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Forced to marry a billionaire CEO

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Jenna, the real daughter of the wrong Lin family, is back! The Lin family is ashamed of her country upbringing, and her fiancé says he only loves fake The fiancé says he only loves fake girls. Jenna turns her head and shows her husband, blinding them! All of them are like dogs, kissing up to the CEO, jealous of Jenna's rise to the top, and looking forward to her being a country bumpkin. and expect her, a country girl, to be swept off her feet and leave in disgrace. But she doesn't know that behind her back, Jenna has been working all day long to get a divorce! But the more she does, the more the CEO loves him. People say he has lost his mind, in fact, where do they know, boss in love with his wife disguise the road further and further away ...... "Madam, but where you say another identity that I do not know, I will agree to divorce." The CEO is confident that his loving wife can definitely not run away. "Can."Jenna a pregnancy test slapped over, "The mother of your child. Divorce!" CEO

Chapter 1

Striving for Divorce**

"Got it, got it, I'm on my way there!" Jenna Lin impatiently spoke into her phone, "Can't afford any delays."

Jenna Lin reassured like she was comforting a child, "You can relax; I know. I promise that after obtaining the certificate, I won't harm him, won't cuckold him, won't do anything outrageous, and won't actively bring up divorce..."

"Walter Chen, are you really at death's door?" Jenna Lin seriously doubted the small old man's physical condition on the other end of the phone.

For someone supposedly on the verge of death, he was forcing her into marriage. Was his energy level too good to be true?

"Nonsense! If I weren't near death, would I worry about you and find such a good marriage partner for you?" The old man on the other end of the phone gasped angrily, "You heartless girl, are you trying to kill me with anger?"

Jenna Lin rolled her eyes in speechless frustration, "You're almost dead, what's the difference between dying from anger or illness?"

"Jenna Lin!" The voice on the other end roared with vitality, confirming that the small old man could last at least another year.

"Okay, okay, I'm at the entrance now. I'll talk to you after I get the certificate." Jenna Lin tentatively concluded that the small old man didn't seem to be faking his illness, and she reluctantly agreed.

"I'll tell you, the young man I found for you is very disciplined, responsible, and treats his family exceptionally well..." The incessant talk on the other end of the phone made Jenna Lin nod repeatedly.

Yeah, he must be a momma's boy.

"I got it, I'll hang up now." Jenna Lin couldn't stand the small old man's incessant chatter after he fell ill, becoming like Tang Seng. In the past, their days were full of lively banter and laughter. She truly couldn't adapt to the sudden change in the small old man.

Jenna Lin hung up the phone and scanned the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau, but didn't see anyone.

She felt relieved; if the other party was late, she would have an excuse not to register the marriage.

Raised by the small old man, who was almost dead, she naturally wanted to fulfill his last wish—to accept the good arrangement he made for her. However, if the other party didn't show up and broke the appointment, it had nothing to do with her.

Jenna Lin happily turned around, ready to slip away. Unfortunately, her joy seemed premature as someone blocked her way.

"Miss Jenna Lin." A low, magnetic voice was extremely pleasant, enough to make ears pregnant.

If it were on an ordinary day, Jenna Lin would definitely be interested. However, the owner of this voice was the person she was about to register with, causing her favorability to plummet.

D*mn it, the voice was to her liking, and now she could only find faults in the appearance of this guy. Anyway, she had an agreement with the small old man—if he didn't meet her aesthetic standards, the marriage would be called off.

Jenna Lin raised her head and scrutinized Ethan Yen's face with a critical gaze, and then... there was no "then."

How on earth did this guy look?

He was so handsome that it stirred jealousy and resentment!

Moreover, he seemed to fit her aesthetic preferences everywhere.

Not to mention his height of over 1.8 meters, broad shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs... she could only describe it in two words—perfect!

Jenna Lin frowned and asked, "Why do you want to register for marriage with a stranger you've never met?"

Perfect appearance, and he was the actual head of a group—rich and handsome. Was marriage such a hasty decision?

Could this guy be crazy?

This thought had just crossed Jenna Lin's mind, and she wished to slap herself. She was here for the same reason, wasn't she? Perhaps this guy thought the same about her?

Ethan Yen spoke, "Grandpa is ill, and his greatest wish is to see me get married, hoping for my happiness."

Jenna Lin: "..."

Are they both ill?

She now seriously doubted if this was a conspiracy. However, the small old man's physical condition had been personally examined by her, and it was indeed problematic.

"Are you sure you can be happy marrying a stranger?" Jenna Lin raised an eyebrow.

Anyway, she didn't believe it.

Ethan Yen said, "You agreed to this marriage because your grandpa is seriously ill. I believe you're a kind and good-hearted girl."

Jenna Lin: "..."

How could she not believe in her own kindness and good-heartedness?

Thanks for his trust.

"As for marital happiness, it requires effort from both parties. I believe we can do it together," Ethan Yen said earnestly.

Jenna Lin: "Ethan, may I ask you a question?"

Ethan Yen politely replied, "Please ask."

"Do you always speak like you're giving a report? So formal and serious," Jenna Lin was not used to facing someone like Ethan Yen. In the past, she and Walter Chen were always fooling around, having no boundaries. In just a few sentences, she felt like she and Ethan Yen were from two different worlds. He was too rigid.

Ethan Yen said, "It's a matter of habit. When I'm with you in the future, I'll try to change."

He was undoubtedly a very practical person. After saying he would change, the corners of his lips struggled to rise, showing a smile. It was evident that he didn't smile often, and this smile seemed somewhat unnatural and stiff.

Jenna Lin quickly stopped him, "No need to force it. If you're not used to smiling, don't force yourself."

D*mn, it's incredible. How could a person who rarely smiled be so charming when he did?

For the first time, she felt the fluttering of a little deer in her heart.

Men are truly deceptive!

If he smiled at her every day, she feared her position would waver, and she might really spend her life with him.

How could that be?

She was the free wind.

Who has ever heard of the wind being trapped somewhere?

Just kidding!

After Ethan Yen put away the unaccustomed curve of his lips, he asked, "Shall we go in now?"

"Let's go in." Jenna Lin nodded.

It was just getting a certificate; she believed that with her abilities, she could definitely make Ethan Yen take the initiative to propose a divorce.

She promised Walter Chen to get married, and she did. If the man was not satisfied and wanted a divorce, she certainly couldn't compromise.

Anyway, if Ethan Yen proposed a divorce, Walter Chen would definitely agree without saying a word. Walter Chen was the person who loved her the most in the world and couldn't bear to see her wronged.

After Ethan Yen got Jenna Lin's consent, he pushed open the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, a gentleman waiting to the side, letting her go in first.

Jenna Lin evaluated in her heart that the appearance was impeccable, and as far as the demeanor went, there didn't seem to be any problems for now.

It seemed that she had to find another way to get a divorce if she

wanted it.

Jenna Lin pondered the matter in her heart, and, following the procedure with Ethan Yen, she obtained the marriage certificate.

Looking at the bright red marriage certificate in her hand, she felt an inexplicable sense of fantasy.

In her lifetime, she would actually get this thing. She had to admit that Walter Chen really went to great lengths for her.

He just knew that if he didn't force her, she wouldn't get married in her lifetime.

With such a vast world, why should she be bound by marriage?

"Shall we go home first?" Ethan Yen asked Jenna Lin's opinion.

Jenna Lin's eyes lit up, and she readily agreed, "Sure!"

If Ethan Yen was fine with it, she would see if she could find a breakthrough to make him propose a divorce at his home.

Chapter 2

Has This Person Taken the Good Husband Training Course?

Jenna Lin sat in the back seat of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, glancing at Ethan Yen, the gentleman who had just held the door for her.

So far, he seemed quite decent.

Unfortunately... she had no intention of getting married, so she could only apologize to him.

In Jenna Lin's heart, she felt a slight sense of remorse, but she would compensate him in other ways.

Suddenly, Jenna Lin's phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and couldn't help but sneer. Originally, she didn't want to answer this call, but considering that Ethan Yen was sitting next to her, Jenna Lin quickly answered.

As the call connected, a soft voice came through: "Jenna, will you come to the jewelry appreciation event tonight? Mom and Dad will be there. Jenna, we're waiting for you."

After saying this, the person on the other end of the line, as if afraid that Jenna Lin w


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