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His Shattered Heart

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Benjamin Miller was the richest you g man in the country of America. At the mention of his name, people begin to tremble. One-day he had an accident and became crippled,he almost committed suicide but he was saved and encouraged by his wife. He trusted and gave her the power to his properties. She changed, drove him out of the house with nothing and left him to die. Benjamin was saved by a girl but she suddenly disappeared. He travelled to another country and treated his legs. He became the number richest billionaire whilst his ex- wife was the the number two richest billionaire. How is he going gain his properties back. Will the ex-wife who even though not richer than him allow him. Is the girl who saved her safe. Find out .

Chapter 1 Time to save the beauty queen

A young man in his late twenties got down from a white limousine car. His brown eyes, which were covered with glasses, made it difficult to see the coldness in his eyes. He buttoned his suit as he scrutinized the environment. It has been four good years since he left, and nothing has changed.

"Have you found the girl I asked you to investigate?" He asked his secretary.

Four years ago, he got into a terrible accident. He almost lost his life because there was no one around. A girl saved him and took him to the hospital. This wasn’t enough to owe someone, but she did another thing after he was driven away by his wife.

He was Benjamin, the only heir of the Jayden family. He was ruthless and cold.

"Yes, boss, she is getting married to an old man." His secretary responded, which pulled him out of thought.

"I see, it’s time to save the beauty queen." He hopped in his car and his secretary drove him to where the wedding was taking place.

"Do you, Mr. James, take Miss Evana as your wife?" The pastor who asked the old man

"Yes, I do," he replied excitedly.

"Do you, Miss Evana, take Mr. Cain as your husband? He inquired.

Evana stood still without knowing how to answer. She was a beautiful girl with beautiful eyes. She became blind after saving a young man. Her family saw her as useless and didn’t treat her like one of them. They called her all sorts of names, but she didn’t give up on life.

In the last two months, her family fell into the trap of their enemy. They lost a huge sum of money, which almost made them bankrupt. Fortunately, unfortunately, an old man decided to offer them a helping hand in exchange for one of their daughters.

The first miss of the Hanson family was beautiful and talented. She was the younger sister of Evana. They didn’t want to shatter her dreams and they thought she was too precious to be destroyed by marrying such an old man.

"They forced the poor blind girl to get married to him. One of the guests said looking at how lost the girl was. It as if she was forced.

"Evana what are you still standing there for?" Her mother walked to her, whispered in a threatening tone which pulled her out of her thoughts. 

"Sorry, can you please repeat what you said again?” She said as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Was the bride forced? She doesn’t look happy."

“So, what if she was forced? What benefits has she brought to the nation and her family? If I were her, I would have happily gotten married to the man. Even though he is old, he is rich.”

"But the girl is brave. If I was her, I would have committed suicide."

The guests all mumbled to each other. Evana heard all their chats, and she broke out into uncontrollable silent tears.

"Miss Evana, we are still waiting for your response." The pastor reminded her again.

“Ye…I…" She  didn’t complete her words when they heard a muscular voice at the entrance of the gate.

"No, she doesn’t," The voice drew closer.

"Who are you?" The old man inquired.

"There is no need to know who I am. I came here to grab what is mine and no one would be able to stop me." Benjamin answered coldly. 

"And what is yours, just take it and leave." The old man said impatiently. Evana was a beautiful girl whom many men found it hard to resist. But people ignore her because of her blindness.

"The lady who is standing right in front of you, she is mine and mine alone," he declared boldly.

“Really, Young man, it seems you need to go to the hospital for a check up. How dare you claim what is mine? Do you want to die," The old man roared angrily?

"As an old man like you, you should be preparing for your grandkids. Why are you here fighting for young women at this age?" One of Benjamin’s men said sarcastically, which made the guests all burst into laughter.

"What are you waiting for? Did I employ you all to watch someone just enter without my permission? Drag them away within five minutes," Mr. Cane growled at his men.

His men rushed and attacked Benjamin’s men. It was said that he had the best bodyguards in the country, and nobody had been able to beat them. His men only thought Benjamin’s men were weak, but to their surprise, they were all knocked down within seconds. Benjamin’s men did not even waste much strength.

All the people around me gasped in surprise.

"Who is actually this man?" They thought to themselves

"Sh*t! What is happening?" Her mother cursed her.

"Wow, this young man is very handsome, but why is he fighting for the dirty rag?" her stepsister pondered to herself.

" Wh... o..who... are you?" Mr. Cane began to shiver, "He could see that the man was not an ordinary man. If his men were able to beat his men, then he would be able to match them in terms of power and wealth. Maybe he should give him what he wants. He would still come for Evana. He was his and he was ready to do anything for her.

"There is no need to know who our boss is, old man, you are not  even fit to wash his feet," his personal assistant scoffed.

"You can’t talk just anyhow to our boss. We ruled this city and no one dared to trample on us." Mr. Cain's secretary retorted.

"Ha, so funny. Your boss rules the city, while ours rules the country. He can throw all your family in the sea without being questioned."

"My lady, are you ready to go with me? can give you the best of life,” Benjamin who was silent finally spoke. He didn't want to waste his time on the old man who might die anytime soon.

"Are you also an old man?" Evana inquired.

"Yes Evana, he is very old. In fact, he is older than Mr. Cain. He is not handsome but very ugly," Evana's sister suddenly chimed in. Benjamin wanted to shut her mouth, but he wanted Evana to go with him willingly.

"Why should I go with an old man?"

Chapter 2 Flash back i

Even though she wasn't completely blind, she wasn’t able to see new faces clearly. She could only see a man but couldn’t differentiate whether he was old or young. The only people she was able to recognize were her family and her friends who stayed with her all this year.

"Why should I go with an old man?" She spoke

"I am not old. I am only twenty-five years old." Benjamin said, softly.

From his voice, Evana could roughly guess he wasn’t old but rather very young. She was in deep thought and finally decided to go with him.

"Fine, I will go with you, but what guarantee do you have that you will take care of me?" she inquired.

"Don't worry, my dear; I promised you would never go hungry on this planet. You will eat what you want, buy what you want, and live a happy life. I will treat you like a queen and no one would dare trample on this old man." He assured her.

His words comforted her, and she decided to give it a try. Anyway, life itself is a risk


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