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Healing Hearts: A Nurse's Romance With Arrogant Billionaire

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The top nurse in New York, Elizabeth Benson, is requested to move and take a full-time job for Ace, a young multimillionaire. Ace Smith is a haughty and unyielding patient who just happened to survive a plane crash that injured his face, which is currently covered in bandages. His personal issues are weighing heavily on him. Will Elizabeth, however, make things better for him or cause him more harm? A story of 2 broken characters who have to face life itself. Warning: Mature Content and Language

Chapter 1

Liz, you have been selected by the hospital as one of our best nurses to move to a patient's house and work full-time there. You will be paid five times more than you currently make, and they offer excellent compensation. It's a fantastic opportunity, but you'll need to be there all the time, and leaving can be challenging. I cut my manager Trisha off and said, "I'll take it."

To be honest, my life is rather uninteresting. I get out of bed, force myself to take a fast shower, change into my scrubs, turn off my blaring alarm clock, and head out the door to the hospital every morning. I work there for what seems like an eternity before returning home to sleep and starting the process anew.

Although I didn't have an adventurous life, I enjoyed my work as a nurse. Assisting those in need has always been a pleasure of mine. There are moments when I think it's because I've spent my entire life caring for others. I was responsible for looking after my mother and younger sister when I was around thirteen. My mother was afflicted with lung cancer, and my father departed after my younger sister was born. I never got to know him well. I had to get used to it even if it wasn't easy. When my mother died when I was eighteen, I was left to care for my sister by myself.

I work at a Manhattan hospital and currently reside alone in New York. At the age of 21, my sister was married and moved back to Seattle to live with her new spouse. We didn't talk much anymore, which is why I moved out of town and started my nursing degree.

I accept the new job offer without hesitation once Trisha tells me about it. To be honest, I have no one to worry about here in New York. There is no one for me to be concerned about or leave behind. Because rent is so expensive, I would never say no to the opportunity to work for a decent wage and live for free.

Are you certain you don't want to give it some thought first? "Trisha, I'll take the job. There's no need to rush," she says to me. I affirm, "I don't need time. Okay, then. You begin tomorrow, return home, and gather your belongings. You won't have to worry about them because someone else will handle the relocation. She advises me, "Make sure you are ready to go because you will be picked up in the morning by 8 am."

"Wow, I didn't realize the move would happen so quickly," I say to her as I consider everything I need to pack. "If you need time..." She starts to say something, but I stop her "I'll be alright. "It sounds great, 8 am tomorrow," I respond, packing up my belongings to head home. "Before you go, I just wanted to let you know that you will be working for a very well-known businessman." He was seriously hurt in an accident that happened not too long ago. We are asking you because he wanted to recruit the greatest nurse in New York." "Wow, thank you so much for choosing me," Trisha says to me. "It's unbelievable that I'm leaving the hospital," I reply. I have been employed at the hospital for three years, and I am currently 23 years old. I get recognized by the hospital as the top nurse every year. I take good care of my patients and work hard at my job. I try my hardest to see to it that everyone is taken care of.

When I get home, I start packing up my belongings without letting a minute go by. I had hired a furnished flat, so I didn't have to bother about the furniture. I had very little, too—just a few clothes and necessities. I only really went to work and wore scrubs, so I never really went out. For me, packing wasn't a problem.

When I awoke the following morning, I locked up the apartment and left the landlord's key under the mat. I see a limo waiting outside my door as I pack my bag. How come there's a limousine?

"Elizabeth Benson?" the driver asks as she gets out of her car and she approaches me. He queries

"Yes, that's me," I answer, and he lets me through the door so I may enter the limousine.

I still didn't understand why a limousine had come to pick me up. Like I wasn't anticipating a limo, more like an Uber or cab.

The drive is quite quiet. I can assure you that I could hear my heartbeat. It was also an extremely long car ride. I saw that we were moving more outside of the city, into the wealthy neighborhoods. After pulling into a sizable driveway, the driver scans a card to activate the gates. After a few more minutes of driving, he drops us off at a massive mansion. I was stunned.

What on earth is this?

As soon as the door opens and I get out of the limousine, someone approaches me and takes my bags.

"Hello, Miss Elizabeth, this is Doctor Patrick," a young man greets me with a handshake.

He appeared to be a few years older than me, but not by much. He leads me inside the residence and keeps chatting to me, saying, "I'm Mr. Smith's physician. Most of the time, I'm here. But occasionally, I have to take care of other patients, which is where you come in.

When Mr. Smith's plane crashed while he was flying, he suffered serious injuries. He suffered serious burns, fractured several ribs, and facial injuries. He requires someone to take care of him full-time. I would like to inform you that he is not himself and has also been under a great deal of stress lately. He might say offensive things or behave rudely." The doctor responds, "Don't worry Dr. Patrick, I'm used to dealing with patients that have been in accidents before" "Excellent," I respond. We decided to employ the top nurse in New York for this reason." "Mr. Smith is still sleeping at the moment," he says. The doctor says, "I'll show you to your room so you can get ready before seeing him."

He shows me to my new room, and I have to admit—this place is enormous! What the hell, my room had a living room and fireplace.

I recline on my new bed while the doctor departs. How cozy that was, oh!

Everything has been going well thus far. All I can hope is that Mr. Smith won't be too much to handle when we meet.

Chapter 2

I chose not to unpack my bag just yet. What if things didn't go as planned since I had just arrived? I won't have to pack again, at least.

A knock on my door was heard just after I had changed into my scrubs and tied my hair up into a ponytail.

When I open it, Doctor Patrick is there.

Liz, Mr. Smith has awoken and is ready to meet you. "Elizabeth-" "Please, call me Liz," I respond. I disliked people calling me by my full name since it was so long. He says

He opens the door to a private area, and I accompany him downstairs. It feels familiar as soon as I step in. Everything about the room, even the bookcases, and the bed, was hospital-style. It was insane! "Ace can now reside in his upstairs room once more. Nonetheless, this care room will be used for all medical procedures. The doctor gestures to a large closet door and adds, "This closer right here has all the supplies you need."

A man with his back to us is seated on a chair that I can see. He was enj


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