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His Obsession

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Alexander pulled away for just a moment to look into her eyes, that same fervent anger laced with erotica swirled in her creamy brown hues. He pushed his lips down on hers again, all gentleness gone, he pushed his tongue against Ava's claiming every inch. As they kissed aggressively, Alexander groaned onto her lips and roughly picked up her small body pushing her on to the counter fast. Cups fell and clattered as she grind her hips down into his achingly hard d*ck. He could feel himself throbbing against the zipper in his jeans, begging for a release. Ava moaned, the sound filtering into his ears like heaven. Alexander grunted and thrusted his hard bulge into her crotch, rubbing it harder than her dainty little hips could, " like that?" He hissed, anger still lacing every one of his words as he roughly gripped her hips. "Shut up." She moaned and kissed


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