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Hate In An Arranged Marriage

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When Sierra and Zeke promptly find themselves in an arranged marriage to combine the two mafia families in a marriage alliance and both parties are in no way willing, it changes the life trajectory of both of them. Sierra dislikes Zeke for always being around women and flirting around with them. Zeke thinks she is too ordinary and always follows her dad's wishes like a puppet. Both of them are unable to stand each other's differences. To top it all, they have to live together from then on, how will both of them have to live with and accept each other?

Chapter 1

In the Steels mansion...

Sierra Steel was a light skinned girl with a slim but perfect figure. She had a long, black hair which seemed to bloom and complemented her beautiful face


She was a good description of delicate beauty. She had a face that entranced men and eyes so beautiful when they landed on someone. Her lips looked so tempting and red like the Italian cultural wine.

She was dressed like a princess. She wore a blue ball gown which made her blue eyes sparkle and her curly black hair was looking so radiant. She put on black heels to compliment her hair as she held her blue purse.

She was looking so elegant. No one could resist her beauty..she couldn't go anywhere without everyone staring at her.

However, she was a gentle and reserved girl unlike her father. Her father usually said she looked just like her mom.

But Sierra didn't grow up to know her mom. According to what she was told, her mom died after giving birth to her.

Ever since then she had been daddy's little princess. Her father always did everything she wanted and she didn't dare disobey him in return.

That was why she couldn't refuse the marriage.

She was so lost. Getting married to someone she didn't know at all. But she did make her research about him. According to what she heard, he was actually a very good-looking man. But was known to be a total womanizer and play boy.

He had up to 10 girlfriends and to top it all, he was a flirt with guts. And Sierra hated this..

She was looking out her window inhaling the fresh air, and trying to calm herself so she wouldn't get annoyed by this impromptu setup. She was also afraid of ruining her father's plans.

Her father was opening a new company and her fiance, Zeke and his father were invited. Which was to Sierra's displeasure.

Her father thought it would be a good medium for her to bond with Zeke. But, she knew that could never happen. After all, she was sure she wasn't going to fall in love with a flirt..

She was lost in thought and thus, didn't notice when her maid came in.

Her maid tapped her shoulder, jolting her back to reality. Sierra looked back to the maid and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Ma'am, your father has requested to see you. The guests are here." She said in a very respectful tone. It was unsurprising for everyone in the Steel family knew the Steels didn't tolerate disrespect.

"Oh..I lost track of time. Let's go." Sierra muttered as she stood up. Then, she walked out with the maid right behind her.

The hall was looking especially rowdy as there were a lot of people in attendance.

Sierra's gaze scanned the room looking for Zeke. And she spotted him, looking at a girl in the distance with so much lust in his eyes. The girl was actually very beautiful and seductive. She had curves that could make any man swoon.

Sierra scoffed as she muttered, "Such a flirt."

She began to walk down the stairs. Several eyes were on her which made her a little self conscious. But she raised her head high and her her chin was tipped up confidently.

Like the daughter of a strong don she was..

Every step she took was soft and elegant. As soon as she arrived at the foot of the stairs, Zeke stretched a palm out to hold hers.

Sierra hesitated for a moment before eventually reaching out too and grabbed his palm.

"Good day, Sierra," he greeted in a gentle tone as he took her hand in his.

"Good day, Zeke," She replied without even veering her gaze towards him. She was especially indifferent towards him. They walked over to Zeke's father.

"Good day, Mr King." Sierra greeted with elegance.

Mr King really loved Sierra because she was so beautiful and gentle. And, he always called her "his daughter-in-law" which usually annoyed Sierra. According to what he said, her mother was also like that; elegant and reserved.

"Good day my daughter-in-law." Mr King greeted Sierra as usual.

"I trust you are preparing for your wedding with your fiance," he said teasingly.

But, Sierra didn't find it funny.

"Yes." She managed to say with a frown. She had to be welcoming and receiving as the host.

"We were also suggesting you move in with Zeke. So as to strengthen your bond before marriage."

"What?" she exclaimed, totally not expecting his words. She completely forgot they were in public and a lot of gazes were on them.

She turned to her dad with an accusing expression on her face. "But dad, you are aware of this. I've never lived with anyone besides you.."

She was trying to make up an excuse. Sierra was unwilling to live with Zeke. Although she had accepted that they would have to marry, she hadn't accepted Zeke himself.

Especially since he was a man with a lot of women. She didn't like him. So, she wasn't bothered by him having other women.

But what if he was audacious enough to bring them to his home. Where would she put her face then?

Moreover, she wasn't a weakling either. She wouldn't sit around and watch him cuckhold her. So it was most likely she would erupt in fury too.

And, the end result would not be a joke.

It was bad enough she had to see him. But moving in with him would be hell. She wouldn't be able to take it. The pressure and the air in the hall suffocated her.

She pursed her lips as she looked at her father. Then, she she said to them,

"Please excuse me. I need some fresh air."

Without another word, she ran outside as though staying there any longer would kill her.

Chapter 2

Sierra left the bubbly atmosphere in the room where music was being played and everyone was enjoying the party. She stood outside in the patio, away from everyone.

She was so pissed.

"What do they take me for? I already have to marry him against my wish." She complained, "Why do I need to live with him?"

She was really angry that such a suggestion was made. Probably it was because she didn't want to lose control over her decisions. Having accepted her father's offer to marry Zeke, she already lost control over her marriage.

She couldn't afford been led by the nose like that. So she thought of excuses why she couldn't move in with him..

She leaned on the patio and contemplated. Her exams were in two weeks time. And she would have to travel to London to take them. She just had to lie to dad and prolong her stay.

She stayed outside for some time, staring at the beautiful garden..

After she had enough, she


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