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Her submissive

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“You dare not c*m fireman” my lady said as she licked my hard shaft with the vibrating rings still on, i hate it when i am commanded to do this, i can’t control my body, and she knows this arrg, f*ck!I can't bear this anymore! Martin's famous p*rn star gets hired by Sinclair to become a submissive for a year. This becomes intriguing for him, as all his years of being in the p*rn industry, he had always been on the dominant side and never has he been commanded by a woman. What happens when life happens in their relationship?, as love slowly blossoms in their heart, but there is more to their relationship, than just paper work.

Sex contract

I stared at the lady before me, she was smiling from ear to ear, this deal she proposed is more of an advantage to me than it will ever be to her.

I had just finished the last p*rn video, and d*mn her *ss was f*ck*ng tights, i feel so massaged already, i knew my c*ck is a deal bringer.

And looking at the middle aged lady, her wrinkles were s*xy as f*ck, her lips looked firm enough for a good blow job, the way her fingers held her million dollar bags means she got a firm grip too.

“ Sure thing Sinclair, I will be your submissive for a year. That's all, what's in it for me?” I said, I could see her smiling like she just won a lottery. Yeah, the d*ck is talking.

“ 25 million dollars” she said, making my eye pop,that's a f*ck*ng great offer, I could do more than a lot with that money.

Maybe it's a dream, it got dark way too fast, d*mn, her face got covered by mega’s *ss,

“ Hey move” I commanded, she smiles rubbing her saliva on her *ss. We had just had s*x and the smile on her face shows she wants more.

She smiles lustfully, at me, then down at my slightly saggy c*ck, slowly biting her lips, d*mn she is naughty, “video up in ten” i said, she whined a little ,so impatient, but each time i try apprehending her, for her naughty, naughty deeds, my c*ck gives me an alternative.

“Video up in five” i say, she pout, it's just f*ck*ng five minutes. What more do you want, “Blow job?” i followed her lips, she smiled, she's a s*x addict,always down for a quick f*ck, that's why I love her, she's mine.

But right now, i want this cash, “down” I command, in a jiffy she was on her knees.

Her lips placed kisses on my c*ck, maybe I could get enough time to make my deal. Sinclair had been watching all this while, and I know she was uncomfortable by the scene  before her. The look on her face tells me she can't wait to get out.

But rules are rules, as long as I am naked, they are free to toy with my c*ck, and d*mn it feels so good, i moves my waist upwards, to go deeper in her mouth, she's a f*ck*ng expert.

My hands located her hair, as i helped her move without much effort. D*mn, I will miss her smart fuckable mouth.

“ so back to what we were saying__fuck slow down mami, i don't want to c*m now.”

“ i agree to be your submissive for a year, for the amount you just offered.”

“ If you agree, then we would come to terms, you won't have anything to do with another woman, and you would leave with me,” she said.

I expected that she looks bossy, and d*mn hot, a hot boss b*tch, having s*x with a bad dominant female, will add this to my achievements.

“No problem”

“ But right after my video, my fans are waiting.” I smiled at her and she beamed back. I relaxed back on my chair as Mega s*ck*d the hell out of my d*ck.

She's good, i took a glimpse at Sinclair, she's lost at the sight before her, but her pride wouldn't let her have some of this good stuff in a house like this,

Well she can  have all this good stuff for a year. I dig my hands in Mega'shair again, her  mouth moist filled with pre-c*m and saliva, d*mn i miss this already, i deep her head in my c*ck, she swallows it till i can feel the back of her throat.

“Faster” she s*ck*d and I thrust my c*ck in her mouth, making her choke, but she smiled back at me, her mascara slowly melting away with her tears of pleasure.

She goes deep, and then does that throat thing she does with the head of my c*ck, and i climax in her mouth. F*ck that was hard, i could feel my head lighter as I filled her mouth.

‘“Good job Mega",she smiles back at me, my hands find her wet and naturally lubricated p*ssy, she was full of those, my hands rub her c*nt and she  moans slightly, “ video up in ten minutes”, I said to her, she smiles back at me, i love women with low words, they are the prettiest.

My eyes  back at Sinclair, she was still seated on my slightly torn couch, “ anything else?” i ask, she flicks a sheet of paper at me, “ i won't sign them now, till i f*ck that lady who just gave me a blow job, do you mind waiting?” I said politely.

She  scoffed but i won't sacrifice my orgasm for a sheet of paper. "Wait” I said before standing, I need to prepare". I stood from the chair and walked into my room, mega was kneeing when i came in, her eyes still red with hickeys,bringing a smug smile on my face.

I look at John, he was behind the camera, i had promised him a good threesome with my hottest girls, if he could shoot ten videos, and now he might have mega, there's  no other person i could hand her over to that might satisfy  her undying sexual urge.

“ Two minutes to go,” he announced,

“Sure thing bro, do you mind f*ck*ng this piece of art with me?  I asked, he was dumbfounded,

“Sure?”Now he was stunned. “ Yes, “ I beamed at him. He pulled his boxes and pants in a go and I could see his erection.

Having  to stay behind the camera is quite hard, when all you can hear are moaning and banging noises, Mega gives me a questioning look and i smile back at her, his c*ck is big, not as big and endowed as mine, but could give a mind blowing orgasm.

“Have a taste of the mouth, i will take her *ss”, I say to him, he grinned stupidly like a child  offered lollipop. Mega whined, but soon she was vacuuming his c*ck like a lollipop, he was rough with her, thrusting his c*ck in her mouth, which makes her p*ssy wetter, she likes it when I show her no mercy

"Time to dive into the ocean Mami" Mega wasn't a newbie who loved slow and romantic s*x. She loves hard core, and having her holes  filled with dicks was her greatest fantasy .

Her p*ssy was so wet feeling it against the head of my c*ck send goosebumps all over my body, nothing is more sweeter than a well lubricated c*nt


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