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My INK brings to life a WORLD where I'm in CONTROL; where I DRIVE the FORCE of NATURE. Welcome To My World. Purple Ink💜


Her Brokenhearted Boss
  • Author: Purple_Ink
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
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"I'm gonna shoot you, any last words?" Camille smirked, looking intently at Noel's bleeding arm. "I'm giving you the permission to shoot! Like I said earlier, I'm thirsty for revenge." Noel said, looking her straight in the eyes. "Imagine if Gray hears that you're dead, he will be so heartbroken then it would be an opportunity for me to finally have him all to myself!" Camille laughed hyterically. Noel chuckled sadly. "Karma is a bitch, Camille." She said simply. "We'll see about that." Camille smirked, took a step back, clutching tightly to the gun, she was ready to pull the trigger. ***** Ever heard of Gray Gerald? He doesn't smile, laugh or take jokes likely. All he does is yell, yell, yell. He is a very handsome and hot 25 year old man with a terrible past that left him heartbroken with a dislike for ladies. But, all that was about to change when he met a very funny and loquacious 22 year old lady, Noella Patterson. A lady he found impossible to fire from his company despite her behaviour. Love came knocking and just as the door was about to be opened, the past jumped in throwing everything into total chaos when the bride who abandoned him on their wedding day came, claiming she wants him back. Will he return to his ex-love or stay and fight with his new found love?

The Betrayed Luna's Revenge
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“Death is too lenient if I am to pay you back for what you did to me. I won't kill you, instead, I will make you seek for death; a death you will never find!” **** Revenge! That was all she wanted; that was the only thing that could help her heal from the heartbreak, inflicted on her by her so-called fiancé and self – acclaimed bestie. And that revenge would be served cold. Elora Whitlock's life took an unexpected twist when the two people she loved most in her life betrayed her in the most dreaded way possible. Treated unfairly and killed by the people she regarded as family, she is given a second chance at life and is taken 2 years back in time to when it all happened. She isn't ready to waste this chance because now she knows everything and she is going to make sure they all paid for what they had done. But what happens when she finds love in someone she never expected, especially when it was someone she had hurt in her past life? Will she find love or be consumed by her quest for revenge?


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