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Arrow S.

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  • Author: Arrow S.
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5

Rhino Wyatt is one of the most handsome men in England. He is a billionaire. Every single girl wants him in her life. But Rhino is a serious, moody person. He doesn't let girls enter his life. He doesn't believe in love. But one day he had a crush on a girl named Calista Ivelle. Calista Ivelle is a beautiful and shy girl. But she never gets the love of her family. Her own father hates her and her step mother mistreats her badly. She even beats Calista. Calista is the one who does all the household work. It was her first day at the university but she got ragged by the seniors. Calista' best friend Ezlyn tried her best to stop the raging but she was just a freshman so she couldn't help much. So finding no other way, Calista had to do what her seniors told her to do. They told her to kiss the person who first entered the university through the main gate. Calista saw a middle aged woman enter the university. So she closed her eyes and as soon as she felt someone's presence she kissed the person. But fate didn't help her. The person Calista kissed was a guy and he was the girl's heartthrob Rhino Wyatt. Calista ran away in fear from there when she saw a guy in front of her. When Rhino saw the girl kiss him on his cheeks his heart started to beat fast. His head was telling him to push the girl away from him but his mind was telling him the other thing. He was amazed by the beauty of the girl. He was staring at her. When Calista ran away from him, Rhino came to his scene and felt angry to himself that he should have shouted at her because she was being clingy to him and Rhino hates this kind of thing. The whole university was looking at these. Later Rhino got close to Calista. They both started to get feelings for each other. Rhino knew he had fallen for Calista. But Calista knew that she didn't belong to Rhino's class. She was way too poor than him. But she knew she started to love him. Lorelei Myrtle is the daughter of Rhino's father's friend. Lorelei was obsessed with Rhino. She couldn't bear any girl standing beside Rhino. When she returned from Switzerland, she learnt from her friend that Rhino got closer to a girl. She couldn't bear it when she heard it. After knowing who the girl is, Lorelei started to play tricks on Calista. She played dirty to create misunderstandings between Calista and Rhino. Calista started to fight for herself. She decided to claim and get what is her. Calista wanted to have love from her father. So she decided to reveal her stepmother and stepsister's deeds to her father. Calista learnt many things in order to make herself confident. She wanted to have things of her own. She wanted to be a successful person. While fighting to be successful, Calista faced many difficulties. But Rhino was always with her. Rhino tried to use his power to make Calista get what she wants, but Calista refused Rhino to do anything. Calista wants to do everything on her own. What she needs from Rhino is his support and love.


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