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Give Me A Chance

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Harry Cooper is the CEO of a renowned company in America. Emma Anderson is working as his assistant. One day, she finds out Harry's secrets as well as his crimes and while escaping to save her life from Harry she meets with Carter. Carter Hudson is a renowned singer of world's biggest band 'Rewind'. He is a handsome dashing man that everyone can get lost in. Carter first doesn’t want to help Emma but when he finds out that she was escaping from Harry, he starts to help her. Because he knows anyone who messes with Harry loses everything, even his life. Also Carter's hate towards Harry makes Carter help Emma. With Emma's behaviour, he starts to fall for her. And starting to protect her from Harry. Harry tries many ways to hurt Emma and trick Carter. But Carter knows Harry better. He always stays beside Emma. But when he finds out Emma doesn’t love him, he decides to make her fall for him. But Emma decides to marry his brother's friend's younger brother. Will Emma fall for Carter? Will Carter be able to save Emma from Harry? Will Emma marry someone else? Let's find out..


Today has been a very big day for me. Every girl has been waiting for this day since childhood. Lots of dreams.

Yes, today is my wedding. I am sitting in front of the mirror. This big white gown really suited me a lot. The white veil cover on the head has further enhanced the beauty of the gown. Bridal makeup on the face! Only the necklace has not been worn yet. I'm ready to wear the necklace.

I wore the necklace. Now I am completely ready. A bride.

I looked at myself in the mirror again. It looks beautiful.

As a kid, I used to think about how I would look when I got married. What will be my state of mind? Will I feel nervous?

I will marry the one I love. I will spend a lot of time with him, then I will understand if I can spend my whole life with him. How will my feeling be when I walk towards the aisle in the wedding gown towards my husband! I will have a smile on my face no matter what the feeling is. Everyone will stand and clap as I walk down the porch. And I want these applause to never stop, because I'm going to marry my lover.

That day will be the most beautiful day for me. Maybe tears will fall with my eyes happily and when he sees me crying, he tells me not to cry anymore. Will wipe away tears Or he also will cry. Funny! Really funny!

The thought of that childhood fairy tale is going to come true today. I will walk through the porch, with a smile on my face. But fake smiles.

Yes, a transparent fake smile. Everyone will stand and clap as I walk down the porch. But I don't like the applause. Maybe my eyes will still water but this cry will not be a happy cry. My sorrow will be water.

Thinking about all this, my brother and mother entered the room. Seeing them, I also stood up. And I brought a smile to my face.

My mother looked at me and said with a bright smile on her face, "My daughter looks very beautiful today. She is the most beautiful bride in the world ever."

I smiled a little after hearing her. My mother kissed me on my forehead.

My brother gave me a hug and said, "Hmm, my sister looks so beautiful today. All the girls in the world are forced to give up to my sister."

They both looked at me for a while. I can clearly see the tears in my mother's eyes. Maybe all mothers cry when they see their daughter being a bride..

Brother said while looking at his watch, "It's time. We have to go now."

Brother brought his hand towards me so that I could hold his hand. I also started walking while holding his hand.

The time has come. I will be someone's wife in a while. Whom I do not know. Whom I have never seen. I don't even know his name. I want to cry. But I can't cry.

At that time my brother said to me "What happened?"

I shaked my head and said with a warm smile on my face, "Nothing. Let's go."

Saying this, my brother and I started walking. I'm walking down the porch. Everyone is standing and clapping. I have a smile on my face. Oh sorry, I have a fake smile on my face. I have no desire to look at the groom. Since everyone's attention is on me, I have to look at him even though I don't want to.

I slowly raised my head and looked at the boy. After seeing the boy, my legs seemed to be paralyzed. I never thought I would marry him. I knew my life would change from today but I never expected it to change like this.

Emma Anderson And Harry Cooper

The sun is shining through the window into my room and falling on my face. I woke up because of the sun. I got up from bed and started rubbing my eyes with my hands. I stood by the window and looked out.

A beautiful morning. The birds are calling and flying one after another. It looks like they are playing together. Seeing these, a smile appeared on the corner of my lips.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was now 7.23. I have an interview today. Part time job. I want to stand on my own two feet. I don't want to depend on anyone. So today I will give a part time job interview. And I will bear my own expenses.

I'm Emma Anderson. I came to America to finish my master's degree. My mother Sophia Anderson and older brother Riley Anderson live in London. My father died when I was little. They never stopped me for anything. They wanted me to finish my Masters in London but they said nothing more when I wanted to come here. Moreover, there is another reas


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