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Forced to marry a billionaire

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Her ex-husband won $ 15 billion and then immediately divorced her. In the middle of the night, she dragged her suitcase out of the house, unexpectedly hitting Rick's car. He thought she was the woman his family arranged to seduce him, so he dragged her into the car. The following day, she returned home and received bad news again. Her mother wanted her to replace her sister in the Twilight house with a disabled man. But she didn't know that that person was Rick Twilight. But is it all that easy? How does Rich know that the child in her belly is his? Or will he misunderstand that she is pregnant with her ex-husband's child? How will misunderstandings be resolved?

Chapter 1

The night. Heavy rain, strong wind, thunder, and lightning.

Livi Taylor is dragging suitcases, wandering in the rain.

"Livi, Peter Benson didn't divorce you because he won the lottery for fifteen billion. It was because you failed to fulfill your wife's obligations."

"Livi Taylor, do you mind? I've been wanting to talk about divorce for a long time. You don't want a divorce. Do you still want to divide the inheritance?" Livi Taylor's face was not clear whether it was rain or tears.

Blurry eyes.

When crossing the street, there was a silver Bentley car rushing over. She was so sad that she didn't notice the car headlights shining directly on her.

It wasn't until the car was about to come in front of her that she reacted, but her mind was stagnant, standing still, watching the vehicle directly drive towards her.

Ket —

Silver Bentley quickly changed direction. He could see the skillful skill of the car owner. Because the speed was too fast, he accidentally hit the barrier.

Livi Taylor stood where she was, her heart pounding wildly.

The silver Bentley hit the fence and stopped moving.

It's late at night, the place is quiet, no traffic.

Livi Taylor stood still for a few seconds before reacting, raised her hand to wipe the tears from her face, then threw her suitcase and ran to the silver Bentley.

In the dark car, Livi Taylor lay face down on the window of the car, vaguely seeing the figure of a man lying on the steering wheel.

Livi Taylor banged on the car window: "Hey, are you okay?"

Either way, it was because of her he bumped into the fence. If anything happens to him, she handles it.

Hearing the click, Livi Taylor hastily pulled open the car door and leaned in. "Are you still okay? Ah…" Her voice was still a little whimpering.

Before he finished speaking, the man on the steering wheel suddenly reached out and grabbed Livi Taylor's arm, pulling her in.

The car door is closed.

Livi Taylor fell on the man's lap, his hot hand like an iron chain locking around her waist, making her unable to move.

"Let go, let me go…." Livi Taylor, sensing danger, stammered a sentence at him.

"Do you wanna die?"

He slowly opened his mouth, his voice low and hoarse, like a stream of brandy sliding down his throat.

Livi Taylor was stunned for a few seconds before reacting to him, talking about her walking in the middle of the street. She whipped her head: "I didn't mean it."

"Whether you did it on purpose, but you have a fair booty makes many thieves. Don't blame me..." With that, the man lifted her and put her on his thigh.

Feeling the man's strength, Livi Taylor's head went numb, stammering: "What do you want to do...

"Can I tell you?"

The man crouched down, and his cold thin lips directly kissed her lips.

Livi Taylor felt her head explode.

The man's kiss was full of aggression and a little tricky, but it quickly found its way in. Livi Taylor's mind went blank for a long time until the pain came. She regained her senses, desperately hitting the man in front.

The man enjoyed the taste, fell on the chair, and pressed her under his body…

Heavy rain all night seemed to have washed away the crimes of this city.

One crazy night…

The man's fingertips in the car moved slightly, and the man's deep, sharp eyes suddenly opened. Rick Twilight sat up.

There was still the sweet breath that the woman left in the air, but the scene was only him.

Flee? Rick Twilight's eyes were a few parts deeper, his eyes fell on the deep red stain on the chair, and his eyes were a bit complicated. It's annoying!

Rick Twilight phoned his assistant Bartleby, coldly ordering: "Immediately locate me, then find out who the woman last night was from."

After speaking, without waiting for the assistant to understand, he hung up the phone.

Livi Taylor ran away in the middle of the night, taking advantage of the heavy rain. She could not bear to return to her mother's house.

Having been married for so many years, even though her husband had never slept with her, she slept with a strange man today, so Livi Taylor was extremely panicked.

When he woke up, she chose to run away.

"Livi Taylor."

Livi's mother filled the door and entered, handing her a bowl of ginger soup.

"Thanks, Mom."

"Are you and Peter Benson completely over ?"

Referring to Peter Benson, Livi Taylor shook her eyelids, took the ginger soup, and drank it bit by bit, clearly not wanting to talk about it too much.

"Divorce is good. Anyway, your father has arranged another marriage for you."

Hearing that, Livi Taylor's heart pounded, and she raised her head: "Mom?"

"Even though the adversary has a leg defect, you're getting married for the second time, so don't hate it."

Livi Taylor: "Mom, what are you saying?"

Livi's mother stood up and glared at her.

"The marriage is scheduled to take place in a month. If you don't want to get married, you have to get married."

"Me and Peter Benson just got divorced tonight. Why did you do it?" Livi Taylor just felt her heart grow cold.

"Don't argue, this marriage story originally fell on your younger sister, but you're already divorced, so you should replace your younger sister."

At this point, Livi's mother took a deep breath and looked at her calmly: "The adversary has a leg defect, Livi. The Taylor family can't destroy both daughters."

In an aching heart, Livi Taylor's hand holding ginger soup gradually trembled, her mouth stuttering: "Mom, I am your biological daughter...

"Macy is your biological younger sister. You heartlessly watch her suffer?" "

"So what about me?"

"In short, that's all. In a month, you must marry the younger master of the Twilight family! If the two daughters of the Taylor family are not able to marry a decent man, neither I nor your dad will be able to live."

Chapter 2

Livi Taylor's younger sister, Macy Taylor, came to see her on the day of her marriage.

"Sister, sorry, I didn't mean it, but mom…."

Livi Taylor looked at her, eyes unblinking: "Excuse me? So, am I willing to wear a smiley dress and get married on your behalf?"

"Sister, I…" Macy Taylor clenched her fist, gritted her teeth, and finally let go, depressed: "I have a boyfriend, and you, you are divorced."

Livi Taylor retracted her gaze and lowered her eyes: "Yes, I'm divorced. Take good care of your parents. Because of this, they can be said to have dedicated themselves and wasted all their thoughts on me. Agree."

Marrying a person with a handicap proves that her whole life must always take care of him. If this is her number, she can accept it.

But this is the number of Macy Taylor, whom Livi Taylor, after experiencing her husband's betrayal, returns to her mother's house, think


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