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Her billionaire lover's enemies

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He is everyone’s special, Mr. Brainy, CEO of his father's multi-millionaire company. Bryan Vanguard, a powerful, wealthy, and handsome young man, has always mesmerized people with one of his prominent, entrancing features: his roving blue eyes. He had it all—the looks, the brain, the wealth, and a good heart—yet didn't have peace. Eva stole his heart because she was peace to him. The source of his peace became the reason for his pain. Henry, Bryan's brother, became obsessed with Eva, vowing to do all he could to have her, even if it meant taking Bryan far away from her. Why would it always be Bryan getting the good things? Henry was furious. The position, the beauty—he wouldn't let that happen. Will Bryan and Eva ever have a happy ending, or will Henry make good on his threats? Will Bryan have to give up his love, or will he fight his brother? Find out.

Chapter 1

Widow cries


Who can heal the family in its toiling darkness?

It was so insidious to be jealous; the strange voice brought it out. The heart has been broken into pieces.

The two brothers have conceded the fact that they are a burden to their brother; indeed, the family is toiling in darkness.

Cat called in a strange voice. It could be a miracle from heaven. The image is devoid of warmth and the feeling of love.

Death yelled it out.

Do you believe in life after death?

Fred was infused with sadness after realizing that life would be imponderable for his mother after his death.

A strange voice could voice it out with lots of curiosity.

"Do you believe in life after death?" Still paranoid after breaking into space, Fred indignantly appeared to the world without a drift of mind with a reason to avenge his death and that of his father. So many thought the strange voice could protest that a child who dies in pain is likely to cry aloud in the midnight hours.





The weather became so blustery and the rain was dripping so heavily during break hours that no student was seen outside.

"It’s recognition day, and the rain wouldn’t stop for me to know my fate," the students were so worried about the results of recognition that they were shaken up, while some swallowed up and some felt so highly of themselves.

"Hey guys, I’ll be awarded as the best student of the year," Duke announced to the class, having a bonding gaze with his brother Bryan, who shied away from his gaze and clutched his two hands together. Duke hadn’t received an award before and wondered how it felt to be announced as the most intelligent student. It was really a disgrace for him to be in the same class as his younger brother,

He keeps failing exams and repeating classes.

"You are such a waste." His father retorted angrily:

Seeing that he doesn’t do well, it p*ss*d him off.

Today he is highly expected of himself for being the awarded student of the year.

The students burst into laughter because they all knew how poor he is with education.

"Mr. Book Worn, we see your seriousness this period," one mocked him. The students couldn’t hold it and laughed.

Bryan felt so bad for his senior brother. What was he trying to prove? But still, he doesn’t want his mind to go there. As he remained fixated on the results, he was very quick-witted and alert; he was nicknamed "Mr. Brainy." He had a seen-rover blue eye, which got all the girls in the school melting for him.

his aquiline nose, and sported his prominent cheekbone. People have remarked that his best feature was entrancing; his roving blue eyes could shine as bright as the evening star when they were light with joy.

He is everyone’s "Mr. Handsome and Brainy."

The rain stopped squalling, and the weather became blustery.

The buzzing bell made some students be filled with ripples of fear, while others were filled with ego and pride that their money can buy anything for them, so not being called out for any award wouldn’t shock them, so they all went to the assembly hall.

Waiting for the school principal to arrive, he had a dashing personality and was comical, which had some students' hearts thumping so fast as they held their hands in the air.

"What will be expected of me if I don’t make it this year?" "My parents will kill me," one student nibbled to herself.

Mr. Jonah stood in front of them as he cleared his throat. He is in his early fifties but just looks like he is in his twenties. He had made every woman have a crush on him.

"I’m delighted to see that we all try our best in his summer," he says with a heavy smile.

"OMG, he is so handsome," a female student blurted out. "She is melting now with his flashing smile."

"Today is our recognition. "I will be calling out our best student of the year as we present them with our gift for doing well this period, but some of you really performed badly this summer.” He was ratted, making some students' hearts race faster. His voice rose shrilly after scruntizing the paper he had in his hand to call out the best award recipients for the year.

"I had four pupils. That is to be awarded today. I’m always impressed with our one and only Mr. Brainy." Indeed, he is famous. The students chorused his name. Who doesn’t know Mr. Brainy is a new student?

Bryan has his eyes shut and his hands clutched together on hearing "Mr. Brainy." It was so loud that he felt that they would lift him up and sparkle him with flowers like a celebrity of the Brainstorm International School.

"Mr. Brainy is indeed the brightest student we have in this school. He has never missed an award in any year, and we will love to have him here for the first best awarding student of the year." His heart skipped a beat as the students clapped their hands.

"Mr. Brainy," they hail him.

He came up to the stage, blushing as he took the microphone from the principal.

"Oh my God, he is so handsome." "Come with me, my love," one of the students says.

His brothers fumbled with anger, seeing all the admiration he does get from school, and at home it’s p*ss*d them off.

"This award will always be dear to me." He paused and sighed heavily.

“It will always remind me of how I always stay up all night to make sure that I yield something from my learning. Moreover, this award will motivate me to achieve more success in the future, and I wish you all luck," he said as his gift was handed over to him.

"Congratulations on your incredible success, Mr. Brainy," the principal said, shaking his hand, and he took a shot with him.

Chapter 2

"You two are so disgusting you can’t work your way out, you dummies." Mr. Charles was so vexatious seeing how poorly they had performed this year. There has been no improvement at all; it’s just like other years. "I’m irritated by your sight," he said.

He threw their report papers on the floor.

"If you want to enjoy all the luxury in this life, you must work hard." He gave them a hunting look.

They were horrified to see him acting that way towards them.

Mr. Charles has been the only one who has bred them till now, since his wife died after giving birth to Bryan. She had severe bleeding. Her loss is a great pain for him.

His face is growing wrinkled because of his two sons, who are causing him nothing but pain.

His gaze fell on Bryan, who was cowering in a corner and watching at them. He wasn’t looking happy. Mr. Charles reached out to him and hugged him as he patted his back.

 "I’m proud of you my son you are the cornerstone to your father "


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