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Her Unexpected Billionaire Husband

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"Do you want us to get married?" I asked. "What?!" "Yeah," I said, my expression serious. "You're joking right?" She asked me. "Nope, I'm d*mn serious," I said. "Let's get married." "What's your reason? After all, you look like the type of guy that isn't interested in getting married." She asked. *** David, the notorious playboy, never believed in marriage until he met Anna Danvas, a tough actress who had sworn off love after being betrayed. When David proposes a marriage of convenience to inherit his grandfather's fortune, Anna agrees, thinking it's a purely business arrangement. But as they spend time together, unexpected feelings grow. Now, they must decide whether to let go of their pasts and embrace love, or let fear dictate their future. Will they take a leap of faith and find happiness together, or lose the chance at love fate has given them?

Chapter 1 Propose


"I can't believe Desmond is finally going to propose," Britt said with a dreamy smile. She's my closest friend, the embodiment of a hopeless romantic who's inspired my own romantic dreams. At twenty-four, she witnessed her best friend's seven-year marriage to her true love.

Britt was a renowned figure in the realm of love and relationships, known for her books, podcasts, and YouTube channel as a relationship expert. Our friendship blossomed when she came to Italy for an exchange program, and we became inseparable from day one.

"He technically hasn't proposed," I said with a sigh. "It's been a week, and he hasn't popped the question. Britt, do you think he will propose?"

As much as I wanted to play it cool about when he might propose, I couldn't shake off my restlessness. I didn't want to burden my best friend with my habit of stressing out, but sometimes it was hard to contain.

Let's not forget that I may not be a millionaire in the conventional sense, but I'm a self-made millionaire in my own right!

"He has to propose!" Britt declared, her eyes hinting at some mischief. "Once he utters those four words, we're going wedding dress shopping. You'll drag him to the altar and marry the hell out of him!"

I tried to put on a smile to brush off Britt's playful threat, but deep down, a sense of worry gnawed at me. What was wrong with me? I couldn't quite figure it out.

We tried on several dresses, but none seemed to be the perfect fit. The luxurious brand's wedding dresses were every celebrity's dream, and I couldn't help but admire their beauty.

As I looked around for a third person's opinion, I realized that Maria, our other best friend and my agent, was missing. Maria meant a lot to me; she was not just a close friend but also my guiding force in the entertainment industry.

At seventeen, I took a leap of faith and left home to pursue my dreams in the film industry, thanks to Britt's encouragement during her exchange program in France. The journey to success wasn't easy, but I persevered for six years, embracing every opportunity that came my way.

I am Anna Danvas, the most recognized villainess in the film industry. My first role as an unlikable character in a Disney movie at seventeen had left a lasting impression on viewers, making me a widely despised villainess.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I am the most hated villain in the entire film industry.

"Anna, you have to see this!" Maria rushed into the waiting room where Britt and I were sitting. "But promise me you'll remain calm. We're in public, and you can't afford to lose your temper."

I mustered a smile, though my inner circle often called me Anna B, recognizing the need to keep my emotions in check. I refused to react to the constant criticism that labeled me as the "bully" of their favorite heroines in movies. After all, it was just the role I played.

Once more, I promised myself not to react, even if netizens were speculating about my boyfriend's mysterious companion.

As my eyes scanned the headlines, the color drained from my face, and my heart skipped a beat. I struggled to comprehend the meaning of the words before me.

"Desmond Lake to marry heiress Caroline Blake," I read the headline, and I was certain my eyes weren't deceiving me again.

"This is a false article," Britt said, seemingly unfazed. "He's a public figure, and they post all sorts of rumors about him all the time. People are merely assuming the identity of the woman he's going to propose to."

I tried to force a smile, but then Maria showed me another picture. There was Desmond on his knees, slipping a ring onto a girl's finger. The girl who wasn't me.

I had believed that ring was meant for me, thinking he wanted to surprise me. But it was all a cruel deception. I had been betrayed and fooled.

That day, my dreams of marriage and love shattered forever, and I knew I would never be able to fall in love again. After giving everything to a man I had loved for three years, I felt hollow and empty.

There was no love left in me to give anyone.

When Desmond broke my heart, dreams, and soul, I understood how cruel love could be. It wasn't his fault; it was love's fault. If only I hadn't fallen for him. If only I had seen his true face. If only I had protected my heart and soul...

Chapter 2 The Wedding of the Century


Days passed as they always do, and life moved on. Without Desmond, I didn't crumble.

When he left me without a reason or a word, I thought maybe I wouldn't be able to survive this heartache, but I did. I surprised myself by handling it so well.

Today, I was on the set of the movie I had recently signed. It had been a busy day with back-to-back scenes since the morning. Currently, I was resting with my eyes closed while the makeup artist applied makeup for a new scene requiring a change in makeup and costume.

Then, out of the blue, I overheard gossip about Desmond getting married to Caroline on Valentine's Day.

"It's so romantic to marry the one you love on Valentine's Day. He will never forget their wedding anniversary," someone commented.

I couldn't help but think that he was indeed good with dates. He remembered all our special moments, from anniversaries to birthdays, and even my family's birthdays.

But it made me wonder how ma


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