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give me a piece of you

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The plot: Beginning: It all begins with Cronos being woken up by his aunt, who has taken care of him after the death of his parents, we are given to understand that he has not left the house for a long time and that now his aunt forces him because I left the past back and do something with his life, Cronos gets upset but nevertheless pays attention to him, all in order not to continue arguing, he explains how difficult it is to please his aunt, because it seems that it is not enough for him that he is the one who contributes the money in the house . When leaving, he meets some girls from his school who whisper things about him, before arriving at school and seeing those girls seen, he realizes that he was not wearing the uniform, he began to debate what he would do to conclude that possibly the director would let it pass without any problem. Upon arriving at school, he is detained by the guard who explains that he cannot entering without a uniform, Cronos asks to speak to the director who gives him a spare uniform, which ends up being too short for him. In his first class of the day he is mesmerized by the beauty of Noah, who rather catches his attention for his attitude, at the end of the class Cronos decides to talk to him but she is very defensive with him, he begs her to accompany him to a more solitary place and she accepts to get rid of him without further ado, there he declares what causes her to laugh thinking about how stupid he is, they end up talking things over, Noah explains that it can't be anything from a stranger and Cronos replies that everyone starts out as strangers, she laughs and asks for at least some time to think about it, he accepts and stays there in the swimming field, hoping that the answer he takes is a yes. Development: After everything that happens on the first day, Noah continues not to take Cronos' words seriously, postponing his answer every time he can, until he ends up coming home one morning, proposing that he take her to class, Noah Annoyed and yells at Cronos that if he continues to be so weird he will seek a restraining order, she begins to avoid him while Cronos tries to subtly get into her life in order to help her and make her understand that although her love may not seem true, it is one one of the most real loves that she will know, he shares a little of his story with her because Noah never wanted to make their relationship tense, that's why he never investigated on his own. Climax: Noah decides to tell Cronos the truth about why she can't be with him and because she is abused by her stepfather, Cronos is devastated and tries to get Noah and his mother out of that house but this ends in a bigger problem because Noah He gets upset when he feels that Cronos does it out of mere pity, accepting his help for not having any other solution, he begs her to forgive him but Noah decides to distance himself by making his life apart, trying to create a relationship with another boy. Cronos for his part is killed by the press who already know that he has flown to the real world, harass him with questions regarding the death of his parents, he falls into depression again, entering his house, where he fights with his aunt and his cousins. Ending: In the end both meet again, one day before the start of the classes, the two realize that they are studying together again, Cronos confesses his love for Noah again and he accepts without any regret, wanting to share his misfortunes but also his happiness. Main conflicts: Noah's insecurity before herself does not allow her to believe that the love Cronos feels for her is true, which causes her to distance herself. Cronos' problem with his past and how at first he only sees Noah as an escape from all this but then he realizes that he actually likes her enough to make a life together. Noah's stepfather who abuses her, threatening to kill her mother. Cronos falling back into depression for feeling that he disappointed himself and his parents because despite the fact that he tried, he felt that he had come to nothing.

Chapter 1


-I ask you to become my wife so that we can share both our misfortunes and our happiness.

She looked at me in surprise, not sure what to say.


*A few hours ago.

-You must go," demanded my Aunt Teresa, who seemed annoyed that I was still living here, in the pigsty she calls home.

-I've already told her that it's not necessary, aunt, I'll finish college online," I answered, getting up without any desire.

I looked at the clock placed on the wooden table in front of my bed.

"It's six in the morning what's wrong with this lady?". I thought frustrated.

-It's not good for you to live like a social misfit, it's not something your parents would have wanted, you've been locked up for a year- She commented sweeping, of course, that's the only way to hide her annoyance.

"My parents would surely have chosen my happiness." But even if I think it makes no difference whether I tell them or not.

-I'm not a misfit aunt, just a hurt boy who prefers to spend what's left of his youth in bed, then I'll figure out what to do with my life," I said while scratching my thick hair.

-I don't agree with that mentality Cronos, you are in my care and you are supposed to do what I think is best for you- He replied speaking so fast that it seemed like his vocal cords would explode.

I stood up looking for an end to our noisy discussion, I took off the hairs that were blocking my vision, I looked at her without encouragement to tell her

-I'll go but at least I ask to be understood, I'm going through a difficult time, so if I don't like it, I'll go back to this bed, you don't need to feed me or take care of me, I'll pay someone to do it" I passed by her in search of clothes but the room was so tiny that two people in it, it's already a crowd.

I have a hard time opening the closet as the door used to bump into the bed.

"Should I consider moving?".

I gave a small sigh, quiet enough not to cause controversy.

-Not everything can be fixed with money Cronos- She commented, I could feel her annoying gaze on the back of my head.

-Since I'm here, you and your children live in a paradise aunt, I don't want to sound rude but I know I'm right" I answered taking out as I could my checkered pants, a beige flannel and a black shirt with white long sleeve stripes.

-If you really believe that, then I pray for the day that you leave with your money to lament somewhere else," she muttered finally showing her repulsive side.

-Finally you say what you really think about me, you should just throw me out of your house, it's not that you need me or that you need my money," I replied leaving the room to enter the bathroom.

-Don't be dramatic Cronos, you are not the only one who is suffering," he said out loud.

-I'm sure that you more than anyone else can understand me," I replied with irony.

I was sure she was not listening to me anymore, maybe she got tired of this quarrel. This used to happen very often, my aunt seems to be tired of having a good for nothing in her house, although I am the one who pays for not only my plate of food but also for hers and her children's, whatever the house or they need I cover it without complaining, and this way she pays me back "What a cruel situation".

I stripped off what I was wearing, I had been wearing the same clothes for about a week, I had lost a few pounds and the hair so long just showed how bad I have had it. I looked at myself with disgust in front of the mirror, I became a disgraceful being to the sight, I went to the shower where the water fell and allowed me to heal, at least for a few seconds.

-Cronos, you don't have all day, Sebastian needs to go to class too," my aunt knocked hard on the door.

I knocked on the wall when I heard her, not even a bath I can enjoy in these gray days.

I covered myself with the cloth and got out of the shower, outside was Sebastian who as always was looking at me in a stubborn way, he passed by me tapping me lightly on my shoulder.

I didn't give him any importance and continued to my room where I started to dry myself.

-It's a good thing I didn't clean up," said my aunt in a low voice, noticing how I had inadvertently wet the floor.

I closed the door already very dismayed, made sure it was locked and took off the cloth completely, leaving me naked.

-D*mn," I exclaimed between my teeth.

I took my underwear out of the drawer, put on the other clothes, combed my hair so that my hair was parted and sprayed some cologne to hide the dead smell I still had on me.

I put my hand under the bed where I took out my old backpack, the notebooks were still in there so I had nothing else to worry about, I looked at the clock again, it was one minute past seven.

I walked over to the window next to my bed to see the hustle and bustle of people already out on the streets, creating the path of their lives.

"What a bummer."

I got ready and left the room.

-Won't you eat anything?" asked Alexander, the only one in this house who was really grateful.

-I doubt if Aunt Teresa has any breakfast prepared for me," I said, stopping in the doorway.

-You can take mine, I've half bitten into it but it's still good," he replied, holding out his plate.

It was a nice gesture on his part but I refused, I didn't want to tell him but I was repulsed.

-Thank you Alexander but you need to eat too, I'll buy something on the way.

- I said and then I raised my hand and said goodbye to him.

Today was a cold day, the clouds covered the sun.

-Maybe I didn't choose the best clothes.

I headed to the nearest bus stop, although I thought about walking, the truth is that it was annoying.

"I need to spend my money on a car."

-Isn't that one?

-I think so, we'd better get out of the way, I don't want him to hear us.

I could hear the murmurs of those two, both were wearing the uniform of my University, at that moment the bus arrived, at the moment of getting on I remembered that my institute has a characteristic uniform, uniform that I didn't carry because I forgot it.

"Why the hell did I wear this?".

I became elated as I realized that detail "I'll have to show up like this".

Along the way I began to regret not having accepted Alexander's sandwich, my tummy was going through cramps that caused me to want to throw myself to the ground.

With nothing I could do, I gave up for dead.

-Where are you going, young man?" the guard asked.

-I'm going to class, like everyone else," I answered with obviousness.

-Dressed like that, I don't think it will be possible," he answered, looking at me sideways.

"How is it possible that, with three people in that house, none of them noticed this mistake?

-I can at least talk to the headmaster, I'm sure I'll be able to reach an agreement with him- I commented firmly.

-That's fine but that will only be a waste of your time young man, I know that curmudgeon," he answered getting up from his chair, "Follow me.

On the way I observed my surroundings, it was uncomfortable to be here, somehow most of the students know me, maybe because they saw me on the news, I was supposed to have moved so I could escape my problems but my past followed me.

I could hear people whispering or maybe it was just my imagination.

-This is it young man," said the kind sir stopping at the principal's office.

-Thank you very much sir, I won't be long," I answered and went inside.

Once inside, the director looked at me with astonishment, getting up from his seat to shake my hand.

-It is an honor to finally have you among the ranks of this university," he mentioned so proudly.

-I am also grateful to be here," I said with a smile painted on my face, "unfortunately as you can see I came without my uniform, it was very silly of me," I said sounding hurt.

Sounding hurt, "Is there any way to fix it," I asked to end my performance.

-Don't worry young Lazarou, my assistant will get you a spare uniform at least to wear just for today," he replied indicating his assistant to look for the garment.

He prayed that this would not become a very long process.

-It's not exactly what I expected but if there's no other way I'll have to accept," I muttered.

After a while she came back with a uniform that I could tell at a glance was not my size.

-It's too small, isn't it," I asked, holding it up.

-It's only the first day, young Lazarou, then you will get one that fits you," said the director trying to convince me.

"I can't believe he is seriously forcing me to wear these rags".

I smiled and asked to use his bathroom to change.

-Go ahead," murmured the secretary.

It didn't take me long in there, when I came out I looked at myself in the mirror that for some reason this old man has in his office.

-What do you think?" he asked animatedly.

This was a total vulgarity to me, my heels looked catastrophic and for some strange reason, these pants are extremely tight in the waist which makes my bulge stand out too much.

-A little short but I guess it works for me- I replied wishing I hadn't been brought up in such a proper manner.

-Don't worry about aesthetics young Lazarou, you have come all this way to learn and that's what I offer you.

You have come here to learn and that is what we will offer you," he commented placing his hand on my shoulder.

-Yes..." I answered without much eagerness.

-Miss Nort will take you to your assigned classroom.

-Better not to waste time- I said letting go of his grip- Thank you for everything director.

-Have a nice day, young Lazarou," he shouted.

People were still watching me, the only thing different this time was that at least I was sure that it was not my doing.

When I arrived at the hall I asked Miss Nort to allow me to enter alone, although at first she looked a little surprised she accepted without replying, she hugged me as if we had known each other all our lives and said goodbye, also wishing me a happy day.

-Thank you," I replied.

I stopped for a moment to think about what I would have to deal with, it's been about a year that I don't socialize with anyone other than my bed, all these people of course already know each other, I will be the new rat to talk about.

With no more to torture myself with, I walked in, the teacher stopped, she seemed to be lecturing, everyone turned to look at me just as I deduced.

Chapter 2


"Good morning, I'm the new one" I mentioned with my gaze fixed on the teacher, swallowing saliva from the social pressure.

"Good morning," she answered stuttering, "Come over here."

I went to where I had been told, she began to ask me a couple of questions, including the reason why I was late.

"I had problems with the uniform," I answered.

—I understand, you are Cronos if I'm not mistaken, a very nice name by the way.

-Thank you.

“Would you mind introducing yourself to the others?” she asked, looking at me.

"I doubt anyone here doesn't know me," I said before thinking about how arrogant that had sounded.

"Okay," she replied, smiling to indicate my position.

"Thank you teacher." Just maybe if I'm a little privileged.

I went to my seat, the classroom was silent, everyone was looking at me, trying to understand what I was d


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