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For Arini, loyalty is expensive but is made cheap by Reyhan, her boyfriend. Even though the marriage plan is in sight. Unfortunately, infidelity made Reyhan's eyes dark. Arini is the victim of a triangular love affair between Reyhan and Rieka, Arini's best friend who doesn't know herself. The heartache of being cheated on makes Arini reckless. Entering a nightclub and partying with the many humans there. Forgetting for a moment her heartache and tears until the next morning she woke up in bed with a man. Naked of course. That's nothing compared to the man she slept with last night; Richard Alexander, Reyhan's father. Double shot! "Sir Richard... what are you doing here?" Richard who still did not want to open his eyes only said, "Serving you, Rin. Last night you were very savage." Arini glared. "Savage, Sir! I still remember how you move!" The man laughed softly. "So what?" "You set me up, huh?"


"It's so hot!" the girl screamed as she tried to break free. "Did you say it's cool in here? Is there air conditioning? Where is it, sir? Are you lying, sir?"

The man, who had been struggling to carry the girl, sighed softly. "I haven't turned it on yet. We just got into the hotel, Rin."

The girl, whose name was Arini Kusuma, sneered in annoyance. "Hurry up. I'm hot!" Then she casually opened the cardigan that covered the tight thigh-length dress. threw it away and walked back even though she staggered towards the bed. "Duh, it's really nice to sleep here."

The man who had been watching the beautiful girl's behavior just smiled slightly. he immediately complied with the girl's request. "Want a drink?"

Arini smiled widely, her face looking at him with a twinkle of excitement. "Sure. I drank a whiskie earlier, isn't it called? I got drunk." She hiccupped again. "Oops. That's right, I was drunk." Then Arini laughed as she hit the pillow she had just rested her head on. "But I have a headache."

"Drink something else then."

The girl observed how the man casually sat on a chair near the table. grabbed the mineral bottle provided by the hotel and sipped at it.

"Drink first."

Arini clearly refused. She shook her head quickly. "I want whiskey, sir, not water."

"You're already drunk."

Not lacking in resourcefulness, Arini got up from her bed. Approaching the man standing right at the end of the bed, the bottle was already uncorked. Actually, Arini felt really good just to drink it, but she didn't want to. She still wants to get drunk. Until she forgets all her heartache, her disappointment. Also forget the beautiful things with ...

"I said I didn't want to!" she grabbed the mineral bottle. "Better to cool myself down. I'm hot!" the water was poured right over her body. The thigh-length red dress also succeeded in making her curves more visible.

The man, Richard Alexander, looked at her sharply. His eyes didn't go anywhere but to pay attention to Arini's wet body, especially ... the chest. The chest poked out beautifully under the low-cut dress.

"This is better." Arini was getting crazy. But she was really hot. So she rubbed her wet body where without realizing it, her movement was actually tempting. How he touched other parts of her body. "Oh! This is really good."

Arini unconsciously also swayed slowly. occasionally her hands squeezed her already wet chest. her half-wet hair was also sometimes stroked. Just like the stripper who showed off her skills on the dance floor.

That's right. Arini memorized the moves. Gyrating slowly, squeezing her own breasts, occasionally patting her ass while teasing the mostly male audience. Ah, Arini seemed to be good at it. Besides, her movements made the heat she was experiencing somewhat less.


While Richard stared at Arini uninterruptedly. The addition of movement in this girl was very tempting. their distance was also getting closer. He had never seen Arini wearing a sexy dress before, let alone swaying erotically like this. Richard can say good luck or bad luck, right?

"Ehm!" Arini bit her lower lip. "I'm still hot, sir."

"If I ask you for a clothes book, would you like one?" asked Richard unconsciously. Seriously, seeing Arini like this the temptation was so high. how could he hold himself back? Wanting to withdraw the words just now was also useless, Arini was already looking at him with a thin smile.

"Yes, too. Why don't you take off your clothes? I'm hot. You're really smart." Without hesitation, Arini opened her dress. Starting from lowering the button on the side. Then lowered the dress strap on the shoulder. Slowly. not to tease the goal, but Arini was not focused on doing it.

Richard's endurance was tested. Given that it had been a long time since he saw a woman as seductive as Arini in front of him. there are many women around Richard but none are as seductive as Arini. Whereas every time they met, Arini was always polite and smiled kindly. Staring at him reluctantly and speaking politely.


Well, Arini was like a wild cat that had to be subdued immediately. he himself was surprised to see his son's girlfriend at the bar. As far as Richard remembered Arini, she was a good girl. But with alcohol, why is she not nice? It tested Richard's faith.

Should he call Reyhan instead? Let his son handle his girlfriend?


"Duh, how hard can it be?" Arini mumbled. "You don't want to help me?"

Richard swallowed.

"I'm exhausted, sir!"

"Okay, I'll help." He moved closer. The scent of Arini's perfume disturbed him. Not to mention that the curves of the body that had been tempting his eyes could actually be seen clearly. Arini's skin was smooth white. Arini's chest that had been peeking out shyly was now clearly visible.

"Like this, right?" With just one move, Richard had managed to pull down Arini's dress. As Richard approached, Arini held on to the man's shoulder. Staring at him with a faint smile. sometimes Arini unconsciously touched Richard's face.

"Why are you nice?"

Richard chuckled. "You're already free. Still hot?" Now Arini was completely half naked, leaving only a bra and a triangle of cloth covering Arini's intimate parts. Richard couldn't help himself anymore. When he carried Arini from the bartender's table, he had already calculated the possibility of being tempted. But remembering his son's face when he introduced Arini to him some time ago, he kept trying hard not to be tempted.


"Ugh! I'm free." Arini laughed. She lightly tousled her hair. "Thank you, Sir." Arini pecked Richard's cheek briefly. "You're really good. Not like Reyhan!"

Richard's brow furrowed. "Why Reyhan."

"Stop!" Arini glared angrily. "I don't want to talk about Reyhan!" She threw a punch at Richard, making him startle and take a step back. Arini continued to push him with another punch. Richard who was still confused could only follow the flow and what this girl said until ... he fell down on the chair.

As did Arini who immediately fell into his lap.

"Ugh!" Richard closed his eyes holding back the turmoil. He felt that his junior was a little sore because of Arini's behavior on top of him.

"She's evil sir! Very bad!" Arini's eyes glazed over.

"Okay, I'm not talking about Reyhan anymore. but can you come down?"

Arini immediately changed her expression. "If you don't want to?" She even deliberately teased Richard by moving her hips. "Oh! How delicious is this, sir?"

Damn Arini! Doesn't she know how dangerous it is to keep moving like this?

"Get off Arini." Richard ordered once again.

"No way." Arini puffed out her chest even more. The wet residue she received earlier was still there. moist. And again Arini squeezed his chest gently. "Oh! How does it feel so good to be squeezed like this, sir?"

Never mind. Arini is very tempting tonight. there's nothing wrong with them spending the night together. Arini is drunk anyway. I'm sure she won't remember what happened tonight.

"Don't blame me for doing this."


"Ah .... Sir!" Arini squeezed the sprey that was the base of her body. Her eyes were half closed enjoying all the touches Richard gave her. Especially now behind her, Richard still continued to push Arini wildly.

Arini's position was on her back to Richard. Her buttocks were held slightly upwards to facilitate Richard's movement on her. She felt Richard's cum coming in and out with a rhythm that really made her dizzy. Other than sighing, she couldn't remember what else to do.

Everything he received was completely guided by Richard.

"Ouch! Don't hit my ass, sir." Arini complained.

"Your butt is so soft, Rin." Richard laughed. His cock was still inside Arini's womanhood. He had no idea that... Arini was still a virgin? But everything was already done so Richard chose to enjoy it.

After all, Arini didn't mind, she just liked it. The proof was doing whatever Richard wanted including doggy style.

"Ah... Ah..." Arini sighed again accompanying Richard's


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