janet wore most times, she couldn't help but admire it, as she mostly wore rags.

Lara replied, "I need to go back home to the village; I cannot go in there with you."

Madam Alora stepped out and saw Janet standing by the gate. She remembered that Janet had taken permission from her to travel down to her village to bring her best friend to the city. Janet had promised her that her best friend was beautiful and super attractive.

It was 6:30 pm, and soon most of her eligible customers who usually patronized them would arrive at her brothel home. She only had four internal ladies who signed up to work: Janet, Sophia, Edith, and Mimi. She didn't accept many older ladies, as they proved to be too stubborn for her to handle and tended to pry into her secrets. Besides, she mostly had young men who came to her brothel home to patronize her ladies.

Madam Alora asked, "What's going on there, Janet?"

Janet replied, "Good evening, ma. It's my friend I spoke to you about. She doesn't want to come inside and has been standing outside here by the gate since we arrived."

Madam Alora sighed and said, "Hmph, it's alright. You go inside, I am coming."

Madam Alora walked out, dressed in a black short gown that barely reached her knee length, revealing her black thigh skin. She wore red slippers and walked majestically outside towards the gate. Her eyes grew bigger as she saw the beauty goddess standing outside next to the gate with her tattered traveling bag from the village.

Lara greeted, "Good evening, ma."

Madam Alora replied, "Yes, welcome. Why are you standing out here by the gate? Come inside."

Lara replied, "No, ma. Is this place not a hotel?"

Madam Alora frowned and forced a fake smile. She replied, "No, my dear. What do you think is a hotel? Have you been to one before?"

Lara said, "No, ma, but…"

Lara peeped inside the gate and saw some ladies dressed in almost exposed attire. She gulped and shook her head again, saying, "Please, ma, help me call Janet. I need to go back home to the village; I cannot go in there."

Lara began to cry, and Madam Alora's eyes narrowed at her.

Madam Alora had been getting calls from high and mighty rich men requesting beautiful young ladies to warm up their beds. Seeing the cute yellow lady standing outside by her gate without any makeup, she shook her head and spoke, "Do you have your transport fare to go back home to the village?"

Lara slowly sniffed as she stared up at Madam Alora's face.

Lara replied, "No, ma."

Madam Alora said, "Then you will have to work for it. Are you coming inside or not? And mind you, this is not a hotel. I actually gave Janet money to travel down to your village and bring you here, as she spoke about you wanting to come with her to the city. And now you have just arrived and want to go back to your village again! How ungrateful of you to come here to my home and insult me first without even saying thank you, ma."

Lara held her traveling bag and apologized, "I am sorry, ma."

Madam Alora replied, "Keep your sorry to yourself and come inside now before I ask my guards to lock the gate."

Lara stood speechless for a while, not knowing what to do. She finally pushed the gate open and walked in. She could hear the faint sound of music coming from the beautiful mansion in front of her as she tagged along with Madam Alora, who walked majestically to the house's frontage. They walked into the beautiful living room.

Madam Alora called out, "Janet!"

Janet replied, "Yes, Madam."

Madam Alora said, "Show your friend to her room and prepare her."

Lara refused, "No…" *refuses*

Madam Alora asked, "What do you mean by no?! Aren't you going back to the village again? Look, I don't have time to waste on you. You better be quick to move with Janet, or I will call my guards now to throw you out this minute."

Lara gulped and stared at the other young ladies standing in the decorated living room. The room was adorned with golden chandeliers, seats, and curtains, painted in an off-white color. Janet spoke to her, "Come, Lara, let's go."

Lara hesitated and finally followed Janet, knowing the beautiful woman wasn't joking about throwing her out.

They walked into a pink-painted room, and Janet kindly collected Lara's tattered traveling bag from her hand. She said, "Lara, I know you're still finding it hard to believe what I do here in the city, but it's not prostitution."

Lara responded, "Liar! You're lying to me. You should have told me before now. I told you I don't want to sleep with any man for money. I don't want to lose my virginity until I am married."

Janet said, "Hmph. I'm sorry, Lara, but what's the point of you keeping it? You, your sister, brother, and mother can barely feed. Your father is old, and your mother knew this before she ran to him and married him, knowing he already had a family. Did she think about her virginity or about any of you that she brought into this world?"

Lara yelled, "Shut up! And don't you dare insult my mother!"

Janet responded, "I'm not, Lara. I'm only being honest with you. Look, I'm using the latest iPhone, I have a car, and do you think I have all that by keeping my virginity?"

Lara replied, "Shut up, Janet! That's you, not me. If you had told me before that it's prostitution, I wouldn't have followed you here. Now, your madam said I have to work for my transportation fare to go back to the village. How will I work for it? If it's with my V-J, I cannot sleep with a man for money. So, it's best you lend me the money and let me go back to the village this night."

Janet burst out laughing and said, "No, Lara, you're not going anywhere. I wish I could lend you my money and give it to you for free, but you see, any money I get from going out, my madam takes 70% and gives me only 30%. It's not even enough for me to take care of myself, let alone give it to you."

Lara frowned, "You should have told me before, why, Janet?"

Lara began to sob.

Janet apologized, "I'm sorry, Lara. Let's hurry up and bathe before it's 8 pm so we can eat and have some time to prepare before we leave."

Lara replied, "Leave me alone. I'm not eating or preparing to go anywhere with you. You wicked fellow."

Janet smiled and walked past Lara to take her bath in her bathroom. Since the room belonged to Janet, and Lara was new, the madam hadn't given Lara a room of her own in the executive mansion.

Lara continued to sob. A few minutes later, Janet stepped out, tying a white towel around her chest, with water dripping down from her body.

Janet said, "It's your turn now; go in and bathe."

Lara replied, "No, leave me alone. I'm not going anywhere with you."

Janet yelled, "What has come over you, Lara?! If you don't do it quickly, be ready to leave as my madam has a bit of a temper."

Lara sniffed and, not having any other choice, walked towards the bathroom door and stood by it.

Lara asked, "Where's the towel I will use?"

Janet responded, "There are still about five neat towels in there. I hardly use them. Although we have dry cleaners that wash our clothes, so I'm sure they're still neat."

Lara stomped her feet on the ground and angrily walked into the bathroom to bathe.

The bathroom was beautiful compared to the local outside bathroom they used in her village, as they were truly very poor since her mother actually went ahead and married an already married man with grown-up kids.

Lara had step-siblings, but they weren't close. Her mother was very fair and almost white in complexion, making her fair also white. Her younger sister Esther was black like their father, while her younger brother Amos was yellow like her.

They could barely feed in the village as her mother later sold fruits in the village square. Since her aged father didn't care about them anymore and only used her mother to satisfy his sexual urge, even as it resulted in them.

Lara knew that Janet was right, but she vowed not to sleep with any man until she got married.

Preparing Lara

Lara stepped out of the bathroom, having finished bathing. She walked into the room where Janet was already dressed in a skimpy pink gown. When Janet bent, her buttocks were clearly visible from behind.

Lara asked, "Are you going out tonight?"

Janet responded, "Yes, what do you think I want to do, sleep?"

Janet laughed, but Lara frowned and slowly walked to the exquisite bed. She sat on the bed, admiring the silk bedspread as she felt relaxed on it.

Janet said, "That's your dress on the bed. Madam asked me to lend you some of my clothes as you will be going out with me tonight."

Lara frowned, "Going out where? I'm not going anywhere with you."

Janet ignored Lara, stood by the wall mirror in her room, and applied her makeup.

Janet said, "I don't have time to argue with you, Lara. Honestly, you nag a lot." *Frowned.*

Lara replied, "You caused all this. Even if I were in the village drinking garri, it would be better than


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