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Games of Love

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When she first met him , it was messed up orders . And now she's the fake girlfriend to him! Jasmine Cohen is still a college student, trying to make ends meet and also take care of her sister... But things get bad and there's only one person who's willing to help! But with a condition. Will she live a peaceful life in this Marriage of lies?! What happens when she starts to untangle her initially messed up life? And she finds out that The Pierce may or may not have something to do with her life, Past and Present! Find out in this thrilling and mind- blowing Romance. Warning: Grab a wipe cause there's going to be tears and snots!!

Chapter 1


THURSDAY , 7:27 AM...

A girl about 5'7 lay sprawled on her messy bed. Her two hands were stretched out , with her small angelic face resting peacefully on the pillow.

Her long eyelashes shut against each other as she slept peacefully.

Her brown straight hair was another mess on its own ,even messier than the bed.

Suddenly the door to her room opened and a girl of age 13 rushed in, her midnight-blue shoulder-length hair bouncing as she took quick steps towards the bed.

Her brown eyes blaring in annoyance at the girl still sleeping on the bed.

"Jas!!!" The younger girl yelled , disturbing her peaceful sleep.

She turned over the bed, squeezing her pillow over her face.

"Please leave me, just two more hours" she muttered

" Jasmine!! It's thirty minutes past seven already!" The girl whined and that got her on her feet immediately.

Jasmine dropped the pillow on the bed and her eyes darted to the wall clock hanging opposite her bed.

Her eyes widened immediately they landed on the hands of the clock.

" Sh*t" She cussed silently, rushing towards the bathroom.

"What the butt Ana! Why didn't you wake me on time?" Jasmine groaned as she grabbed the handle of the bathroom door and yanked it open.

" I did, but you were all *two more hours please* " Ana snorted.

Jasmine sighed.

" Just go get ready" She said and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

"I already did, waiting for you to let me get out of the house" Ana yelled out.

" Give me ten" She replied and turned on the shower.

Within ten minutes , she was out of the bathroom.

After applying her body lotion, she walked over to her closet to choose a cloth to wear.

She sighed as she opened the closet.

She knew she was going to be late again today, after staying up late last night it wasn't guaranteed that she would be up early today.

After going through the clothes ,she decided on blue denim boyfriend jeans with a white sleeveless top .

She quickly put on her clothes and slipped her feet into her black converse sneakers.

She put on her blue bucket hat and grabbed her fashion school bag.

Thankfully, she was wise enough to arrange all her books last night or else Ana would be yelling her name in anger .

She grabbed her phone and dashed out of the room.

"Finally" Ana glared when she got to the living room.

"Had breakfast?" She asked as she took quick steps towards the kitchen.

"Yes," Ana replied.

Jasmine nodded and opened the refrigerator, she took out a cup and a bottle of orange juice, poured herself one cup and gulped it down at a go.

"Common let's go" She turned to Ana.

Ana grabbed her bag and they walked out of the house together.

They walked into the elevator and the door closed immediately. She pressed the ground floor button.

They lived in an apartment building , there were about 10 floors and they stayed on the sixth floor ,so it wasn't advisable to use the stairs when the elevator was working perfectly fine.

The elevator doors opened into the lobby-like room and they got out immediately.

"We are so late" she mumbled as they got into her car.

"Not my fault" Ana rolled her eyes.

Jasmine sighed and started the car , before zooming out of the parking lot.

That's just basically how they live.

Their parents had died in a fire accident a year ago and she was left with her little sister , Juliana and their parents' car.

Since their house was burnt down , their only option was to rent an apartment.

She's been trying to make ends meet since then .

It hasn't been easy but they've been getting through all the difficulties.

She was particularly glad for a sister like Ana , even if she wasn't Ana's biological sister she still felt that sister connection and Ana wasn't making things hard for her.

Jasmine finally brought the car to a stop in front of Ana's highschool.

"I might not be home before you , so here's the key" she said , taking out the house keys from her bag.

She handed it to Ana.

"You can order pizza , I'll cook when I'm back home," she added.

Ana grabbed the keys and dipped it in her school bag.

"Got it," she muttered.

"Bye" Jasmine smiled as Ana got out of the car.

" Bye! Have a nice day"

Immediately Ana disappeared into the school compound, she started the car and drove off , heading towards her college.

Some hours later.....

"Hey" Jasmine called out to June , her best friend.

A small smile plastered on her face as she dropped her food tray on the table and settled opposite her.

"Didn't see you in class" June raised her brows.

" Yeah , I came in late today and sat in the back seat," she explained.

" Oh"

" Where's Myles?" She suddenly asked .

"He's meeting with the dean, he said he's not going to join us for lunch"

Jasmine nodded and focused on her food.

Myles and June were her best friends and only friends. She met them when she was in her first year and since then they've been really close.

"So mom's inviting you and Ana for dinner Friday night, you think you can come?" June asked, looking up from her food.

" Of Course I can , who doesn't like having dinner?!" She let out a short chuckle.

" Gosh! Thank goodness you'll be there, Myles can't make it" June let out a dramatic sigh.

"It's a family dinner and you know what" she added, rolling her eyes.

Jasmine chuckled.

That was June's normal habit.

She didn't like her family dinners one bit.

They usually have those kinds of dinners once every two months , where all the members of the family from her mother's side come together for dinner and have fun.

The dinners were usually wonderful and anyone would love to have them but June hated it.

She has a sibling, a senior sister , but June doesn't like her at all, she doesn't get along with her cousins, so she ends up being all alone during the dinner.

As long as she could remember, her and Ana had always been invited to their family dinner.

At first she didn't want to go , but she just had to do it for Ana and she couldn't reject Ana's mother's invitation.

"Anyways wear something other than these baggy jeans and sweater " June rolled her eyes.

" Is that supposed to be an insult? " She raised her brows as she grabbed her soda bottle from the table.

"No! But wear something different"

"Chase is going to be there this time," June added , wiggling her brows in a teasing manner.

Jasmine frowned.

"How many times do I have to say that there can never be anything with Chase and I?!" She groaned frustratedly.

" Just give him a chance! "

" The dude is not even interested in me and didn't I tell you that studies and family first?! "

" Well you're almost through with college, so? "

" Let's not talk about this now," Jasmine sighed.

"You really should start thinking about your love life , you're not getting any younger," June muttered.

Jasmine made to say something but stopped as she felt her head bang hard.

Her head , ached like a million stones were being dropped in it.

She placed her palms on her forehead and shut her eyes tightly as if it was going to suppress the pain.

"What's wrong?" She heard June call out worriedly but she still had her eyes closed.

"I don't know," she muttered.

Chapter 2

Same day ,

The Pierce's...

1 :02pm

Inside a black themed room , which was furnished with an exotic taste , Tyler Pierce sat confidently on the swivel chair in front of the large table.

His two sided-bangs falling over both sides of his face.

He had his usual blank expression on , his brown eyes scanning the content of the files he was working on .

A knock was heard twice on the door , disturbing the silence that engulfed the room.

"Come in" His cold voice echoed through the room, his eyes not leaving the documents.

The door opened slowly and shut back , followed by the clicking of a heeled shoe.

A lady walked in , she was dressed in a black suit pants and white long sleeve office shirt and her blonde hair was neatly packed up in a ponytail , she made her way to his table and stopped a few feet away.

"Sir" She called and he looked up .

His gaze landed on Cherry , his secretary.



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