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Dark Fate Symphony

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Been accused of murdering her stepsister, her brother was killed by her ex- husband, her child was falsely aborted and she wasn't giving anesthesia during the surgery, she was left to die at the cemetery. Emine Campbell, her mother was servant, whilst her father was the young master of the Campbell family was treated like a criminal and a slave. After she was left at the cemetery to die, she was saved by man who trained her to be the world most fearful assassin. How is she going to avenge her poor child, her brother and herself

Chapter 1 The cruel decision

In a dimly lit room, a man with an emotionless face stood beside a wretched lady, her hands chained on the bed. Blood oozed from her wounded wrists.

"Why must I abort this child?" the lady inquired with a perplexed look, her voice filled with despair. " For Christ sake, it is your own flesh and blood, Aiden."

Aiden sneered at her words, his voice dripping with disdain. "Ain't you shameless to utter such shameless words from a murderer like you. That thing inside you has transformed into a human, and I want it gone within twenty-four hours. You took away the love of my life, and now you want to tie me down with your pregnancy, huh, dream on."

Tears streamed down the lady's face as she felt helpless. ".Please, even if you hate me, save our child, Please."

But Aiden's coldness remained unyielding. "That thing can never be mine. You're a murderer, and murderers don't deserve to carry my child. I'm sending you to the hospital, and you will abort it. Let it go and join my love.

Was she really going to lose this child?

How ruthless was this man? Why didn’t he tell her to abort the child when he found out she was pregnant? Why wait until six months? Fear gripped the lady as she contemplated her fate. Death seemed like the only solution to her pain. She wished to die, taking the child with her. But then an idea sparked within her, only to be crushed by Aiden's grip on her cheeks.

"You're brave, huh, wanting to bite your tongue to death. But I won't let you die so easily. You will suffer, suffer more than death. I want you to feel the pain she went through. This is just the beginning, Emine." He stared at her beautiful face and only felt nothing but disgust. "Oh, and with that, he shouldn’t use anesthesia; I want her to feel the pain; I want her to see that thing being taken from her stomach." He declared and left her.

“No, no, please, you can’t do that, please.” She shouted, but her voice wasn’t heard. She continued to plead.

“Pl…", as Emine cried out in protest, she lost consciousness from the unbearable pain. Aiden's men, indifferent to her cries, prepared to take her to the hospital.

“She has fainted; what do we do?” The boss said she is supposed to witness everything,” one of the men said.

“Don’t worry, we’ll wake her up when we get to the hospital.” Another said.

…..At the hospital…….

At the hospital, a nurse requested that Emine be awakened before the surgery, without any anesthesia, following Aiden's orders. The nurse felt pity for Emine, but she was bound by instructions.

The doctor, shocked by the cruelty of the method, couldn't help but voice his objection. "What kind of wickedness is this? What has she done to deserve such a fate?"

“I am sorry doctor, it was an order from above,” The nurse could only apologize. Unable to defy the orders given. Reluctantly, the doctor awakened Emine, who immediately pleaded for her child's life.

Ignoring her own well-being, Emine begged the doctor to save the child, even if she might lose her own life. “Doctor, please save this child, please, I don’t want to abort it.” She held the doctor's hands and pleaded.

The doctor who was hopeless as he couldn’t do anything, after running a check up on Emine, found out that her life would be endangered if she aborts this child. The mother wouldn’t be able to survive and might bleed to death.

The doctor warned her of the dangers of an abortion and asked about her husband.

"I don't know, it was his men who brought me here," Emine replied, her hope resting on Aiden's intervention. "He wouldn't let me die, right? Even if he hates me, he wouldn't watch me die. Don't worry my baby, we will be safe." She touched her tummy and reassured the little thing in her stomach.The little thing, as if it heard what she heard, kicked her.

Emine sighed and waited anxiously.

“How is it going?” Aiden asked coldly.

“Are you her husband, Mr. Aiden?”

“ Is there any problem?” He didn't reply but rather questioned him in a flat voice.

“Can you please come with me?”

Aiden followed the doctor to the ward, where he saw Emine, whose face was pale like a person who has no blood.

He glanced at her and shifted his gaze to the doctor.

“What is it?” His deep voice startled the doctor.

“Emm, Mr. Aiden, your wife will lose her life if she aborts this child; it’s too risky.”

After the doctor was done talking, the room was silent.

The tension in the room grew as Aiden's decision hung in the air. Emine strained to see any hint of concern on his face but found none. Holding her breath, she waited anxiously for his response. She held her breath, as she didn’t even want her breath to annoy the devil. Both she and the doctor were waiting for his reply.

Thump, thump, thump

Her heart thumped in fear

Beads of sweat on her forehead, sweaty palm to convey her anxiety when she was waiting for his reply at the hospital. She gazed at Aiden, searching for any sign of warmth or compassion, but found none.

They hoped he would change his mind.

Finally, Aiden spoke, his voice cold and unyielding.

“So?” Aiden, whose hands were in his pocket, questioned the doctor

“Enn, she can’t abort this child."

The doctor stammered, careful not to offend the rumored ruthless man before him. Rumors say this man is very wicked and kills without thinking. He was only trying to save the lady so Aiden wouldn’t regret it in the future.

Chapter 2 The cry of a mother

Aiden's intense gaze locked onto the doctor, refusing to waver. The doctor, overwhelmed with regret for his ill-chosen words, simply yearned for the opportunity to escape this man's presence. After all, he was only carrying out his duties. But why did this man stare at him with such piercing intensity, as if he had uttered the gravest of secrets?

With his hands still tucked into his pockets, Aiden moved slowly towards the doctor, causing his legs to tremble uncontrollably with each step. The pounding in the doctor's chest felt like the prick of a needle, threatening to pierce his heart at any moment.

"M... Mr... Aiden," the doctor stuttered, attempting to form words, but before he could finish his sentence, Aiden's grip tightened around his neck.

"How much did she bribe you?" Aiden demanded, his fingers constricting around the doctor's throat.

"Cough, cough... She didn't bribe me," the doctor managed


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