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Her Brokenhearted Boss

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"I'm gonna shoot you, any last words?" Camille smirked, looking intently at Noel's bleeding arm. "I'm giving you the permission to shoot! Like I said earlier, I'm thirsty for revenge." Noel said, looking her straight in the eyes. "Imagine if Gray hears that you're dead, he will be so heartbroken then it would be an opportunity for me to finally have him all to myself!" Camille laughed hyterically. Noel chuckled sadly. "Karma is a b*tch, Camille." She said simply. "We'll see about that." Camille smirked, took a step back, clutching tightly to the gun, she was ready to pull the trigger. ***** Ever heard of Gray Gerald? He doesn't smile, laugh or take jokes likely. All he does is yell, yell, yell. He is a very handsome and hot 25 year old man with a terrible past that left him heartbroken with a dislike for ladies. But, all that was about to change when he met a very funny and loquacious 22 year old lady, Noella Patterson. A lady he found impossible to fire from his company despite her behaviour. Love came knocking and just as the door was about to be opened, the past jumped in throwing everything into total chaos when the bride who abandoned him on their wedding day came, claiming she wants him back. Will he return to his ex-love or stay and fight with his new found love?

Chapter 1



"Welcome, I'll show you to your table, sir." Maureen smiled, leading another customer to the table. She continued to look out of the restaurant, anticipating Noel's arrival but the lady was nowhere to be found.

She could count how many times Mr. Osborn had asked about her that morning. She sighed and left for the kitchen.

Food Palace a five star restaurant specializing in all kinds of delicacies. Spanish foods, Italian dishes, sea food, french food and many more. This has made it successful because most rich and influential men came there for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Thus, it was busy all the time.

Their Manager who was also the owner of the restaurant, Mr Osborn a no nonsense and disciplined man who doesn't tolerate untidiness, lateness and lukewarm attitudes. He is married with a kid.

He kept checking his wristwatch. It was 7:30am and Noel wasn't at work yet. He sighed then saw her running in.

"Good morning sir." She curtsied and smiled sheepishly.

She was a beautiful girl with an unusual personality. Coming late to work and lying her way out was her thing. Scarlett, her best friend had woken her up early but the lazy *ss still came late to work.

"Why are you late?" Mr Osborn asked.

"It was traffic sir" She lied smoothly.

Yeah, she was good at that.


"Yes sir. You know it's morning and people are rushing off to work. Today is Monday and the road was filled with vehicles like motorcycle, motorbikes, Range Rovers, Benz, Lamborghini_"

"Shut up," He cut her off "I asked you a simple question and you are giving me names of the vehicles you saw on the road. You've been coming late since you started working here a week ago and I won't tolerate that anymore. It shouldn't repeat itself again you hear me?"

"Yes sir. I'm sorry sir."

"Better for you. You're going to be the one to serve Mr Gray Gerald lunch today. Don't mess up." He ordered

"I won't sir" She smiled

"Now get to work!"

"Thank you." She scurried to her post and met her fellow worker .

"Late again?" Maureen asked.

"Yes my sister. When did you come?" Noel asked.

"I came since 6:00am and we've served a few business men." Maureen replied.

"Wow. You're an early bird."

"You can be an early bird too Noel." Maureen said.

"No way. I can't afford to loose my precious sleep." Noel said and Maureen laughed.



The building was a huge one with amazing interior and exterior decor. The office halls buzzed with employees going about their daily activities. Others were seated with eyes fixed on their laptops.

Suddenly they felt a chill and knew the boss was in the building. They all stood up and bowed to welcome him. He only nodded with a straight face and proceeded to the elevator that normally takes him to his office. He was the only person that used that particular elevator.

His assistant hurried to the ones the employees use and took it up to the office. She made sure to be there before him else he would finish her with words.

He finally made it and entered the office while she tagged along. He sat down on his chair and she sat on her own table beside him.

He wanted it that way cause he didn't trust her a bit.

"Raymond!" He called his secretary and he rushed in immediately.

"Yes Mr Gray." He bowed.

"What is my schedule for today?" He asked.

"Sir, you have a meeting with some business tycoons by 10am. After that, you will be meeting with Mr Jones by 1pm to discuss about some foreign goods. Then, you have lunch by 2pm." He said.

"Cancel my meeting with Mr Jones." He ordered.

"Why sir?" He asked.

"My reasons are best known to me. You have no right to question my decision."

"I'm sorry sir." He bowed.

"Get out of my office!" He snapped and Raymond left.

He turned to his personal assistant and caught her drooling.

"Teresa." He called but she was already lost.

He took a little water from the glass cup on his table and sprinkled it on her.

She gasped.

"What were you looking at?" He asked.

"Um-it was nothing sir. I'm sorry." She pleaded.

"The next time I catch you staring at me again, I will pluck your eyes out." He gave her a deadly look.

"I'm sorry sir."

It's just that she couldn't help it. She has been working with him for a week now but was always distracted by his looks. Sometimes she felt like ruffling his hair and force him to make a cute puppy face. The guy was d*mn handsome!



It was a round table meeting with five of the best business men in California. They all had same motive to why the meeting was taking place. Mr Gray's table was at the front and it was facing the rest.

"So why are we here?" Gray asked.

"Our meeting today concerns your company Mr Gray." A man who was later known as Mr Harry spoke up.

"My company? How if I may ask?"

"Your sales are increasing by 90 percent and you are making a lot of profit. It pains us to know that you turned down a deal by Jennifer's company." Mr Romeo said.

"Not to talk of the immense profit you could make with her as a business partner." Mr Liam added.

"So you all gathered here to scold me or what?" He asked, getting a bit exasperated.

"Seems so." Mr Harry answered.

"You all are well aware I don't do business with women no matter how huge, large or enormous the profits might be. Why don't you take the deal instead? Why call a meeting to scold me?"

"You see Mr Gray, any of us could have taken that deal." Mr Ezra said.

"Then go ahead and take it. What's the meaning of all these nonsense. I am not interested in her deal and that's final. Good day." Gray stood up and left the room.

"He is such a troublemaker." Mr Brown muttered while the rest were fuming. It angered them to know that the opportunity they were looking for was given to Gray and he turned it down.

Just like that!



"Noel,why are you making up?" Maureen asked.

"Don't you know Mr Gray will be here soon?"

"Is that the reason for all these?" Maureen pointed at her face.

"Yes, because I'm his waitress today." Noel said putting on some lip gloss.

Maureen shook her head and walked away.

Minutes later...

Different types and brands of cars drove into the vicinity. Mr Gray came out of one looking so dashing and cute with his assistant always beside him.

They walked into the restaurant and Noel could feel her lungs giving out as she found it hard to breathe.

"Oh my gosh, he's dreamy." She said.

"Yeah. Now control yourself and get to work." Maureen said

Noel breathe in and out before walking over to him and showing him his table.

He sat down.

"What may I offer you sir?" She asked giving him the menu.

He collected and went through it.

"I'll have rice and tomatoe sauce with an orange juice." He said without bothering to look at her.

"Okay sir. I will be right back with your order." She left to the kitchen and met Maureen then gave her the order she wrote.

"Nice choice he's got there." Maureen smiled.

"Yeah and he didn't even glance at me." Noel pouted.

"Is he here to see you?" Maureen asked.

"No but at least he should have looked to see how beautiful I am."

Maureen laughed.

"You're such a clown. Go give him his food and don't try anything stupid. He is our best customer."

"Fine." She rolled her eyes and took the food to him.

"Here is your order sir." She dropped the food but water mistakenly splashed on him.

"What the hell?" He said.

"I'm sorry sir. It was a mistake." She said.

He ignored her as he wiped himself with a towel.

He glanced at the tomato sauce.

"Hope there is no garlic in the sauce? I'm allergic to garlic." He said.

Noel thought for a while.

"I'm not sure sir."

"You're not sure? Aren't you the one that cooked this food?"

"No I'm not the one but let me check if there's garlic." She dipped her hand in the sauce and licked it.

Gray's assistant opened her mouth in shock.

This lady was in soup. Who gave her the guts to touch his food?

Noel didn't stop there. She took a meat and bit off a little from it then licked her hand.

"There is no garlic in it sir. I have helped you to taste it. The sauce is delicious too and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it" She smiled brightly and continued licking her hand.

Gray looked up to see her face for once

"Where did this psycho come from?"

Chapter 2

"What's the meaning of what you just did?" Gray yelled.

"You said you were allergic to garlic and we didn't know if garlic was in the food so I decided to help you taste it to know if the garlic is there or not. I confirmed that it wasn't there so what is wrong with what I did? I only helped you." Noel explained in one breathe.

"Is this how to help someone?" He yelled again and Maureen rushed out.

"What have you done?" She asked Noel.

"He asked if there was any garlic in the food, So, I helped him checked, now he is complaining."

"How did you help him check?" Maureen asked.

"I tasted the food and the meat to make sure there was no garlic." Noel said.

Maureen face palmed.

"I am really sorry sir. Accept our sincere apologies. Let me give you a new set to eat." Maureen pleaded.

"I've lost my appetite." He stood up.



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