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Falling Prey To Love

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Daniel Graham, a multi billionaire and CEO of 'Glassy Enterprise Limited' was a bossy, arrogant but caring man who was really unpredictable. His inheritance was threatened to be passed down to his step brother, Mark, a playboy and a drop out from college who had no interest in companies, school or his life except sex and girls. Determined to retain his right, Daniel will do everything including marrying his friend's chef, Patricia whom he detested, just to convince his parent. What happened when his wife turned out to be the daughter of his mother's murderer and worst enemy? Despite knowing the truth, Daniel still want a revenge. His heart betrayed him by falling for Patricia. Is what he knows really the truth? Will his love erased every hatred he had for Patricia? Suspense, Love, Broken, Betrayed, Secret Unravelled

Chapter 1 - Surprise Threat

Chapter One

The room, cool and tidied, had just a desk and three swivel chairs. On the wall hung frames of important personnel, an award certificate and a motivational post card. Files of work were neatly arranged and stacked in the corner of his desk.

On the table lay a picture frame of an elderly woman, Melissa, his mother. The door opened noisily, forcing him to shift his attention from the laptop on which he was frantically typing to the unwelcome visitor.

His name was Daniel Graham, a multi-billionaire and CEO of Glassy Enterprise Limited. Thirty-six years of age with an handsome face, beautiful physique and based in New York City. Every woman's dream and fantasy, but still a bachelor. Not that ladies didn't flaunt themselves at him, he wasn't interested. And still not interested in any female gender until he avenged Melissa, his beloved mother who was coldly murdered for trying to protect his life.

Ladies were nothing other than distraction. And in his case, he needed no distraction while on the journey of revenge.

"Hello sir, Mr. Erica's document is ready. I was wondering if we could apprise him of this latest development." Jilly said, stealthily avoiding any eye contact with him.

Daniel stared silently at her for a moment before uttering a word. "You are not paid to wonder! Just do your fucking work and leave out what your brain can never comprehend!" The icy tone of his voice froze Jilly for a mini second.

"Yes, I understand."

She bowed slightly. Turning to walk out, but his angry voice halted her. "And where the hell are you going with the document?"

Jilly flinched. "I..." she stuttered, swallowing down nothing.

"I thought I wasn't..."

"Shut the hell up! Haven't I warned you to stop doing the thinking, since you are oblivious to the absent of your brain!" he couldn't wait to hear the trash Jilly was spewing from her buccal cavity, so he interrupted abruptly.

Her face grimaced in dismay, but Daniel didn't give one cent about her feelings. "Drop the document and get your stinking self out of this office!"

A drop of tear that escaped Jilly's tear duct didn't escape Daniel's notice before she exited his office. Jilly, a nice lady from a good background with an upright moral upbringing, happened to be his personal assistant and was the only lady who didn't dress like a bitch.

Daniel had never been rude to her, but today, he couldn't help transferring his aggression on her.

Returning his gaze to the document Jilly dropped, he took it quietly, skimming through it. Satisfied, he replaced it at the spot where he picked it, returning to type on his system. Daniel was so fucking engrossed in typing that he didn't notice when Graham walked in.

The look of disgust on Graham's face baffled him. "Dad.."

"Don't call me that, young man!" Graham raised a hand, rudely halting Daniel from saying a word. Daniel swallowed back the statement, which would certainly have earned him nothing but a hot slap. He was beginning to get really pissed off. Graham had always been mean to him, even though he was his legitimate son. Damn! It hurt.

This unusual attitude of Graham commenced some months after Melissa's death. At first, Daniel had associated it with Graham hurting, hence the rationale behind the transfer of transgression, but now, he didn't believe that logic anymore.

"But Dad..."

"When are you planning to get married?" Graham popped the question Daniel least expected from him.

Why the hell would Graham ask that? Was this really the reason behind his cranky attitude? He speculated inwardly.

"Dad! You know I can't marry now. I have got things I need to handle, scores to settle. Besides, you have been mean to me since mother's death. It hurt badly!"

"I have been mean for a reason. I loved your mother a lot. I still do." Graham began emotionally. He was still hurting, Daniel realized and hated the fact that he brought it up, further hurting him with the memories of her.

"But in the absent of your mother, a grandchild would have restored my happiness. So, getting married is going to hinder you. Is that what you are insinuating?" he asked with a smirk and a slight frown on his face, wistfully changing the topic.

"You won't understand." Daniel sighed, feeling frustrated. His hands unconsciously caressed his temple. He watched wearily as Graham crossed his knees, pulled out a stick of cigarette from its pack, lit and began smoking.

"Well, I definitely do not give a damn about your pathetic reasons. Just understand this..." He leaned forward, puffing directly on Daniel's face. "I give you fourteen days to get married or else your position as the CEO of this company will be handed over to Mark. Your credit card will be freeze as well." he threatened.

Jeez! He was being threatened like a five-year-old kid when in reality he was nothing but a thirty-six-year-old matured, full-blooded male. Daniel felt rage building like a volcano waiting to explode. Exasperated, Daniel clenched his fist tightly, clamping his lips. How dare Graham try to manipulate him despite knowing the energy, time, and effort invested in the growth of this company?

"Dad! I am your legitimate son and not Mark. For Pete's sake, Mark isn't interested in the company. Dammit! He doesn't know a fuck about how to manage a company!" he bellowed, hitting his fist angrily on the desk.

Unbothered by Daniel's hissing fist, Graham stared blandly at him. This was the only method that could work effectively on Daniel. With that at the center of his mind, Graham unleashed his ruthless attitude.

"Mark, might be illegitimate, but for the fact that he is the son of your mother, I love him dearly just as I love your mother. He is not my son, but your mother's son. It also doesn't matter if Mark can manage a company or not. You have a choice. Marry and retain your inheritance, right and position, or remain single with no inheritance." Graham gave a nonchalant shrug, as though already knowing what decision Daniel would take.

"I don't understand. Why are you being cruel? Why are you so adamant about me getting married?"

This was pure manipulation from Graham's side, but then he was left with no choice. He couldn't afford to forsake his inheritance to some dumb bastard whose goal was to pursue anything on skirts.

"I need a fucking grandchild!" Graham yelled, his eyes blazing like fire. "You are what? A fucking thirty-six-year-old bachelor with no hope or plans to ever get married. Do you even get laid? If you don't give one cent about your bachelorhood, I do. Give me a grandchild and stop wasting sperm!"

Rising, Graham crushed the stick of cigarette with his foot, casting one more look of pure malice at Daniel. "Fucking get married or watch me ruin every damn thing you have ever worked so hard for. Bastard!"

Silently, Daniel watched him flounce out of the office as though led by an angry wave. His head throbbed and, just like a dream, his once comfortable life changed in a direction he couldn't grasp. The thought of Mark managing the company was not appealing. The company would go bankrupt in less than twenty-four hours.

Mark was his stepbrother. Son of Melissa, whom she bore to another man after getting married to Graham. Guilt shaken by the expensive mistake she made that day, Melissa became a shadow of herself. Loathing herself while trying to compensate them with love, abundant care.

Graham had been furious at the news of Melissa cheating on him, but his love for her blinded his eyes to her mistakes, earning her his forgiveness.

To even think Graham would ever consider handing over his company to a bastard who was not biologically related to him further enraged Daniel.

Glancing at his Rolex watch, Daniel gasped, trying not only to relax his tensed body but keep his emotions in check. Instantly, the intercom peeped and a voice spoke. "Sir, it's time for your meeting with Mr. Dominic of steadfast company. "

He stretched like a lazy cat for a moment before rising with an aim. Probably Graham was just bluffing. He won't dare execute his threat, not when Daniel still remains his biological son. Assured, Daniel walked out of the office.

"What if Mark is not truly your mother's son, like you believed?" An anonymous voice muttered from his hideout.

Chapter 2 - Perturbed

Chapter TwoIt has been like a century since his conversation with Graham, but in actual truth; it was barely a week since Graham ordered him to get married. A week when he constantly sent annoying messages as a reminder of his threat. Daniel was no longer settled. Deeply disturbed and unstable, he leaned forward a bit, his forehead rested on the steering wheel with his eyes closed. Thought of how to maneuver his way out of this mess kept eluding him. There was only one thing to do which was - meeting Dylan. Dylan, a thirty-six-year-old guy, was a bachelor like him. A multi-billionaire and CEO of a "Beauty clash", one of the most famous fashion house in New York City. He was a dark guy with a body that constantly left ladies in awe. Dylan had always been acknowledged as the only matured man who knew how to critically analyze an issue, think of a solution and execute it. Determined, Daniel glanced up from his melancholy position. Eyes quickly scanning the


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