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Her Enigmatic Bidder: Savior Or Villain?

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The story follows the unfortunate kidnapping of a young woman named Sabrina, who finds herself trapped in a dark world of prostitution. She becomes the object of bidding, with potential buyers vying for ownership of her. Eventually, a mysterious figure wins the auction and takes her away. Filled with fear and uncertainty, Sabrina's path intersects with a man named Sebastian. Despite her initial reluctance, she agrees to pose as his fiancée in front of his father, grateful for his role in her escape from the sordid world she was thrust into. As their connection deepens, secrets begin to unravel, including the introduction of a mysterious character known as "Phoenix," who instills fear in Sabrina through another kidnapping. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Sebastian suffers from a split personality disorder, with Phoenix representing his alter ego. This disorder stems from a tragic event that occurred when Sebastian was just four years old, resulting in the loss of his mother. Throughout his life, Sebastian's father played a vital role in helping him overcome the challenges posed by his condition, fostering his strength and resilience. As Sabrina and Sebastian's bond grows stronger, they face numerous trials and conflicts. However, their love and determination to overcome their respective pasts prevail. The story concludes on a hopeful and happy note, as they triumph over their adversities and find solace in each other's arms.


In the vibrant heart of London, a spirited young woman named Sabrina thrived in her life, finding solace and purpose within the walls of a quaint café. It was a place where she could immerse herself in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the warmth of human connection. Within those comforting confines, she discovered joy and contentment, her dreams taking shape amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

But fate, with its unpredictable twists and turns, had a different plan in store for Sabrina. One fateful night, as the moon cast an eerie glow upon the streets, she embarked on her usual journey home, oblivious to the lurking shadows that concealed a sinister presence. Unbeknownst to her, the harmony she cherished was about to unravel, forever altering the course of her life.

In an instant, the darkness swallowed her whole, as she became the unfortunate prey of a menacing force. With ruthless efficiency, they snatched her away, forcibly severing the threads that bound her to the life she held dear. The familiar sights and sounds of her beloved city vanished, replaced by an unsettling and disorienting reality.

As Sabrina's eyes fluttered open, the harsh reality of her captivity enveloped her senses. Bound tightly to a cold and unforgiving pole, she found herself confronted by a haunting tableau of figures. Their predatory gazes mirrored the hunger of vultures, anticipating the anguish and fear that emanated from their helpless captive. In the face of such overwhelming terror, Sabrina's voice trembled, yet she summoned the strength to utter a defiant word, a plea for her stolen freedom: "No..."

Her voice, though quivering, carried a flicker of determination. It was a proclamation of her refusal to succumb to the darkness that sought to engulf her. Deep within, a flame of resilience burned, pushing her to confront the unknown with unwavering courage.


Tears cascaded down her cheeks, staining them with the pain and despair she felt. A profound sense of disgust and filth consumed her being. Throughout her 23 years of life, she had always adorned herself in Western attire, but the garments she wore in that moment barely offered a semblance of modesty.

A deep longing to find solace in the shadows overwhelmed her, yet the cruel restraints of handcuffs rendered her immobile. She stood, vulnerable and exposed, confronted by a sea of a hundred pairs of eyes fixated on her, their hunger palpable. In her heart, a flicker of hope yearned for a miraculous intervention, but she knew all too well that placing faith in her fate would be a grievous mistake.

Overwhelmed by the weight of those lecherous gazes, she tightly shut her eyes, unable to bear the torment any longer. Standing alongside her were thirteen or fourteen other girls, their demeanor surprisingly calm and composed despite the dire circumstances.

She was someone w


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