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Forced Matrimony: Challenging a Defiant Heart

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Zayn bin Bashir al Abdulaziz is the Crown Prince of the Emirate of Dubai. Living a life of unparalleled luxury, he is accustomed to media attention and the company of the most beautiful women. Upon discovering, in the heart of the desert, the impact of Rashida's wild green eyes, he begins to experience a whirlwind of emotions. But would love be enough to fill the void in his soul?


Thousands of thoughts raced through Sheikh Zayn bin Bashir bin Bashir al Abdulaziz's mind at that moment. But none could be uttered aloud. His parents had gone mad.

"Don't be silly, dear. Every Arab man needs a family!" His mother said with a wide smile as she handed him a cup of tea. "I can already imagine, Bashir, many grandchildren to brighten our days."

The parents exchanged a dreamy look. Zayn felt his stomach churn. Grandchildren? His younger sister, Salamah, was only a year old. There was no need for grandchildren now. Zayn couldn't picture himself surrounded by children, especially if they were his own.

"If the first baby is a girl, I want you to name her Hana, like my mother," his mother, Sheikha Raja, said, serving him a plate of sweets.

No. Absolutely not. There would only be a baby in 20 years when he got married. He needed to explain this to his parents and get out of this absurd situation.

"Son, I know you're a little nervous," his father gave him one of those understanding looks. "It's natural. But after the wedding, you'll get used to it quickly. At your age, I was already holding your brother, Marwan."

Yes, it was true. And today, his father had six wives and thirty children. It was a typical and immense Arab family. But that wasn't exactly what he wanted for himself. He had been raised between the Arab and Western worlds and undoubtedly felt much more Western. He would get married and have children, but in a distant future. And with the woman of his choice.

"I will not marry my cousin."

His parents stared at him with a puzzled expression.

"I'm too young, I don't want to get married now. I also don't want to marry my cousin. Besides, I have to focus on Dubai. After all, I've just been nominated as the crown prince."

His mother noticed the discomfort settling in. Joy gave way to a submissive attitude, and she sat beside her husband in silence.

"I've already given my word to your uncle; the engagement will be announced tomorrow," his father's voice sounded cold and authoritative. There stood the Emir of Dubai. "You will get married."

Zayn swallowed hard. He couldn't defy Sheikh Bashir. He also didn't want his life to be decided by others. He needed to find a way to get out of this absurd situation.

Chapter 01

"I can't believe this!" Khalil's voice came from inside the bathroom. "You're getting married?"

Zayn had left the damn tea with his parents straight to his brother's room. Only Khalil would understand what he was feeling.

"But with whom?" The brother asked again from the shower.

Zayn knew he would now have an ally.

"Yasemin bint Sayed," Zayn replied.

Khalil quickly appeared through the bathroom door. His shocked expression justified the fact that he had stopped in the middle of the room completely naked.

"Yasemin? My Yasemin?" Zayn nodded his head positively. He knew that would infuriate his brother. He and his cousin had a secret commitment for years. They only waited for her to finish school so they could formalize the engagement.

Zayn grabbed a towel and threw it to his brother, who wrapped it around his waist.

"I can't believe it." Khalil ran his h


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