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My INK brings to life a WORLD where I'm in CONTROL; where I DRIVE the FORCE of NATURE. Welcome To My World. Purple Ink💜


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BOOK 1 — Forbidden Love Series * “Loving me will only put you in danger. Please let me go. We won't work out anyway.” She stepped away from him, tears gathering in her eyes. “No, we can make it work. You're the one I want. I can't lose you.” “I'm forbidden from loving you, Dominic. It's a cruel fate I'm forced to accept. Don't make things hard for me anymore. Let's end this.” Dominic shook his head. There was no way he was letting her go. “Do you love me?” She fidgets. “Selene, do you love me?” He asked, his voice firm. “Yes, I love you, but-” “That's all I need to hear. As far as you love me, I will do whatever it takes to keep you by my side. I don't f*ck*ng care about what other people say. YOU ARE MINE and there are no two ways about it!” ******** The moon goddess mistakenly gets her powers s*ck*d into a newborn pup, and the only way for her to get it back was to go to earth after he's grown, make him fall in love with her, take her powers and return to the realm, but her plan backfired when she got to Earth and discovered he was her FATED MATE. Weird, right? She gives werewolves their MATES. How in the world did she get a MATE? At first, she thought it was her powers malfunctioning, but as time went on, she realized it was real. She is determined to fulfill her mission and return, but she can't resist the matebond. Giving in to the desires was dangerous. It was forbidden, yet she was unable to resist that delicious pleasure. After all, forbidden fruits were the sweetest, and she was desperate to have a taste.


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