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Harem for Revenge

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Seong Taejoon, a man whose goal is to punish someone related to his past, finds that five women have the same goal as him, although for different reasons. The man then marries the five women to bond with them as a family and ease their revenge plans. They all do their part to take revenge but are still related to each other. The one person they all fought against was a woman who was a part of Taejoon's past. With different backgrounds from all of them, will they be able to avenge and punish that person with their respective roles?

Chapter 1

"Tsk, this is crazy. You want to marry 5 women at once?! Do you want to end your life quickly?! Where is a woman who wants to share her husband with another woman?!"

The man sitting casually in an office chair was smoking his cigar. His mullet hair emitted a masculine scent when blown by the cold air conditioner.

"F*ck it, they won't refuse even if I marry them. After all, this marriage is the marriage they want," said the man with the mullet hairstyle.

The 62-year-old middle-aged man gaped in disbelief, already overheard the shocking facts he heard on that sunny, polluted morning. Of course full of pollution, because they are now in the middle of the largest industrial area producing building materials in Asia.

"Don't make me repeat my question, you better explain everything briefly and clearly to me," begged the old man. "I didn't raise you to be an *ssh*l* who likes to play with and demean women. I---"

"Could you be quiet for a minute, old man?!" The handsome man seemed to be angry because he was constantly being scolded by his interlocutor. "I married them because they wanted revenge!"

The old man with the bushy beard didn't understand his son's mindset. Yes, they are both father and son. It can be seen from their brutal and rude attitude, but they are real men who respect women.

"How dare you yell at your father. Tsk, quickly tell me what is meant by the revenge you mentioned earlier. No more than fifteen minutes," said the old man giving orders to his son.






The wedding day arrived, and the mullet-haired man was already standing very handsomely in front of the priest. Today he will marry five women at once, but this marriage will not be broadcast or disseminated. Only the groom, the bride, and a few invited guests are close relatives of the bride and groom.

"Remember, stupid, they will be your companions for life. Don't think this vow is a joke. I'll kill you if you mess with your marriage."

The words full of frightening threats were not uttered by the fathers of the brides but by the grooms' fathers.

"Master Taejoon, are you ready?" asked the priest.

The mullet-haired man named Seong Taejoon, the 28-year-old man today, is faced with a momentous event full of meaning. He promises to be a protector, companion, and someone who loves the women beside him for the rest of Taejoon's life.

"I've never been this prepared before," Taejoon said with a look full of authority.

After the agreement was pronounced in front of the priest, a kiss was carried out to indicate they were bound in a marriage relationship. Taejoon now has five wives. It's a silly thing, but that's Taejoon's life. This man didn't take advantage of it either, though people who knew about it would think that Taejoon was the one who took advantage and forced the women to marry him.

"All of you have become the wife of a man who is my biological son, I hope you can accept his ridiculous behavior," Taejoon's father said. "I'm not forcing you to understand Taejoon's situation, if Taejoon makes a mistake then just report it to me. I will punch him in the face for his irresponsible actions."

The five women looked at their father-in-law with happy eyes, they were also moved because today they had been married to a man who was educated about the meaning of responsibility. The five of them are sure that Taejoon is the right choice.

Although, they and Taejoon both know that marriage is not based on love.

After the event was over, Taejoon and his five wives entered the bridal room. Their bedroom had been specially prepared for all of them. The bedroom was very spacious, and the mattress in the room was also very spacious. Very fitting for all of them who want to have s*x together.

"Gosh, I didn't expect to marry five women at once," Taejoon muttered very quietly. "This will be troublesome."

Unlike what people imagine when hearing about this marriage, Taejoon actually faced a big problem when marrying these five women at once.


"We've had enough pleasantries. Tell me a map of the area immediately, wasting a day is like throwing 10 million dollars into a fire," said a woman with an athletic body, very s*xy, her butt was very prominent.

"You're right Liana. We have to make the best use of this time. All my colleagues will definitely smell suspicious after more than three weeks. I don't want them to interfere before we have a mature plan," said a woman who looked very dignified, her appearance this woman is exactly like an independent and decisive board member.

"D*mn it, I forgot that today there is an entry of new raw materials for my product," said a woman with bright hair.

"Stop talking about your illegal business, Alyosha. As a mafia, you must have an assistant, right?" said a slender woman with gorgeous eyes.

"I'm not talking to you, pathetic model," said the woman named Alyosha.

"That's enough! It's the first day of our marriage. I know our lives aren't normal, nor do I ask for a normal marriage like others. It's just... I want to sleep."


The woman who cut off the words of the other women then threw her body on the bed. Maybe among the many brides that Taejoon married, this woman is the one who is quite sensitive to fatigue.

Taejoon was silent, he didn't want to interrupt the commotion made by his wives. He was sure that if he reprimanded them all, surely he would only get scolding from them all. Especially the mighty women who are used to dominating in anything.

"I'll sleep in the next room," Taejoon said. He cut off the conversation of the wives a little.

This handsome taekwondo expert chose to sleep in another room to find peace. Rooming with chatty women like them will only make Taejoon uneasy.


Taejoon was just about to step away from there, suddenly there was one long foot blocking Taejoon from crossing the wall. Even his heels were almost stuck because the foot was stomping hard on the wall beside Taejoon.

"Where are you going? How dare you marry us but don't satisfy us," said the athletic woman named Liana.

"Hey, I'm sure you guys are tired from doing wedding receptions all day long. So, get some rest tonight," Taejoon said with a smirk.

Another woman named Alyosha then approached Taejoon too, she blushed shyly. "Hey b*st*rd. I'm not thirsty for pleasure, but I think what Liana said is true. You have to prove that we've married the right man."

Taejoon was then dragged onto the bed, facing the five women with great s*x desires for the night.

Chapter 2

"How do you feel, mighty man?"

Taejoon almost spat out the bread that was in his mouth. The father was already well dressed and probably ready to go somewhere.

"You surprised me. Why don't you appear before me normally?" Taejoon protested annoyed.

"Oh, I just wanted to say hello to you, rebellious child. I was quite amused to hear you scream all night because you had to serve five women at once all night," Taejoon's father said mocking his son.

"Stupid, that's embarrassing. Don't say something like that. By the way, why do you want to hurry up? Are you uncomfortable that there are so many women here?" Taejoon asked.

Taejoon's father dismissed his son's words. "Tsk, if my reason was because of women, then I wouldn't have three female secretaries. I'm in a hurry because I'm taking care of my clients. Haha, old but still busy. Hurry up and take my whole company so I


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