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Fix Me

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A Billionaire, Frederick falls deeply in love with a broken woman, Kharis, who later becomes his maid. A billionaire and maid are not a perfect match right! And even though they fall in love, it is rare before such a relationship works out. Frederick is already betrothed to a model; Ivy and the wedding is in two weeks. What will happen after Ivy accuses Kharis of sleeping with Frederick’s driver, Lois? Will Frederick be able to fix Kharis after all? Will Ivy consider marrying Frederick with Kharis in the picture? Will Frederick’s parents let them be together? Will Kharis forgive Frederick and marry him?

Chapter 1

Kharis POV

Kharis!! Kharis!!

Oh yes, it's 4 am. Did I almost forget the constant yelling of my name by everyone in this house? My name is Kharis Carter. I have been experiencing torture ever since my mom passed away. I was a little girl so it's hard to remember everything that led to her death.

My papa and I survived perfectly without her. I felt complete. Oh well, I had a mother in my father. Not until the witch came, my father's second wife. Life has been cruel since then…

As I sit in my not properly ventilated bedroom trying to reminisce about my pain, Carrie, my stepmother took me out of my emotions...

"How are you still alive!!! I hate you so much". Head to the kitchen and make pancakes for me, I am starving, Madam Carrie screamed and pushed me out of my little sofa. This time, it didn't come with a banging slap on my back, as usual. I do have lots of scars there…

Staggering to the kitchen helplessly, I silently utter the words "save me".

I have constantly fantasized and dreamt of the day my knight in shining armor will rescue me from my cruel family. I envision a billionaire who is a demi-good -dark, loving, kind, and protective. It's all in my head though.

No man will ever want a battered woman like me, I say.

I began to make the pancakes. It's my favorite thing to make. I do have a special recipe for it.

Kharis!!!! Madam Carrie yells again…

I quickly dished out the pancake onto a plate, fixed the tray, and scurried to serve the witch…

You never do anything right. So slow and stupid. How the hell did you spend hours preparing a little piece of Pancake? Madam Carrie asked…

Ma'am, I only took ten minutes to….

Oh shut up you devil... Madam Carrie interrupts my answer...

I walked away to my room, broken and hurt. I lay on my sofa thinking and praying till I fell asleep.

Frederick POV

*Phone rings**

F*ck!! It's 7:22 am…

I answered the call only to hear my secretary's voice on the other side of the line.

"Good morning Mr. Frederick, you have an urgent meeting by 8:30 am with Giveon Ventures"

I hung up the call and let out a sigh.

My name is Frederick Hudson. CEO of a multi-dollar company. Most people call me a demi-god.

*Quick one!!! Frederick is a s*xy, hot, alpha male. Young. Attractive. Kind. Possessive. Many rich women in New York will kill to have him in their bed at least for a few minutes. He is quite a catch and gets in the glam every day. Can he ever be Kharis's savior? Read on..*

I got out of my bed and put on my bathrobe. It is going to be a hectic day as I remember I have to visit my parents at the mansion. "Family meetings", Ahhhhh…. How much I hate them. My mom and her typical bickering on how I need to get a proper girlfriend and be serious with my life.

I mean, I am serious with my life. I don't need a "proper girlfriend". I can comfortably lure lots of New York women to any of my penthouses. A serious committed relationship will have to wait for now!!!

And there's my dad... prying on my business and asking about recent business deals, offering new business partners, and so on…

Well, it is going to be a long day.

"Good morning, Sir Rick”, my favorite Nanny calls out from the garden. She has been with me since childhood and I bet she understands me more than my mother...

Good morning, Ma Cleopatra, I returned the greeting. She smiled and went ahead to tell me the Queen of Hudson's Empire, my mother had asked her to make sure I showed up at the family meeting early.

I shrugged and mumbled, "I am no longer a baby" and made my way to the dining table. I grabbed an apple and headed back upstairs to my giant bedroom. I quickly prepared for the office. And headed out…


Good morning Mr. Frederick, You are eight minutes late. The CEO of Giveon Ventures and the board of directors are waiting for you, Jane Pierce, Frederick's Secretary says in a sad tone.

They'll have to wait. This meeting was impromptu. I bet they are relieved I agreed to meet with them on such short notice. Calm down Jane, Frederick uttered with a smirk...

Frederick walked into the conference room to meet sad and impatient faces. After taking a seat and looking around to get familiar with the faces, he apologized for being late.

Frederick, I will quickly go straight to the essence of this impromptu meeting, The CEO of Giveon Ventures, Edwards begins his speech….

After 40 minutes of premium business talks between Frederick and Edwards, the meeting ended.


Frederick POV

As I entered my well-furnished and classy office, my best friend, Kiel Francis, welcomed me with a smirk.

Hey bruh, what's up with that weird look on your face!! Edwards asked. Ain't you happy to see me? I mean I have been away for a while on a shopping spree with my Angel and you don't seem happy to see me!! I'm sure your life has been boring without me… just work, work, and endless meetings... He shrugs and then goes to sit on my comfortable chair.

And then, I remembered I have a meeting in the next 10 minutes with my parents. I'm shocked by the number of missed phone calls from Ma Cleopatra. D*mn, I'm in big trouble… I thought

I'll be right back, I quickly said to Edwards and rushed out…

While waiting for the elevator to ding, I ran my hands through my hair, thinking of what exactly the family meeting is all about. Is it about a business deal or Am I getting married soon? Maybe both?? D*mn, all the thoughts came flowing in and out. I may just get a panic attack before getting to the mansion!!!!

I got to the last floor and buzzed my driver to prepare the car. I drive a lykan hypersport!!! Well, I'm a young CEO and a billionaire…

On my way, I took a look at the city, thought about the family meeting, the business deal with Edwards. And, then I sighted something not quite out of normal! A young beautiful woman staring intently at my car!!

Although she couldn't see I caught her staring since my mirrors were tinted. I could read her mind!! She wanted to drive it. I laughed at the thought of this lady wanting to drive my lykan hypersport. I mean it doesn't seem like she can afford it or even the not-so-popular cars in New York. She didn't look classy or rich!!!

As we neared the mansion, I snapped out of my thoughts and stepped out. My mom ran out to hug me. I missed her. I'm not a bad son but I haven't visited home for six months.

I shook hands with my father and we all headed to the dining table. I spotted my favorite, a plate of pancakes sitting pretty and staring at me. As I stretched out my hands to get the pancake. My mom interrupted me…

How is your Girlfriend, Rick? My Mom asked….

Hunnie, let him be. He just got here. My Dad answered…

Okay then… my mom said. I'll let him be...

Immediately, I felt relieved. This was just the beginning, I whispered to myself.

Soon after the delicious meal, my parents and I made our way to the living room. I silently said It's almost time!!!

Rick darling, my mom started…

"Your Dad and I have something very important to talk to you about..."

I felt my heartbeat race ….

"We have arranged for you to marry one of the daughters from the Lincoln family"

What?? Mom!! Dad!! You both know the last thing I want right now is to get married, let alone an arranged marriage! I said…

I know I act irresponsibly at times but I'll get married when I want, to the woman I love.

We have made our decision Frederick!! We need this for our survival. My dad says…

Well, Mom, Dad… you both know I don't need this. My business is running smoothly and I earn responsibly, by myself. I don't need to do this for myself… it'll be for you…

Then do it for us, my mom says, her eyes becoming watery...

I'm sure there is a way out, I muttered...

No son, my dad begins, there is no way out. One time, the family business was in debt to The Lincoln's.  You were very little at the time. I and your mom signed an agreement…. We sealed a wedding agreement between Frederick Hudson and Ivy Lincoln…. You have to do this for our family!!!

No Dad, I won't…

Yes, Frederick, you will… my mom screams.

I dashed out of the mansion into my car. I picked up my phone and called Kiel.

"Hey man, where are you at?? Meet me at our favorite spot".

After dropping the call, I thought hard about the meeting with my parents. Did they just use me as a pawn? They didn't even think about how it was going to affect me!! I'm just 28 years old and I believe in falling in love. Waking up to the woman of your dreams. Cuddles. Genuine lovemaking. Trips and vacations. Dinner dates. Surprises.

I wasn't just ready for any of it yet!!!

Hey man!!! I called out to my nigga. We shook hands and ordered a few drinks… I proceeded to narrate my ordeal to him. Kiel Francis is my best friend. He is wealthy and a premium womanizer. He is the most active, interesting, and fun one between the both of us. We all call him the life of the party. Well, I knew I wouldn't have any regrets calling his phone this evening!!!!

After a few drinks, I got up and whispered goodbye to Kiel, who is having his d*ck s*ck*d by some random b*tch…

Chapter 2

Kharis POV

Although we had a massive washing machine at home, I wondered why my stepmother made me wash clothes every day with my bare hands. I felt like she was just punishing me but yes, she was punishing me. Punishing me for being my dad's favorite and taking the place of her daughter. That's all in the past now, my Dad is now a part of the witch's gang.

As I paid attention to "Fix You" by Coldplay" on the radio. I wondered if there was someone that could fix me. It is one of my favorite songs to listen to every morning. I'd say it gives me some sort of hope and inspiration. I began to sing the song:

"When you try your best, but you don't succeed

When you get what you want, but not what you need

When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep

Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face

When you lose something you can't replace

When you love someone, but it goes to waste

Could it be worse?

Lights will g


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