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His Despair

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"Don't make me say this again," He said, his voice hard, "Spread your legs wide for me, Love, Or You will be punished," Arthur Spencer, 30 years old C.E.O. and Golden heir of the world's most enormous business empire, Spencer Enterprises, he's a powerful billionaire and an eligible bachelor of New York City, He's cold, Self-centred, Impulsive, and extremely possessive. He has the power to destroy anyone's life in just a blink of an eye, and his family is acknowledged as Dark Royalty. Davina Ellis, a divorced 27 years old sweet, and naive woman, works as a restaurant manager at Neens Restaurant. With her hard work and determination in just three years, she made the restaurant more popular and successful than other branches of it. *** What happens when Arthur discovers that It was Davina's husband, with whom Olivia, his fiancee and the love of his life had an affair and chose to leave him?

Chapter 1


"Malia, please be careful with those flowers!" I said when I noticed her carrying them carelessly, I walked towards her and took them from her hands and inhaled the fragrance of them.

"Allen loves their fragrance," I smiled as I imagined his reaction when he comes in, "Please, place them there," I asked while pointing my finger at the flower pot.

It was our second marriage anniversary, two happy years of our marriage. It was like we just got married yesterday, Time seems to flow faster than we thought.

I still remember how we met, we were dance partners back at college, we became friends through everyday dance practice and one day he confessed his feelings for me and asked me to be his girlfriend.

Who would say no to such a kind and decent guy? I was already attracted to him when I first saw him, it didn't take me a sec to say yes. We loved each other for 3 years before getting married. On my twenty-first birthday, he proposed to me and I said yes! We got married after we both got jobs and were financially stable.

Our love for each other grew day by day and every single day that I spent being his wife, I realized how lucky I am to live such an amazing life. Being with him keeps me alive and just thought of me being away from him kills me inside, he was a drug that I got addicted to.

"Mam! Everything is set!" Malia said, walking to me, I looked around and smiled in satisfaction,

"I'm excited!" I said while turning to Malia,

"Davina!" I heard Allen calling me, I quickly walked towards the main door, and I noticed him walking inside while rolling his sleeves up, I stood there and watched him walk to me, "I'm so sorry..." I was waiting for him to look up but he wasn't, "...I was in a meeting! I couldn't answer your calls," he walked up to me and claimed my lips.

He kissed me while wrapping his hands around my waist and pulling me close to him, "I'm sorry," he said while we parted away, his baby brown eyes which radiated warmth were staring at me in a way that I had to forgive him.

"It's okay!" I smiled, and he took my chin and gave a peek on my lips, as he turned to walk to our bedroom he noticed the decoration. He quickly turned around and looked at me in pure surprise, "It's our anniversary!" He was so happy, his eyes said it all, he walked to me and pulled me towards him while wrapping his arms around me.

"I love you!" he said, staring down at me with adoration in his eyes while kissing my forehead,

"I love you, too" I replied,


As I opened my eyes, tears began filling up, I still remember every single detail, even though it has been four years since we got divorced. I hate him! I hate him for what he has done to me, my hatred for him runs deep and it's impossible for me to forget his face.

This hatred and pain that grew inside me won't let me live and wouldn't let me die!

I took a deep breath and got up from my bed, I walked straight to my bathroom and did my morning routine. I stepped out with a towel wrapped around my body and got dressed in my business attire while putting on my makeup.

My baby brown eyes stared right back at me with no life in them, and my middle-length dark brown, almost black hair was combed neatly and reached my chest. A sigh escaped from my lips when I noticed my pet cat, Dulo, walking inside while putting my red high heels on. I walked to him and picked him up.

"What are you doing here!" I asked while stroking his back, he looked at me and mews, his very unique eyes, his one eye was forest green and the other one was violet. They're so beautiful that it can make anyone stare at them, The cat was a delicate shade of gray, so soft that even in broad daylight he looked like a shadow rather than a feline.

I love him!

As I walked out towards the dining room, I saw Bella placing breakfast on the table, "Good morning, Davina!" she greeted me as she noticed me walking towards her with Dulo.

She walked to me with a smile on her as she noticed Dulo in my hands,

"Come on Dulo, your food is waiting for you!" she said while taking him, I walked to the dining table and sat down in my chair. After she served me breakfast, I quickly had it and walked out of my apartment with my handbag. I walked to my car and unlocked it before getting in and driving to the restaurant.

I was a manager of Neens, The most popular and one of the best restaurants in new york city, other branches of Needs are not that famous, but because of my hard work, the New York branch has become very popular and famous in the span of three years.

I love my work, it's everything to me, I worked every single day and night to reach this position, and all these years my work is my everything.

After reaching the restaurant, I parked my car and walked inside. As soon as I walked in my assistant Darsy rushed towards me,

"Good morning, Maam," she greeted,

"Good morning, Darsy, How's everything going on!" I asked while walking towards the elevator,

"Everything is going good, the board members have arrived and they're waiting for Mr.Jones," she said while we stepped inside the elevator. I pressed the floor number and moved back,

"Do you know why so sudden board meeting?" I asked her,

"No, Maam!" She replied, I sighed and asked her to tell me about other things, she said about our new dishes which have been added to the menu and about new chiefs and also about our ratings.

She followed me to the meeting room and opened the door for me, I looked at everyone who was looking at me curiously, I smiled and greeted them, everyone was anxious to know why Mr. Jones has called us for a board meeting. Even I was curious to know why?

After waiting for 10min, Mr.Jones walked inside, we all stood up as we noticed him walking in,

"Please sit down," he said while sitting down on his seat, he looked sad.

Something is wrong!

Everyone was looking at each other as they noticed his sadness, "There's something I need to tell you all," he said, leaning on the table.

"This restaurant has been sold!" he said, hearing this everyone gasped,

Mr. Jones's eyes met mine and noticed pain in his eyes, Everyone turned around when we heard the sound of doors being opened and the sounds of multiple footsteps.

A tall man wearing a black suit walked inside, he walked straight to Mr. Jones and sat beside him,

"This is Mr. Spencer," He introduced, the man was very intimidating with his dark black hair, which was combed back, his hooded eyes were sharp and dark, he reeked of dominance and authority like he was a superior species of all, He was very alarming.

I have never seen someone this intense before.

"Everyone! He's the owner of Neens now," Mr. Jones said leaving everyone shocked.


Chapter 2


I noticed tears in his eyes while he said it.

Something's not right! Was he under pressure to sell the restaurants? A thought crossed my mind.

After the meeting, everyone began walking out of the meeting room, I followed Mr. Jones, who was walking towards the elevator,

"Mr. Jones!" hearing my voice he stopped and turned around, I smiled while I walked towards him, "Davina!" He smiled warmly,

"Hello, Mr. Jones! I... need to talk!" I said, he stared at me with confusion while nodding his head, I looked around and moved a bit closer,

"Somewhere private!" I said, he looked around,

"Please follow me, dear," He said, leading me to an empty meeting conference room.

"Please!" he signalled me to talk with his hands while sitting down on the chair,

"Sir, I know I shouldn't ask this and mind my own business but you're very cl


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